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2. “Dampener materials commonly used in the transportation and aerospace industry include rubber materials, bituminous pads, and other similar materials. These materials are typically only effective at dampening vibrations at low temperatures, most often at room temperature.” [Rousse and Valette, US Patent 8,404,310 (3/26/2013)]


1. “As a vibration isolating apparatus for supporting an engine of a vehicle and reducing vibration due to the engine, torque rod bushes are widely used. Torque rod bushes, which are formed in various configurations or formed by various materials in accordance with the space of an engine room or the size of the engine, have been developed. Conventional objects of such vibration isolating apparatuses are to provide a function of reducing vibration due to an engine, and are mainly focused on the enhancement in effectiveness and operability when the engine is mounted within a narrow space” [Kamei, US Patent 8,403,309 (3/26,2013)]


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