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Over 156 000 US patents are issued each year. Which ones will radically change your competition, your project, your products.  Don't wait for your competition to lead the way.  Find out now what will impact your future.  Use your knowledge to get a jump on the others.

Patent Links
allows you to lead the field. Each week, polymer related patents are organized and sorted according to topic.  No more wading through endless searches on the US Patent website or other search engines.  At the click of a button, your access the data that is critical to you.

It's fast! 
Each week you receive an email message connecting you to the latest patents. Click and you see the titles.  Click and you are at the patent itself!

It's a data goldmine!
The patents contain a rich description of the "state-of-the-art".  Then it provides detailed examples and measurement data.

Track your competition!
The patents will quickly tell you what companies are doing in specific areas.  You can find out who is active, who is tappering off and who are the researchers of note.  Monitoring the patents can give you early warning of potential patent infringements as well.

Browse fringe areas!
Now you can roam through a wide range of polymer topics quickly and easily.  Our clients tell us that this feature is the greatest stimulator of creativity.

Try a Patent Link.  Just click on the Patent Number or Title below.


Method for the continuous production of ethylene homo- and ethylene co-polymers

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