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1. disposable diapers, sanitary napkins, so-called incontinent pads, and similar goods.

“Water absorbent cores containing hydrophilic fiber, such as pulp, and a water absorbing resin are widely used conventionally so that sanitary/hygienic materials, such as disposable diapers, sanitary napkins, and incontinent pads, can absorb body fluids. The water absorbent core is used in sanitary/hygienic materials, such as disposable diapers, sanitary napkins, and incontinent pads, to absorb body fluids.

There are recent demands for these sanitary/hygienic materials to be reduced in thickness for better usability. To this end, water absorbent cores are manufactured with a decreasing ratio of hydrophilic fiber, which has a relatively low bulk density, and an increasing ratio of water absorbing resin, which exhibits excellent water absorption and a relatively high bulk density. The relative quantity of water absorbing resin particles used in the water absorbent core is hence increased, which in turn reduces the thickness of the sanitary/hygienic materials without compromising water absorbency and other physical properties.

The ratio of the hydrophilic fiber may be decreased, but not further below a minimum quantity required. For further reduction in thickness of the sanitary/hygienic materials, the physical properties of the water absorbing resin need to be improved. Examples of such physical properties of the water absorbing resin include centrifuge retention capacity, saline flow conductivity, absorbency against pressure, fixed height absorbency, mass-average particle diameter, and extractable polymer content. The water absorbing resin needs to have these physical properties together in actual use.”

{Water Sorbents, US Patent 8,383,746 (2/26/2013)]


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