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This personal service consists of email messages containing links on Topics selected by the subscriber.  These links are to recent journal articles, recent US Patents, recent US Patent applications and World Patents.  The frequency ranges from weekly to monthly depending on scheduling.  All publications for US Patents, US Patent Applications, World Patents and key polymer journals that are published during a year will be reviewed. 

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Individual ---- $300 per year.
           At this rate, it is intended that the Alerts be used only by the individual subscriber and not, for example distributed to colleagues etc.

Local Corporate --- Local $1000 per year for employees at a particular
                    Includes up to three separate Alerts subscriptions

Global Corporate  --- for employees world wide.
                    Includes up to six separate Alerts subscriptions


To start the Maro Personal Alerts service, simply email your topics to The service will start immediately and an invoice will be sent. Payment will be due within 30 days after the invoice date.


Sign up now.  The link selection will begin with the next review session.

Call 610 883 0055 or email the Topics to


During the weekly selection, Patent Links and Journal Articles on specific topics are collected and sent to the subscriber by email once a week.  In addition, complete Article Lists can be sent for specific Journals selected by the subscriber.

Both Maro and the subscriber must agree on the Topic and Journal Selections.  Maro reserves the right to refuse some topics or selections if delivery requires an unreasonable effort or is outside Maro's normal review range. Another consideration is the number of hits per week.  Some Topics may have a hit only occasionally perhaps every couple of months or so.  It is strongly recommended that a Topic be selected with weekly hits even if the topic, then, has to be more general.  However, if the occasional hit is ok with the subscriber, it is okay with Maro.

 The selections may change at any time by email reply.  Changes will take effect on the next review and will not be retroactive.

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Telephone: 610 883 0055
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