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Injection Molding Solutions:

Objective: To keep your injection molding plant or service internationally competitive.  This is best done by providing expert scientific resources and training to those fighting the war to keep processing of plastics (manufacturing) in North America.  I do not want to see the same fifty percent loss to the market to foreign competitors experienced by machine and mold builders.  Manufacturing is the engine that drives our economy with well-paying jobs at a level above those found in the service industry.  By applying “scientific” technology and discipline you will be internationally competitive.

 Background and Credentials.  

John is a graduate of Marietta College (BS) and Ohio University (MS).  His studies were interrupted for a stint in Vietnam (US Army, Purple Heart & Silver Star).  Twenty years in Dow Plastics provided extensive experience in polymer synthesis, development, production, and processing.  John has been a seminar leader with RJG Associates, Injection Molding Magazine, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee and principally General Polymers.  Competent in resin characterization and analysis, his specialty is practical, hands-on injection molding training with both small and large machines.  National recognition has come through ten patents, over 60 papers covering plastics, processing, & machine specifications, and over 12 years on the national seminar circuit.  Feature articles such as the “Productivity Challenge” by Plastics World and “Scientific Molding” by Injection Molding Magazine Oct. Nov. and Dec .1997, have highlighted a couple of exemplar case histories.

John is the initiator of Scientific Injection Molding and teaches the plastic's point of view for design and processing with a passion you will remember.  Take some of your valuable time to learn practical molding techniques that improve your profits tomorrow while eliminating the state of “fire fighting” currently found in many molding facilities.  Let us keep plastic manufacturing strong in North America.  Seminars with at-your-press training are available.  


Nationally acclaimed Processing and Design Seminars, 1-4 days, titles include:
·         Scientific Injection Molding
·         Machine selection and specification
·         Universal setup sheets, that is one 
setup sheet per mold, for all presses
·         Drying and Moisture analysis
·         Material selection and handling

Plant setup and startup

 Implementation of Scientific Injection Molding at your presses

Two or more color molding

Insert molding

Gas counter pressure

Thin wall molding

Fan molding 

Processing monitoring and documentation

Transducer location and specification 

Resin analysis and testing

Screw design, coloring a specialty

Regrind strategies

Lens molding

Machine audits/evaluations

Plant audits

Resin development

Small part molding 

Low pressure molding

Pressure loss, hot runners a specialty

Rating resin processability

Medical molding, ($1,600/lb) specialty

Hopper construction 

Resin specification



·         Direct line to the nations leading part and tool design experts

·         Resin analysis, fast turnaround, 2 to 3 days for routine requests, with analysis and interpretation for part and material testing at one the premier testing labs.  This includes failure analysis 

  Fast turnaround for 2-D mold filling analysis

10 Patents

10 patents
60 papers on processing and handling of plastics, and machine evaluation
3 feature articles on “Scientific Injection Molding” in Injection Molding Magazine; Oct., Nov., and Dec.

Professional Affiliations:
American Chemical Society 
Society Of Plastic Engineers (SPE)


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