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“Among these, it is considered to use the microphase separation structure of a block copolymer as a mask, to transcript its pattern, processing at a nanoscale base, and to apply for producing recording devices such as flash memory, optical recording disk, and hard disk, or light emitting elements (for example, see Patent Document 1). In this case, as the microphase separation structure is used as a mask, it is desirable that the size of the domain of the phase separation structure can be controlled arbitrarily.

Generally, a microphase separation structure is a phenomenon observed in a polymer which molecular weight is several tens of thousands or more, and has a narrow molecular weight distribution, wherein polymers with different polarity or being incompatible with each other are bound as a block. For example, sea-island structure, columnar structure, and lamellar structure are known, and the domain size is about 10 to 100 nm. The microphase separation structure are not expressed when the polarity difference between polymers having different polarity is too small. On the contrary, when the difference is too large, not a microphase separation structure, but a macrophase separation structure is expressed. Therefore, an appropriate polarity difference is required. Normally, the domain structure in the microphase separation structure is determined by the composition ratio of a block copolymer, and the domain size is determined by the molecular weight of the block copolymer.

Further, it is known that an intermediate layer called the interface layer exists in the periphery of the domain of the microphase separation structure. The interface layer tends to be larger when the polarity difference among polymers having different polarity is smaller.

[Takahashi and Yamaguchi, US Patent 8,193,285 (6/5/2012)]


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