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4. 8,288,461 
Thermoplastic elastomer composition
Hara and Morooka of the The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd., Japan, developed a thermoplastic elastomer including  a halogenated isoolefin/para-alkylstyrene copolymer rubber dispersed in a polyamide resin in order to improve the fatigue durability of a polyamide resin, while maintaining high flowability of the polyamide.  A thermoplastic elastomer composition comprising a continuous phase composed of a modified polyamide resin (A) and a dispersed phase composed of a halogenated isoolefin/para-alkylstyrene copolymer rubber (B) is provided. The modified polyamide resin (A) is a resin obtained by melt-kneading 100 parts by weight of a polyamide resin (C) with not less than 0.05 part by weight and less than 3 parts by weight a compound (D), such as a monofunctional epoxy compound, capable of binding to a terminal amino group of the polyamide resin at a temperature not lower than the melting point of the polyamide resin (C). The composition can be used as an inner liner of a pneumatic tire. (RDC 11/1/2012)

3. 8,241,753 
Composite thermoplastic elastomer structures with high adhesion performance and uses for the same
Kenens, Jourdain and Schauder of ExxonMobil, Texas, developed a thermoplastic elastomer consisting of (1) a a rubber of an at partially vulcanized rubber and a thermoplastic resin, (2) an adhesive grafted random propylene copolymer and (3) a polyamide or polyester. The third component is at least partially adhered to the adhesive component, which is in turn, partially adhered to the first component. This material is suited for automotive weather seals, glass run channels, a noise attenuating device, automotive interior part, automotive belt, automotive hose, industrial belt, industrial hose, packaging material, construction material, decorative building material, and other consumer goods. (RDC 8/23/2012)

2. 8,231,950 
Block copolymer derived from renewable materials and method for making such block copolymer
Malet, Le and Jouanneau of Arkema France, France, developed a block copolymer consisting of 1 to 99% of at least one polyether flexible block from tetrahydrofuran containing 14C, and from 1 to 99% of at least one rigid block sucha as  polyamide, polyurethane and polyester blocks. (RDC 8/10/2012)

1. 8,193,273 
Thermoplastic elastomers for adhesion to polyamide
Page and von Falkenhayn of the Polyone Corporation, Ohio, developed a thermoplastic elastomer with good adherence to polyamides consisting of (a) high molecular weight maleated styrene-ethylene-butylene-styrene; (b) plasticizer; (e) processing aid; and (d) polyamide, also optionally a styrene-containing thermoplastic elastomer. (RDC 6/27/2012)


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