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“Plasma treatment is a type of surface treatment. Although the technique has been explored since the 1960s, it is only in the past couple of years that the benefits exposing polymers to partially ionized gas has garnered sufficient attention.

Plasma is a material that is characterized by the presence of many ionized atoms or molecules. This means that these particles have the ability to allow charges to move freely. The charged particles have equal amounts of both positive and negative ions and show properties that can be akin to gas. Plasma is a good conductor of electricity and aids in the generation of magnetic fields. Plasma treatment is the solution utilized to remedy the inability of adhesives to hold two different kinds of surfaces together.

When heat or some other type of energy is added to a gaseous material, the atoms release their electrons, resulting in a positive charge. On the other hand, the negative electrons are then free to move. When this happens, the negatively charged atom as well as the charged gas is referred to as being ionized. When there is enough ionization that occurs to affect the characteristics of the gas in terms of electricity, then it is known as plasma. The usual manner of creating plasma is through the application of an electric field to the gas.

There are different kinds of plasma treatments that can result in different surface effects and quality of the material. The differences in treatment also have differences in price. The most basic and cost-effective plasma treatment is called the corona treatment. It is usually used as a treatment of plastic films, paper, and foils to achieve a better characteristic of adhesion to other materials by increasing the energy of the surface. Other types of plasma treatments include gas atmosphere plasma, flame plasma and atmospheric plasma.”

(Favors, Ehow, Plasma Treatments, 5/30/2012)


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