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What are Maro Alerts?  

Simple and Quick

Maro Alerts are email messages sent to a subscriber whenever information has been added to .

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Maro Patent Alerts

Each Tuesday, the US Patent Office publishes 2000 to 4000 patents.  Maro reviews each patent and selects those related to polymer technology.  The Patent Number and Title is copied to Topic Pages on the Maro site with its URL linking it to the US Patent site.  Typically 150 to 300 polymer related patents are found each week.  At present there are more than 20000 patents listed on these Topic Pages since 2001. 

Each day 50 to 100 of the new links are sent via an email message to subscribers.  The subscriber can quickly scan the list.  If there are any of interest, a click takes one to the text version on the US Patent office site.

Maro Journal Alerts

Each week, more than 400 online journals are checked for new issues. When a new issue appears, a link is made to that issue.  An email message is sent to the subscribers with the links to the recent issues.  A simple click takes the subscriber to the issue.  A complete list of recent issues is also kept on the website. It is intended that minutes a day enables the subscriber to review more than 300 polymer journals.

It is a simple matter to copy any link to a special page and keep them for further reference.

The concept behind the Alerts is that of person checking the message --- say --- during morning coffee.  It is intended to be simple and quick.  When finished --- a simple delete removes the message from one's computer.

For a free month trial of the Alerts send an  email request to


This service as simple as it seems is not for everyone.  First typically one will receive one or two messages every working day.  That is not good for overloaded mailboxes.  The messages are long but can be scanned quickly.  

Everything related to polymers broadly is included.  It is not focused.  Therefore, one has to plough through a lot of  material to get the useful stuff.  Many days there may be little of interest.

On the other hand, one gets a broad,  birds eye view  polymer technology.  There may be something unrelated that attracts one's attention.  A quick click gives one the details. Many practicing professional like this broad approach in keeping up.  Others don't.  If you do, this service is for you.  If you don't, this service is not for you.


Maro Alerts are free and you may subscribe by sending and email request to with your email address.  If you are receiving Maro Alerts in any form you will continue to receive these Alerts until you cancel.   If you have canceled but wish to reinstate The Alerts, simply send an email requesting reinstatement.

If interested, even just a little bit ---- try it --- you might like it.  Remember you can cancel at any time.

For a free month trial of the Alerts send an  email request to

An Alerts subscription does not entitle you to use the website.  This requires a login and password with a subscription fee.  Subscriptions are available for personal use by one week, one month one year .  Corporate subscriptions are also available. 

To get a login and password, fax to 610 363 9921 a request with your credit number, name on the credit card and the expiration date.  Also include your address, telephone number and email address.  A login and password will shortly sent by email. If it is urgent, call 610 363 9920 and a login and password will be given over the phone.  Please don't email the request because the email is not secure.

Rates are as follows:

one week personal --- $50

One month personal -- $100

One Year Personal --- $300

One Year Corporate
    Unlimited number of logins and passwords for a particular site  --- $1000
    Unlimited Global access  --- $2000


Roger D. Corneliussen
Maro Polymer Alerts


For a free month trial of the Alerts send an  email request to





















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