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 “The granulation of a given substance available in a fluid state (e.g. dispersed or dissolved in a liquid phase, or even in melted state) is performed in a cylindrical tower, also known as prilling tower, wherein a downward flow of small droplets of said substance is produced, and a rising flow of a suitable cooling gaseous medium (e.g. air) is provided in a counter-current arrangement, so that the falling drops are solidified into substantially spherical granules.

A known way of producing said downward flow of small droplets is to feed the liquid substance to a perforated container, also known as prilling bucket. Generally, the prilling bucket is located on top of the prilling tower and is rotating around the vertical axis of the prilling tower.’

[Rizzi, US Patent 8,187,509 (5/29/2012)]


“A prill is a small aggregate of a material, most often a dry sphere, formed from a melted liquid. The material to be prilled must be a solid at room temperature and a low viscosity liquid when melted. Prills are formed by allowing drops of the melted prill substance to congeal or freeze in mid-air after being dripped from the top of a tall prilling tower. Fertilizers (ammonium nitrate, urea, NPK fertilizer) and some detergent powders are commonly manufactured as prills.

Melted material may also be atomized and then allowed to form smaller prills that are useful in cosmetics, food, and animal feed. Prills have also been used to protect active ingredients from exposure to environmental factors and to cover up the flavor of bitter nutraceuticals.”

(Wikipedia, Prilling, 6/6/2012)


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