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Multiphasic micro-components can be formed by an electrified jetting process. In certain aspects, the present disclosure provides a method of controlling the morphology of a multiphasic micro-component comprising providing a first liquid stream having a first electrical conductivity and comprising a first polyelectrolyte and a second liquid stream having a second electrical conductivity comprising a second polyelectrolyte. The first and second electrical conductivities are respectively selected to create a predetermined phase orientation in a solid micro-component. Then, at least a portion of the first liquid stream and at least a portion of the second stream are exposed to an electric force field sufficient to form the solid micro-component comprising a first phase and a second distinct phase. The first phase of the solid micro-component comprises material from the first liquid stream and the second phase comprises material from the second liquid stream, such that the first phase and the second phase are compositionally distinct from one another. [Lahann and, US Patent 8,187,708 (5/29/2012)]


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