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Thermosetting coating composition

White coating composition, and device employing coating made therefrom

Curable-on-demand composition comprising dual reactive silane functionality

Coated articles including anti-fingerprint and/or smudge-reducing coatings, and/or methods of making the same


Stain-eating coatings

Anti-frost coating

Direct catalyst coating on free standing microporous layer

Wear resistant inner coating for pipes and pipe fittings

Wear resistant inner coating for pipes and pipe fittings

Low density lightning strike protection for use in airplanes

Anti-chipping sheet

Super hydrophobic and antistatic composition


Polymer having unsaturated cycloaliphatic functionality and coating compositions therefrom

Polymer having polycyclic groups and coating compositions thereof


Polycarbonate resin and coating solution containing same, and molded article produced by molding said coating solution

One part, storage stable polymerizable formulation


Method of forming a (rutile) titanium dioxide-coated platelet-like pigment


Powerfeed polymers having improved block resistance performance 

Responsive polymer system and nanohybrid thin films 

UV-curable coating compositions, multi-component composite coatings, and related coated substrates  \


Crosslinkable composition and method of producing the same 

Surface protective coating and methods of use thereof 

Quick-drying coating compounds 

Thin glassy polymer films including spherical nanoparticles 

Polyurea coatings containing silane 


Photoactive compound and light-sensitive resin composition comprising same 

Binderless overcoat layer 


Surface protection film 

Silicone coating as a sealing layer for a decoration layer 


Articles including anticondensation and/or low-E coatings and/or methods of making the same 


Two-component coating compositions 

Stain-resistant coating material and product having glass layer 

Self healing coating system for use with fuel tanks 

Protective cover plate 


Multi-layer coating 

Low-emissivity coatings 


483. 8,623,459
Substrates with biopassive coating 

482. 8,623,129 
Coating agent 


481. 8,618,232 
Infrared absorbing thin film containing rutile-type titanium oxide crystal and method for producing the same 

480. 8,618,213 
Liquid two-component coating composition

479. 8,618,195 
Solid mixture and coating based on a sulfo-aluminous or sulfo-ferroaluminous clinker and cementitious-based pipes thus coated 

478. 8,617,895 
Polycationic quaternary ammonium polymer coatings for immobilizing biological samples 

477. 8,617,711 
Single layer film and hydrophilic material comprising the same 

476. 8,617,589 
Biocompatible film with variable cross-sectional properties 

475. 8,617,304 
Bio-based coating 


474. 8,614,286 
Biomass derived radiation curable liquid coatings 


473. 8,609,260 
Coated article with low-E coating including tin oxide interlayer 

472. Resin substrate provided with hard coating film and its production process 

471. 8,609,122 
Immobilized bioactive hydrogel matrices as surface coatings

470. 8,608,525 
Coated articles and/or devices with optical out-coupling layer stacks (OCLS), and/or methods of making the same 

469. 8,608,396 
Floor finish applicator 

468. 8,608,395 
Floor finish applicator


467. 8,604,154 
Carbodiimide compound, carbodiimide composition and aqueous coating composition 

466. 8,603,637 
Coated article and method for making the same 

465. 8,603,365 
Coating composition and surface layer 


464. 8,597,780 
Hard coat film 

463. 8,597,726 
Hardcoat laminate 


462. 8,586,661 
Surface covering materials and products 

461. 8,586,175 
Article having hard film and method for making the article 

460. 8,586,172 
Protective coating with high adhesion and articles made therewith 

459. 8,586,146 
Multilayer surface covering with expanded supporting layer 


458. 8,580,482 
Copolymer and top coating composition 

457. 8,580,349 
Pigmented spray texture material compositions, systems, and methods 

456. 8,580,341 
Method of making composite membrane 

455. 8,580,337 
Thermoplastic coating and removal using bonding interface with catalytic nanoparticles 

454. 8,580,154 
Quaternary ammonium salts as a conversion coating or coating enhancement 


453. 8,575,254 
Polylactic acid-based composition and film formed thereof 

452. 8,575,235 
Removable hydrophobic composition, removable hydrophobic coating layer and fabrication method thereof 


451. 8,568,834 
Superhydrophilic coating compositions and their preparation 

450. 8,568,827 
Textured coating on a component surface 

449. 8,568,525 
Hard coating film, material coated with hard coating film, and die for cold plastic working 


