Roger D. Corneliussen
Craig Technology Consultant
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Some of you will probably be curious as to who I am and why I am associated in a somewhat unusual way with Craig Technology.  You may also wonder what in the world I can do for you.

I am a retired professor of Materials Engineering from Drexel University teachingi teaching and undergraduate and graduate programs in Polymers /Plastics. My mission at Drexel was to develop an industrial liason progam in the Materials Department.  To to this I became very active in the Society of Plastics Engineers.  I began at Drexel in 1970.  I received a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Chicago and completed a Thesis under Professor Stuart Rice in Polymer Solutions.  I started teaching at Luther College and decided to move to more research centered activity.  I moved to the Research Triangle Park, North Carolina where I worked for Professor Peterlin in Low Angle X-ray Scattering and Polymer Morphology.  I then, branched out in Polymeric Membranes at North Star Research Institute in Minneapolis.

My passion was basic research and found funding of this research was and is not adequate.  I thought I could do things differently and started my own company, Research Services and use literature services along with teaching to fund basis research.  It didn't work and the company folded after a year.  I gave that idea up accepted the Drexel position.  At Drexel, I started an industial program, Drexe Polymer Affiliates.  It had some success and I was able to support at least one graduate student.  While at Drexel, I developed an interest and did research in Failure Mechanisms of Plastics.  One biggest research accomplishment was the measurement and application of the Impact Transistion Temperature.  I did get up to 20 Company Affiliates.  During this time I taught a two course on Failure Mechanisms of Plastics for the Society of Plastics Engineers for ten years.  I think I must have taught over 2000 SPE member this course.

I was still not satisfied with research funding and in an attempt to provide better services for the Affiliates.  I and my students developed Drexel Polymer Notes, a monthly magazine in which, we reviewed the literature and US patents for polymer related items and reported them in the magzine.  This seemed to work for awhile getting close to 300 subscribers.  However, with the limited resources and competition from the American Chemical Society and Drexel mismanagement, we began losing members.

They offered an early retirement program and I though I could make this business work.  I took my bonus and bought the rights to Drexel Polymer Notes, started Maro Publications and began publishing Maro Polymer Notes.  I discovered to my dispair, running a business is not so easy.  I used up half of my retirement to keep it going.  It is still going but it is nothing like what I dreamed when I started.

When I first started at Drexel in 1970, I started being active in the Philadelphia Section of the Society of Plastics Engineers.  Frank Starr from Dupont, got me on the Board where I first met Craig Hollenbeck, Don and Rob's Father.  Eventually I met the brothers and Mrs. Hollenbeck and Clifton Plastics became an Affiliate.  I visited their plant  and even visited their place on xxxxx.  Don was a student at Drexel and I met him.  I became president of the Philadephia Section, and Don was my House Chairman.  The section met at Drexel that year.

We kept in touch since thenmy retirement.  During my struggles with Maro, I remember sitting at a dinner meeting with Lee and Don where I told them about my problems with Maro.  Later when I thought Maro was at the end, I called Don, he and Lee thought this could fit some of their needs and Craig Technologies took over Maro.  Unfortunately Maro never achieved what they hoped and they turned Maro back over to me.

Maro is still operating but is more nonprofit than nonprofit.  Two big projects have kept Maro going, one is writing a monthly column on Plastics Patents for Plastics Engineering and develop an online Encyclopedia for the Society of Plastics Engineers' webpage.  I have completed about 900 page of the Encyclopedia but because of lack of funds, development of the Encyclopedia has stopped for now.

When Don learned of this, the wheels started turning and he has hired me as a consultant.  My job, I think, is to provide technical back-up for anyone in Craig Technologies as needed.  I am sure many are confused about what I can do to help.  One thing is for sure, I cannot nor want to replace anyone in Craig Technologies.  I am 80 years old and am not interested in moving or a real fulltime job.  I like Craig Technologies and I am impressed with the long time success of these ventures and would honored to play any role I can in future success. 

I am not very good at solutions to short term problems.  This requires experience in your technologies which I don't have.  I do have almost a unique broad experience in the basic aspects of what you do and a facility in finding published articles and patents.

I also have a point of view --- that is fail-safe performance and simple quick testing of plastics for their performance.  I spent a summer at Ford Motor Engineering teaching development engineers and even taught courses at Bell Labs.

I am especially good at long term planning.

I can help in explaining things, developing strategies and so on, or just listening.  If I am allowed to do what I do best, I think, I can be helpful in plastics that should pay off.

Craig Technologies success and individual success can only result form what you on the front lines do.  Perhaps, I can help you be a little more successful and that would very satisfying to me.  My dream is to watch Craig and its personnel grow and succeed.  My greatest satisfaction will be to feel I have a part in that success.

These pages on the Maro website are an attempt to do just that. Eventually I hope to make these page a valuable resource to everyone at Craig Technologies.

Try me and lets see what happens.




Roger D. Corneliussen
Craig Technology Consultant
Telephone: 610 663 6603



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