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US Patent Search

Each week as the polymer related patents are selected, they will be sorted by topic and listed in the pages below.  These will eventually be placed in the Maro Patentpedia.  Each Topic will be linked to the Patentpedia page.


The value of patents as a source of technical information was supported by Jack Kilby, inventor of the Integrated Circuit.

“What made him special was his insatiable curiosity about inventions.  He began to read every new patent issued.  “You read everything – that’s part of the job”, he said.  “You accumulate all this trivia, and you hope that someday a millionth of it will be useful.”

Walter Isaacson, The Innovators, Simon and Schuster, 2014. Chapter 5 “The Microchip”.


Please feel free to suggest new topics and comment on the Topics of special interest.

1. Adhesives

2. Applications

3. Building Materials

4. Carbon Materials

5. Coatings

6. Composites

7. Compounding

8. Consumer Products

9. Decorating

10. Electrical

11. Environment

12. Fabricating

13. Materials

14. Medical

15. Packaging

16. Polymers

17. Polymerization

18. Powders

19. Processing

20. Properties

21. Radiation

22. Reactions

23. Separations

24. Silicon Polymers

25. Sorbents

26. Sports

27. Structures

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