448. 8,557,897 
Coating composition, coating and an object coated with the coating composition 

447. 8,557,890 
Coating composition and coating film having enhanced abrasion resistance and fingerprint traces removability 

446. 8,557,732 
Coating material and method for producing the same 

445. 8,557,386 
Selectively strippable intermediate coatings and methods of use 

444. 8,557,344 
Method for making transparent carbon nanotube composite films 

443. 8,557,328 
Non-orthogonal coater geometry for improved coatings on a substrate 

442. 8,557,033 
Polymeric film or coating comprising hemicellulose 


441. 8,552,131 
Hard, impermeable, flexible and conformal organic coatings 

440. 8,552,083 
Ultra low refractive index curable coatings 

439. 8,551,606 
Printable coating 

438. 8,551,605 
Printable coating 


437. 8,541,060 
Surface-independent, surface-modifying, multifunctional coatings and application thereof 


436. 8,535,767 
Method for repairing damage of dielectric film by hydrocarbon restoration and hydrocarbon depletion using UV irradiation 

435. 8,535,704 
Self-assembling cross-linking molecular nano film 

434. 8,535,700 
Pro-fibrotic coatings 


433. ,529,807 
Method for neutralizing or recycling carrier materials for film-like coatings 

432. 8,529,723 
Process of expediting activation of heat-expandable adhesives/coatings used in making packaging substrates 


431. 8,524,834 
Coating compositions containing tetramethyl cyclobutanediol 


430. 8,518,475 
Heat treatable coated article with diamond-like carbon (DLC) and/or zirconium in coating 


429. 8,513,321 
Dual cure coating compositions, methods of coating a substrate, and related coated substrates 

428. 8,513,320 
Hydrophilic coating 

427. 8,512,795 
Hydrophilic coating comprising a polyelectrolyte 

426. 8,512,736 
Coatings including natural biodegradable polysaccharides and uses thereof 

425. 8,512,604 
Photochromic coating exhibiting improved performance and reduced yellowness 


424. 8,507,632 
Composition curable with actinic energy ray and use thereof 

423. 8,507,603 
Solvent dispersion of composite resin and uses thereof 

422. 8,507,574 
Zirconium oxide dispersion, photo-curing composition containing zirconium oxide particle, and cured film 

421. 8,506,695 
Coating compositions 

420. 8,506,671  
Coated fertilizer 

419. 8,506,001 
Coated article including low-E coating with improved durability and/or methods of making same 


418. 8,501,271 
Process of making coated vegetation friendly ice melter 

417. 8,501,281 
Shining coating film formation method and coated article 

416. Use of high-functionality highly branched polyetheramine polyols to coat surfaces

415. 8,501,277 
Durable, heat-resistant multi-layer coatings and coated articles 

413. 8,500,900 
Non-curable coating composition 


412. 8,497,021 
Superoleophilic particles and coatings and methods of making the same 

411. 8,497,017 
Polymer matrix, uses thereof and a method of manufacturing the same 

410. 8,497,013 
Printable coating 


409. 8,492,001 
Self-stratifying coating  

408. 8,491,760 
Coated article with high visible transmission and low emissivity 


407. 8,486,539 
Coating compositions and coatings produced from them with high scratch resistance, weathering stability, and good optical properties 

406. 8,486,526 
Low volatiles coatings, sealants and binders from renewable oils

405. 8,486,506 
Protective film 

404. 8,486,496 
Method of preparing wear-resistant coating layer comprising metal matrix composite and coating layer prepared thereby 


403. 8,481,446 
Chemically-resistant coating composition 

402. 8,481,111 
Bright coloured surface layer

401. 8,480,989 
Hollow fine particles, production process thereof, coating composition and article having coating film formed 

400. 8,480,827 
Process of resurfacing a substrate with an engineered quartz material 


399. 8,476,528 
Electrically insulating coating and method of formation thereof 

398. 8,476,398 
Perfluoropolyether urethane additives having (meth)acryl groups and hard coats 

397. 8,476,214 
Low voc hard surface treating composition providing anti-fogging and cleaning benefits 

396. 8,475,942 
Hard-coating-coated member, tool, and target 


395. 8,470,300 
Coated sensors and methods related thereto 

394. 8,470,061 
Non-abrasive back coat for coated abrasives 

393. 8,470,122 
Method for the production of an abrasion-resistant film and finish film produced according to said method 


