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Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS) Materials


From 09/17/2014 through 9/12/2014

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1. Polyphenylene Sulfide resins can be mixed with a variety of other resins, fillers, reinforcing agents and other additives to form different materials.  (RDC 9/19/2012)

2. Polyphenylene sulfide (PPS ) is a high performance polymer that can withstand high thermal, chemical, and mechanical stresses.  However, molding requires a high mold temperature (130 C. or more) and a long cycle time.  Luo and Zhao found that adding 0.1 to 8 wt% aromatic amide oligomer lowers the crystallization time and temperature enabling mold temperatures from 50 to 120  C. 
US Patent 8,796,392 (August 5, 2014), “Low Temperature Injection Molding of Polyarylene Sulfide Compositions,” Rong Luo, and Xinyu Zhao; (Ticona LLC., Florence, Kentucky, USA).


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