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“Among the engineering plastics, thermotropic liquid-crystalline polyester resin (hereinafter called liquid-crystalline polyester resin or LCP) has the following excellent properties and is especially expected to be suitable for manufacturing devices which use high-frequency signals:

(1) excellent dielectric properties: the relative permittivity (.di-elect cons.r) is constant in the frequency regions employed and dielectric loss tangent (tan .delta.) is small,

(2) good physicality: mechanical properties including low-expansion property (dimensional stability), heat-resistance, flame-retardancy and rigidity are good, and

(3) good molding flowability: which allows processing of molded articles having down-sizing and thinner parts.

Among the liquid-crystalline polyester resins, liquid-crystalline polyesters comprising a large amount of a repeating unit derived from 6-hydroxy-2-naphthoic acid which is one of aromatic hydroxy carboxylic acid have been recently proposed in terms of their good heat-resistance and dielectric properties.”

[Yonezawa and Asahara, US Patent 8,231,807 (7/31/2012)]


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