392. 8,466,251 
Polyamide-imide resin insulating paint and insulation wire using same

391.  8,466,218 
Adhesion promoter and coating composition for adhesion to olefinic substrates 

390. 8,465,902  
Underlayer coating composition and processes thereof 

389. 8,465,892 
Chemically resistive and lubricated overcoat 

388. 8,465,843 
Crack resistant coating and method of applying crack resistant coating 

387. 8,465,812 
Durable transparent intelligent coatings for polymeric transparencies 

386. 8,465,793 
Process for the preparation of a shaped substrate for a coated conductor


385. 8,461,251 
Method for producing fluoroolefin copolymer solution and method for producing coating composition 

384. 8,461,234 
Refinish coating compositions comprising low molecular weight cellulose mixed esters  

383. 8,460,803 
Hard coating layer and method for forming the same 

382. 8,460,796 
Coatings, composition, and method related to non-spalling low density hardface coatings 

381. 8,460,795 
Curable film-forming compositions demonstrating burnish resistance and low gloss 

380. 8,460,793 
Component with a self-healing surface layer, self-healing enamel or coating powder with self-healing characteristics 

379. 8,460,694 
Solvent/polymer solutions as suspension vehicles 

378. 8,460,498 
Method for sublimation coating 

377. 8,460,497 
Coatings derived from polyester crosslinked with melamine formaldehyde 

376. 8,460,489 
Flexible film application for decorative coatings 


375. 8,455,557 
Membranes, coatings and films and methods for their preparation 

374. 8,455,176 
Coating composition

373. 8,455,093 
Reactive silicon dioxide compound and optical protective film containing the same 

372. 8,454,771 
Substrate bonding apparatus and substrate bonding method 

371. 8,454,750 
Multi-station sequential curing of dielectric films 


370. 8,449,960 
Polymer having unsaturated cycloaliphatic functionality and coating compositions therefrom 

369. 8,449,946 
Vegetable oil-based coating and method for application 

368. 8,449,665 
Coating compositions including starch nanoparticles 

367. 8,449,348 
Techniques for debris reduction when performing edge deletion on coated articles having temporary protective coatings applied thereto 

366. 8,448,697 
Coating composition, heat exchanger, and air-conditioner 


365. 8,445,118 
Coating liquid, metal compound film formed by coating liquid, and forming method thereof  

364.  8,445,116 
Coated articles and methods 

363. 8,445,114 
Electrocomposite coatings for hard chrome replacement 

362. 8,445,083 
Articles including anticondensation coatings and/or methods of making the same 


361. 8,440,775 
Curable liquid composition, method of coating, inorganic substrate, and semiconductor device 

360. 8,440,759 
Peelable temporary coating 

359. 8,440,752 
Coating compositions containing low VOC compounds 

358. 8,440,751 
Reduced phosphorus (TBEP) floor coatings 

357. 8,440,310 
Coated article with low-E coating having zinc stannate based layer between IR reflecting layers for reduced mottling and corresponding methods

356. 8,440,294 
Structural color body

355. 8,440,273 
Coating composition for forming a glossy inkjet-receptive coating on a substrate 

354. 8,440,265 
Water- and heat-resistant scratch-and-sniff coating 

353. 8,440,258 
Thin films of conjugated polymers containing inorganic nanoparticles and process for the manufacture thereof

352. 8,440,037 
Coated article with low-E coating including IR reflecting layer(s) and corresponding method 

351. 8,440,014 
Bright pigment, and bright coating composition and automotive body coating each containing the same 

350. 8,440,013 
Radiation-curable coating compositions, composite and plastic materials coated with said compositions and methods for their preparation 


349. 8,436,123 
Composition for coating agent

348. 8,436,084 
Aqueous coating composition and method for forming multilayer coating film 

347. 8,436,083 
Multifunctional self-decontaminating surface coating 

342. 8,436,081 
High film build coating composition containing low molecular weight polytrimethylene ether glycol 

341. 8,435,602 
Lanthanide doped nanocrystalline ceria coating for increasing oxidation resistance of stainless steel and associated methods 

340. 8,435,426 
Electrical contact enhancing coating 

339. 8,435,340 
Low titianium dioxide coatings

338. 8,434,649 
Paint can dispenser 

337. 8,434,377 
Method for measuring sandability of coating and the use thereof 


336.  8,431,464 
Process for producing silicic coating, silicic coating and semiconductor device 

