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Phase change memory devices are non-volatile, highly readable, highly programmable, and require a relatively lower driving voltage/current. Current trends in phase change memory development are to increase cell density and reduce current density thereof.

Phase change material in a phase change memory device has at least two solid phases, a crystalline state and an amorphous state. Transformation between these two phases can be achieved by changing the temperature of the phase change material. The phase change material exhibits different electrical characteristics depending on its state. For example, in its amorphous state the material exhibits a higher resistivity than in the crystalline state. Such phase change material may switch between numerous electrically detectable conditions of varying resistivities within a nanosecond time scale with the input of pico joules of energy. Since phase change material permits reversible phase transformation, memory bit status can be distinguished by determining the phase of phase change material in the memory bit.

[Lin and Wang, US Patent 8,242,034 (8/14/2012)]


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