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Melt blowing (MB) is a process for producing fibrous webs or articles directly from polymers or resins using high-velocity air or another appropriate force to attenuate the filaments. The MB process is one of the newer and least developed nonwoven processes. This process is unique because it is used almost exclusively to produce microfibers rather than fibers the size of normal textile fibers. MB microfibers generally have diameters in the range of 2 to 4 m, although they may be as small as 0.1 m and as large as 10 to 15 m. Differences between MB nonwoven fabrics and other nonwoven fabrics, such as degree of softness, cover or opacity, and porosity can generally be traced to differences in filament size.

The basic technology to produce these microfibers was first developed under U.S. government sponsorship in the early 1950s. The Naval Research Laboratory initiated this work to produce microfilters for the collection of radioactive particles in the upper atmosphere. The significance of this work was recognized by an Exxon affiliate and a development program was initiated in the middle 1960s. Five years later, a patented prototype model successfully demonstrated the production of microfibers. At present, Exxon has developed most of the licenses and/or options to produce microfiber nonwoven and MB equipment.

In the past 20 years there has been some activity outside of the Exxon technology and patents obtained by companies such as 3M. The company, 3M, has developed processes for making microfibers and blends of microfibers with textile denier fibers that were apparently beyond Exxon patents. Exxon has continued to aggressively support MB R&D through the years. The major portion of the Exxon-supported effort is now being conducted at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. North American major MB producers include Hollingsworth and Vose, Kimberly-Clark, 3M, Fleetguard Filter, PGI Nonwovens, BBA Nonwovens, First Quality Nonwovens and Johns Manville.

(Melt Blowing , Dahiya, Kamath and Hegde, Internet, 3/27/2013)


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