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Much has been learned and developed about orthopedic implant ts over the last several decades of practice and research. “Previously, much bone resection and marrow excavation has been necessary to accomplish implant longevity and stability. As time has proceeded, more tissue and bone sparing surgical techniques have been developed. These techniques in general are to facilitate less bone loss in future revision surgeries and to decrease soft tissue injury. Bone is lost from both stress shielding and osteolysis. The problem of bone loss from osteolysis has largely been solved by improvement in the wear properties of modern bearing surfaces. Stress shielding bone loss has been improved by loading the proximal femur with tapered stem geometries or surface replacement devices. Surface replacement devices have a multitude of limitations. First, the procedure can require relatively large exposure and therefore can hardly be called tissue sparing, although bone sparing. Second, the compromised bone of the femoral head is often a poor foundation and can cause early or late failure from collapse. Lastly, femoral neck fracture can occur.” [Bradley, Brazil and McTighe, US Patent 8,398,719 (3/19/2013)]


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