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Curiosity is a wonderful thing.  No matter who you are or what your background is, polymers can be interesting.  

Science and Technology is growing faster and faster.  There are many magazines and books that can help keep up.  The one drawback is that someone else has digested the events and so on for you.  The Patent literature can open up this field by showing what is really going on.  

At first the Patent Literature looks very formidable.  It is not nearly so difficult as you might think.  For one thing, it is a relatively non technical document. They are largely written and edited by lawyers who usually are not trained engineers or scientists. There is a legalese which doesn't help.  With a little practice one can get beyond that and rather easily understand the heart of the patent.  This means you have skip parts and go to the good stuff.  

If you are willing to do that, then Maro can help through Maro Alerts and the Maro Encyclopedia.

Start by looking for patents about your area.  They should be the easiest to read and probable the most interesting.  


Each day if you can, take a few minutes to scan the list.  Copy the links of those most interesting to a page on your computer --- hopefully one that will let you copy the links.  When you get a chance study those in detail.  


If you do this regularly, you will be surprised about what you will learn.  Sooner or later your boss will be surprised too.  Possible this could mean a rasie or promotion.  


Sign up for the Alerts and give the system a try.Try the monthly rate of $20 per month until you are convinced of its value and then convert to the annual subscription. 


For a free month Alerts subscription, 
send an  email request to


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