335. 8,431,229 
Coating formulation with enhanced metal adhesion 

334. 8,431,183 
Surface layer 

333. 8,431,180 
Paint shop and method of operating a paint shop


332. 8,426,487 
Fluorine-based compounds and coating compositions comprising the same 

331. 8,426,485 
Low-gloss dry-erase coating formulation 

330. 8,426,239 
Method of manufacturing lacquer using inkjet printing 

329. 8,426,027 
Composition for coating plastic substrate, coating film formed therefrom, and formed body 

328. 8,426,008 
Gradient coatings with biopolymer-resistant domains 

327. 8,424,704 
Self-cleaning lid for a paint container fluid pour spout


326. 8,419,984
Super-pyroelectric films and process of their preparation 


325. 8,415,419 
Hydrophilic coating composition and hydrophilic member using the same 

324. 8,415,023 
Coated article and method for making the same 

323. 8,414,979 
Radiation-curable resin composition, radiation-curable coating material, and method for forming protective layer 

322. 8,414,905 
Film coating compositions based on polyvinyl alcohol-polyether graft copolymer/polyvinyl alcohol combinations with an improved moisture barrier effect 


321. 8,410,212 
Alcohol-soluble resin and a method for preparing the same 

320. 8,410,211 
Electrically neutral dispersions and method of preparing same 

319. 8,410,205 
Matting agent composition containing low molecular weight polytrimethylene ether glycol 

318. 8,410,202 
Coating compositions 

317. 8,409,364 
Process for removing a composite coating present on the surface of a gas cartridge 


316. 8,404,773 
Coating composition, method of producing the same, articles made therefrom, and method of making such articles 

315. 8,404,307 
Hydrophilic film, process for producing same, and coating material for forming hydrophilic film 

314. 8,404,304 
Aqueous one-component dispersion primer for the adhesion of plastic films by means of dispersion adhesives 

313. 8,403,657 
Pipe coating 

312. 8,402,915 
Composite coating apparatus including Q-switch laser source 


311. 8,399,165 
Coating fluid for forming undercoat layer and electrophotographic photoreceptor having undercoat layer formed by Applying said coating fluid 

310. 8,399,164 
Dendritic polyester polyol photoconductors 

309. 8,399,165 
Coating fluid for forming undercoat layer and electrophotographic photoreceptor having undercoat layer formed by Applying said coating fluid 

308. 8,399,099 
Coating compositions 

307. 8,399,077 
Polyglycolic acid-based film 

306. 8,399,027 
Silver coatings and methods of manufacture 

305. 8,398,792 
Simulated brush stroke system 

304. 8,398,788 
Methods of preparing thin polymetal diffusion coatings 

303. 8,398,780 
Method for the pretreatment of polymer surfaces to be painted 

302. 8,398,776 
Method and apparatus for supporting workpieces in a coating apparatus 

301. 8,398,759 
Environmental friendly anti-microbial adhesion agents for anti-fouling paints and anti-fouling paints containing them 


300. 8,394,889 
Polysilazane coatings 

299. 8,394,887 
Fluoropolymer having S-sulfate group and water/oil repellent composition containing the polymer 

298. 8,394,886 
Aliphatic unsaturated polyester resins providing excellent weathering resistance 

297. 8,394,885 
Composition for building protection applications based on alkylalkoxy-siloxanes having improved water repellency properties 

296. 8,394,884 
Coating material and container coated with the coating material 

295. 8,394,873 
Polysiloxane modified titanium dioxide 

294. 8,394,762 
Self-decontaminating coatings containing antimicrobial peptides 

293. 8,394,730 
Coating for granulated products to improve granule adhesion, staining, and tracking 

292. 8,394,654 
Method for coating phosphor, apparatus to perform the method, and light emitting diode comprising phosphor coating layer 

291. 8,394,559 
Coating liquid for forming undercoat layer, photoreceptor having undercoat layer formed of the coating liquid, image-forming apparatus including the photoreceptor, and electrophotographic cartridge including the photoreceptor

290. 8,394,513 
Body coated with hard material 

289. 8,394,507 
Metal-clad polymer article 

288. 8,394,503 
Resin-metal bonded article and method for producing the same 

287. ,394,502 
Highly durable first surface silver based optical coatings and method of making the same 

