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Polyester materials are based on polyester resins which may also contain other polymers, additives, fillers and reinforcements.  (RDC 5/4/2012)


“Thermoplastic polyester compositions, such as poly(alkylene terephthalates), have valuable characteristics including strength, toughness, high gloss, and solvent resistance. Polyesters therefore have utility as materials for a wide range of applications, from automotive parts to electric and electronic appliances. Because of their wide use, particularly in electronic applications, it is desirable to provide flame retardancy to polyesters. One set of test conditions commonly accepted and used as a standard for flame retardancy is set forth in Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. Bulletin 94, which prescribes certain conditions by which materials are rated for self-extinguishing characteristics. Another set of conditions commonly accepted and used (especially in Europe) as a standard for flame retardancy is the Glow Wire Ignition Test (GWIT), performed according to the International standard IEC 695-2-1/2.”

[Elango et al, US Patent 8,188,172 (5/29/2012)]


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