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“Solar rays incident from a so-called opening part such as windows and doors of various buildings and vehicles, include ultraviolet rays and infrared rays in addition to visible light. A near infrared ray having wavelengths of 800 to 2500 nm out of the infrared rays included in the solar rays, is called a heat ray and this heat ray causes a temperature in a room to increase when it enters into the room from the opening parts. In order to solve such a state, in recent years, in a field of a window material of various buildings and vehicles, a demand for a heat-ray shielding molding capable of shielding the heat ray while sufficiently capturing the visible light and suppressing temperature increase in the room while maintaining brightness, has been increased rapidly, and many patents regarding the heat-ray shielding molding have been proposed.”[Fujita, US Patent 8,258,226 (9/4/2012)]


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