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In the Maro Encyclopedia, probably the most interesting pages are the Applications pages.  Maro pages are dynamic and new pages are added weekly. Usually a page is generated whenever a patent covers a new Topic.  Pages generate other new pages as the number of related  items increase.  Applications pages develop when a Topic generates one or more specific applications.

These are especially interesting because they reflect a real application described by a functional patent.  i.e. has passed the patent examination test. 

For those looking for new product ideas, this should be particularly valuable and so on.

Below is a list of the recent Application pages.  Take a look and see if there are areas of interest to you.  If you have a Topic which does not have an applications page, send the Topic to and I will to add it to the list. 

Check the dates.  If a list is only a couple of weeks old, there may not be many applications. 

Roger D. Corneliussen


Acrylic Applications

Adhesives: Applications

Bags: Applications

Biocidal Applications

Biodegradable Materials: Applications

Block Copolymers: Applications

Carbon Applications

Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) Applications

Coatings:  Applications

Composites Applications

Diamonds: Applications

Elastomer Applications

Electroactive Polymer Applications

Epoxy Applications

Extrusion Applications

Fiber Applications

Film Applications

Fluoropolymer Applications

Foam Applications

Fullerenes: Applications

Graft Copolymer Applications

Injection Molding: Applications

Laminate Applications

Materials Applications

Membrane Applications

Nanocomposites ApplicationsPolyimide Applications

Nanoparticle Applications

Polyamide Applications

Polyester Applications

Polyimide Applications

Polypropylene (PP) Applications

Polystyrene (PS) Applications

Powder Applications


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