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2. “Extremely thin layers of resin that cannot be made into a film by themselves can be layered by coextrusion. In this manner, a number of functions can be combined in a single film such as heat resistance, heat sealing capabilities, rigidity, flexibility, cold resistance, and easy-peel capabilities.” (Multilayer Films, DIDIC Products, 9/2/2013)


1. “Multilayer films or laminates are constructions, which attempt to marry the properties of dissimilar materials in order to provide an improved performance. Such properties include barrier resistance to elements such as water, cut-through resistance, weathering resistance and electrical insulation. Previous laminates have addressed many of the needs for solar modules, but often result in a mis-balance of properties, are more expensive, or difficult to handle or process. In addition, the inner layers are often not fully protected over the life of the module.” [Hull et al, US Patent 8,257,824 (9/4/2012)]


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