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A sorbent is a material used to absorb liquids or gases. Examples include:

 A material similar to molecular sieve material. It has a large internal surface area and good thermal conductivity. It is typically supplied in pellets of 1 mm to 2 mm diameter and roughly 5 mm length or as grains of the order 1 mm. Occasionally as beads up to 5 mm diameter. They are typically made from aluminium oxide with a porous structure.

 Materials used to absorb other materials due to their high affinity for doing so. Examples include: In composting, dry (brown, high-carbon) materials absorb many odoriferous chemicals, and these chemicals help to decompose these sorbents.

 A sponge absorbs many times its own weight in water.

 A polypropylene fiber mat may be used to absorb oil.

 A cellulose fiber product may be used to absorb oil.

 The granular gel material in a baby diaper will absorb several times its original weight in urine.

(Wikipedia, Sorbents, 4/11/2012)


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