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from 9/14/2012

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1. “Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) is a low pressure, closed molding process, where a mixed resin and catalyst are injected into a closed mold containing a fiber pack or preform. After the resin has cured, the mold can be opened and the finished component removed.  A wide range of resin systems can be used including: polyester, vinylester, epoxy, phenolic and methyl methacrylates, combined with pigments and fillers including aluminum trihydrates and calcium carbonates if required. The fiber pack can be glass, carbon, arimid, or a combination of these.” (RTM Composites, 9/14/2012)


2. “The RTM method is one of the most suitable FRP molding methods that can effectively exhibit the light weight and high mechanical properties as the features of FRP, especially CFRP and can efficiently produce molded products having complicated shapes.

However, for removing dead portions such as strong burrs formed at the outer edge of an obtained molded product, water jet machining, NC machining or the like known is necessary as one of post-processing steps after molding. This increases the man-hours and steps of processing, to raise the cost. Especially in case of CFRP, the reinforcing fibers existing in the burrs formed at the outer edges of the molded product are too hard to allow water jet machining and so hard to necessitate frequent changes of the NC machining tool because of frequent wear. The deburring is one of the steps desired to be avoided.

To avoid the costly deburring work, various proposals are made for shaping the reinforcing fiber base material as near to a desired mold shape as possible (near net shape).


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