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Wet grinding of water-soluble polymers is used to disperse and dissolve these polymers in water.  The polymer is suspended in water with a grinder a rotating rotor with knives.  The plugging of this stator is prevented by secondary water jets which disperse and dilute the polymer.

Among the water-soluble polymers belonging to the prior art, partially hydrolysed acrylamide polymers and their copolymers are particularly known, and also xanthan gums, cellulose derivatives and guar gums. These polymers develop a viscosity thanks to their molecular weight and/or the inter-chain ionic repulsions. The mechanism governing the viscosity is linked to a rise in hydrodynamic volume or to inter-chain repulsions.  Although acrylamide (co)polymers are usually available commercially in the form of powders, they are generally used in dilute aqueous solutions in industrial applications. This necessitates a step of dissolution of the polymer in the water in precise physical and chemical conditions.  However, even if these polymers are hydrophilic, their dissolution is difficult. Their dissolution varies, in particular, according to their composition and their molecular weight.

[Pich and Jeronimo, US Patent 8,186,871 (5/29/2012)]


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