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Polyrotaxanes is a class of very strange polymers.  Basically they contain a ring group with a dumbell shaped group passing through the ring.  It is difficult to imaging useful applications but it will happen as indicated by the recent appearance of a patent.  It will be interesting to watch this development.  (RDC 6/3/2011)

A rotaxane is a mechanically-interlocked molecular architecture consisting of a "dumbbell shaped molecule" which is threaded through a "macrocycle" (see graphical representation). The name is derived from the Latin for wheel (rota) and axle (axis). The two components of a rotaxane are kinetically trapped since the ends of the dumbbell (often called stoppers) are larger than the internal diameter of the ring and prevent disassociation (unthreading) of the components since this would require significant distortion of the covalent bonds.
(Wikipedia, Rotaxanes, 11/6/2010)


Rotaxane a molecular arrangement in which the linear section of one molecule is threaded through a macrocyle of another or the same molecule with end groups large enough to prevent dethreading.  The large macrocycle is sometimes called a wheel.  The threading component is the dumbell or axle.

Pseudorotaxane is the rotaxane arrangement with the ends small enough to allow threading or dethreading.  Pseudorotaxanes where only one end is small enough to allow threading or dethreading is semirotaxanes or half-capped pseudorotaxanes.

[Nomenclature for Rotaxanes and Pseudorotaxanes,  Yerin et al, Pure and Applied Chemisty, 80, #9, 2041-2068 (2008)]


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