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from 3/28/2013

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“Methods using a separation membrane having the selective permeability has been drawn to attention for separating the organic vapor mixture produced by heating and vaporizing a liquid mixture containing organic compounds (the organic vapor separation). The gas separation membrane module used in this method includes plate and frame types, tubular types, hollow fiber types and the like. Among them, the hollow fiber type gas separation membrane module is industrially advantageous and is used extensively because not only it has beneficially the largest area of a membrane per unit volume but also it is excellent in pressure resistance and self-supporting.

The hollow fiber type gas separation membrane modules has the hollow fiber element, wherein at least one end of the fiber bundle consisting of multiple hollow fiber membranes having the selective permeability is fixed and bound together with a plate (tube sheet) of a cured resin of cast molding, and the fiber bundle is housed in a vessel equipped with at least a mixed gas inlet, a permeate gas outlet and a non-permeate gas outlet. Besides it functions to fix the fiber bundle together in a single body, the tube sheet has another function to partition the internal space of the hollow fiber membrane from its external space, and to retain the gas-tightness of the internal space and external space by sealing between the hollow fibers and between the hollow fibers and the vessel. The hollow fiber type gas separation membrane module would fail to perform suitable separation if the gas-tightness by the tube sheet were lost.”

[Yamaoka et al, US Patent 8,388,733 (3/5/2013)]


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