286. 8,394,496 
Single pack low temperature bake coating composition 

285. 8,394,484 
High purity zirconia-based thermally sprayed coatings 

284. 8,394,473 
Metal-coated polymer article of high durability and vacuum and/or pressure integrity 

283. 8,394,466 
Method of forming conformal film having si-N bonds on high-aspect ratio pattern 

282. 8,394,462 
Methods for applying coating compositions to an article and articles produced thereof 

281. 8,394,459 
Pre-conversion coating composition 

280. 8,394,457 
Precursor composition for porous thin film, method for preparation of the precursor composition, porous thin film, method for preparation of the porous thin film, and semiconductor device 

279. 8,394,455 
Method for forming diamond-like carbon film 

278. 8,394,449 
Differential coat weight measurement by means of nuclear or X-ray gauges 

275. 8,394,447 
Abluminal stent coating apparatus and method using a brush assembly 

274. 8,394,227 
Surface-coating material, flexible laminate with a substrate and a layer of surface-coating material applied thereto, and use thereof 

273. 8,394,187 
Bakeable, screen-printable anti-reflection coating for glass 

272. 8,394,022 
Selectively permeable coated membrane 

271. 8,393,377
Protective material applicator device

270. 8,393,292
Painting system

269. 8,393,291
Liquid application apparatus and application method

268. 8,393,289
Laser assisted nano deposition

267. 8,393,088
Parking lot painting template

266. 8,393,045
Efficient, hand-held matter removal systems 10


265. 8,389,613 
Aqueous emulsions comprising polyisocyanate/acetal solvent compositions and coatings/adhesives produced therefrom 

264. 8,389,610 
Rubber composition for coating a steel wire material 

263. 8,389,591 
Opaque waterborne UV scratch resistant coatings 

262. 8,389,134 
Body coated with hard material 

261. 8,389,129 
Low-friction surface coatings and methods for producing same 

260. 8,389,126 
Surface treatment of amorphous coatings 

259. 8,389,123 
Material for forming electroless plate, coating solution for adhering catalyst, method for forming electroless plate, and plating method 

258. 8,389,113 
Substrates and articles of manufacture coated with a waterborne 2K coating composition 

257. 8,389,108 
Surface coated cutting tool 

256. 8,389,084 
Device with protective layer 

255. 8,389,083 
Polymer coatings with catalyst for medical devices 

254. 8,389,074 
Optical film assembly and display device 

253. 8,389,071 
Apparatus and method for forming carbon protective layer 

252. 8,389,070 
Coating of a polymer layer using low power pulsed plasma in a plasma chamber of a large volume 

251. 8,389,066  Apparatus and method for prepping a surface using a coating particle entrained in a pulsed waterjet or airjet 

250. 8,389,065 
Roll coating apparatus and method for producing a coated metal strip 

249. 8,389,064 
System and method for protecting enclosure from solar radiation 

Barrier-coating layer application method 

247. 8,389,060 
Process for preparing structured organic films (SOFs) via a pre-SOF 

246. 8,389,059 
Surface treatment of amorphous coatings 

245. 8,389,058 
Method for manufacturing carbon nanotube film 

244. 8,389,052 
Method for treating inside surface of glass container and glass container 

243. 8,389,051 
Electron absorber layer 

242. 8,389,050 
Method of coating tubes using a self-assembly process 

241. 8,389,049 
Optical film, method for producing the same, polarizing plate and image display device 

240. 8,389,042 
Formation of immobilized biological layers for sensing 

239. 8,389,041 
Systems and methods for rotating and coating an implantable device 

238. 8,388,983 
Film coatings containing fine particle size detackifiers and substrates coated therewith 

237. 8,388,815 
Coated article and method of making the same 

236. 8,388,416 
Method for the manufacture of reinforced diamond-coated cables and cable obtained using such method 

235. 8,388,331 
Liquid flow converging device and method of manufacturing multi-layer film 

234. 8,388,330 
In-mould coating device 

233. 8,387,554 
Coating nozzle, coating method, and inner volume control valve 

232. 8,387,553 
Coating abluminal surfaces of stents and other implantable medical devices 

