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1. “Shaping of composite materials, such as pre-preg (layers of fibre material previously impregnated with resin), into details is today commonly performed by thermoforming. In thermoforming, a blank of composite material is placed on a forming tool so that a part of the composite material protrudes over the edge of the tool. The tool and the composite material are covered with a vacuum foil, such as a rubber sheet which is sealed air-tight around the tool. The arrangement is heated and the air under the vacuum foil is sucked out. Due to the increased temperature the composite material softens and is shaped over the forming tool by the force exerted by the vacuum foil exerted on the surface of the protruding part of the blank. The shaped article is thereafter placed in its green state in a curing oven for curing. Examples of related technology are presented in the documents EP1136236 A1, EP1609584 A1 and U.S. Pat. No. 4,548,859 A1.”  [Petersson and Weidmann, US Patent 8,282,375 (10/9/2012)]


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