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Polylactic Acid (PLA)



“PLA is a `green plastic` being bio-derived and bio-degradable. A useful blowing agent, carbon dioxide, is a `green` blowing agent because it has no ozone depletion potential and a tiny global warming potential. A number of attempts have been made to develop a process for foaming PLA in order to provide a green alternative to materials such as polystyrene foam (expanded polystyrene/EPS). Because of a small processing window and the rheological properties of the PLA polymer melt, many of these processes were unsuccessful or unsatisfactory. The processes that were to some extent successful often required complex processes and/or additives such as nucleating agents to improve the foaming and the fusing parts of the process. See for example United States patent publication US 2006-0167122 that reports that use of a nucleating agent is necessary.” [Witt and Shah, US Patent 8,283,389 (10/9/2012)]


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