231. 8,387,467 
Method for testing the coating of a vane base 

230. 8,387,354 
Oil varnish mitigation systems 

229. 8,387,198 
Paint brush extension fastener 


228. 8,383,737 
Compound for gap-filling of semiconductor device and coating composition using the same 

227. 8,383,724 
Aqueous coating composition based on a binder mixture as base coat 

226. 8,383,723 
Aqueous polymer dispersions and products from those dispersions 

225. 8,383,719 
Water-borne polyurethane coatings 

224. 8,383,718 
Pigmented strip paint 

223. 8,383,715 
Primer for fluorocarbon polymer substrates 

222. 8,383,710 
Waterborne coating compositions containing low-VOC coalescents 

221. 8,383,565 
Color changing paint and varnish remover 

210.  8,383,423 
Peptide-coated nanoparticles with graded shell compositions 

219. 8,383,317 
Method of making carbon nanotube patterned film or carbon nanotube composite using carbon nanotubes surface-modified with polymerizable moieties 

218. 8,383,248 
Coated article 

217. 8,383,245 
Gas barrier multilayer structure precursor,gas barrier multilayer structure and processes for producing the same 

216. 8,383,216 
Case for a portable electronic device with over-molded thermo-formed film 

215. 8,383,214 
Diffusion barrier coatings having graded compositions and devices incorporating the same 

214. 8,383,206 
Surface treating method for making a housing 

213. 8,383,205 
Methods for treating textiles with an antimicrobial composition 

212. 8,383,204 
Siloxane oligomer treatment for metals 

211. 8,383,201 
Method and apparatus for coating a thin film substrate 

210. 8,383,200 
High hardness nanocomposite coatings on cemented carbide 

209. 8,383,198 
Water dispersible polymer compositions 

208. 8,383,193 
Film formation method and method for manufacturing light-emitting element 

207. 8,383,192 
Process for making contained layers and devices made with same 

206. 8,383,188 
High strength suture coated with RGD peptide 

205. 8,383,163 
Fluoride varnish compositions including an organo phosphoric acid adhesion promoting agent 

204. 8,383,156 
Coating for a medical device having an anti-thrombotic conjugate 

203. 8,383,153 
Poly(amidoamine) oligomer hydrogel for drug delivery and drug carrier using the same 

202. 8,383,147 
Reinforced absorbable synthetic matrix for hemostatic applications 

201. 8,383,145 
Film-form preparation 

200. 8,383,143 
Antimicrobial medical devices containing chlorhexidine free base and salt 

199. 8,383,142 
Implantable devices comprising cyanoacrylate primer coatings 

198. 8,382,963  Droplet-free coating systems manufactured by arc-evaporation method 

197. 8,382,950 
Recycling of waste coating color

196. 8,382,912 
Biofilm-removing agent 

195. 8,382,904 
Gas feed installation for machines depositing a barrier layer on containers 

194. 8,382,901 
System and method for depositing a material on a substrate 

193. 8,382,891 
Preparation of coating dispersions 

192. 8,382,890 
Method for preparing coated materials based on bituminous products and uses thereof 


191. 8,378,267 
Coating for one or more display areas on a glass or glass-ceramic plate, process for producing said coating, and uses thereof 

191. 8,378,053 
Aliphatic polyisocyanate prepolymers and polyurethane resin coating compositions using the same 

190. 8,378,031 
Coating composition and cured film formed therefrom 

189. 8,378,011 
Enhanced durability of hydrophilic coatings 

188. 8,378,007 
Coloured aqueous polymer dispersions, and production and use of same 

187. 8,378,004  Process for the production of silicone coatings and silicone moldings from photocrosslinkable silicone mixtures 

186. Coatings based on hydraulic binders with an optimal rheology and high photocatalytic activity 

185. 8,377,578 
Infrared reflecting layer system for transparent substrate 

184. . 8,377,577 
Coating for decorative metals with improved mar and scratch resistance and methods of application 

183. 8,377,569 
Coated article having antibacterial effect and method for making the same 

182.  8,377,568 
Coated article 

181. 8,377,559 
Methods of applying a hydrophilic coating to a substrate, and substrates having a hydrophilic coating 

180. 8,377,531 
Systems and methods for preventing and/or reducing corrosion in various types of tanks containers and closed systems 

179.  8,377,513 
Method for coating a cooling element 

178. 8,377,503 
Method for real-time monitoring thickness chance of coating film 

177. 8,377,501 
Coating and developing system control method of controlling coating and developing system 

176. 8,377,498 
Method for producing a medical device with a cross-linked hydrophilic coating 

175. 8,377,346 
Powder coating extrusion process using liquid 

174. 8,377,324 
Methods for removing coatings from a metal component 

173. 8,377,316 
Structure and method for creating surface texture of compliant coatings on piezo ink jet imaging drums 

172. 8,377,282 
Device and a method for applying a coating on a workpiece by electrodeposition 

171. 8,377,269 
Sputtering apparatus 

170. 8,377,268 
Electroplating cup assembly 

169. 8,377,267 
Foil plating for semiconductor packaging 

1678. 8,377,266 
Electric corrosion preventing structure of marine vessel propelling machine 

167. 8,377,265 
Method of forming inorganic insulating layer and method of fabricating array substrate for display device using the same 

166. 8,377,210 
Film forming apparatus 

165. 8,377,186 
Temporary aqueous aerosol paint composition and a method for preparing the composition 

164. 8,375,888 
Apparatus for forming films on substrates


163. 8,372,942 
Polycarbonate resin, coating liquid containing same, and electrophotographic photosensitive body 

162. 8,372,928 
Hard, impermeable, flexible and conformal organic coatings 

161. 8,372,905 
Coating compositions containing low molecular weight polytrimethylene ether glycol 

160. 8,372,787 
Electrically and/or magnetically active coated fibres for wellbore operations 

159. 8,372,760 
Method and system for using ion implantation for treating a low-k dielectric film 

158. 8,372,744 
Fabricating a contact rhodium structure by electroplating and electroplating composition 

157. 8,372,524 
Coated article 

156. 8,372,523 
Coated article 

155. 8,372,515 
Silane coating compositions containing silicon-based polyether copolymers, methods for coating metal surfaces and articles made therefrom 

154. 8,372,513 
Transparent substrate comprising an antireflection coating 

153. 8,372,497 
Silicone coatings on air bags 

152. 8,372,496 
Cooking item comprising a non-stick coating with improved properties of adhesion to the substrate 

151. 8,372,490 
Film-formation method, method for manufacturing electro-optical device, electro-optical device, and electronic apparatus 

150. 8,372,489 
Method for directional deposition using a gas cluster ion beam 

149. 8,372,488 
Methods and apparatus for thermal barrier coatings with improved overall thermal insulation characteristics 

148. 8,372,487 
Carbon nanotube device and manufacturing method of the same 

147. 8,372,484 
Anti-frost coating and the application method thereof 

146. 8,372,483 
Methods for forming thin films comprising tellurium 

145. 8,372,482 
Methods and apparatus for controlled chemical vapor deposition 

144. 8,372,481 
Methods of forming material on a substrate, and a method of forming a field effect transistor gate oxide on a substrate 

143. 8,372,480 
Coater/developer, method of coating and developing resist film, and computer readable storing medium 

142. 8,372,478 
Method for powder coating and decorative printing 

141. 8,372,420 
Compositions and methods for coating medical implants 

140. 8,372,419 
Coated implants, their manufacturing and use thereof 

139. 8,372,417 
Polymer composite film with barrier functionality 

138. 8,372,385 
Antifouling condensation curing organopolysiloxane composition, making method, and underwater structure 

137. 8,372,384 
Quaternary ammonium functionalized cross-linked polyalkylsiloxanes with anti-fouling activity 

136. 8,372,336 
Polymeric corrosion inhibitors 

135. 8,372,313 
Electrical-discharge surface-treatment electrode and metal coating film formed using the same 

134. 8,372,202 
Film deposition apparatus 

133. 8,372,259 
Method of preparing chromium plating bath and method of forming plating film 

132. 8,372,258 
Monitoring of electroplating additives 

131. 8,372,257 
Electrodeposition coating material and electrodeposition method 

131. 8,371,592 
Tilting paint spray pump and cart 

130. 8,371,565 
Clamping device and coating apparatus having same 

129. 8,371,131 
Ice nucleating non-stick coating 


128. 8,367,794 
Polyisocyanate mixtures 

127. 8,367,791 
Composition and method for corrosion protection of a structure 

126. 8,367,756 
Stabilized coating dispersions for porous inkjet recording media 

255. 8,367,752 
Gel coat formulation 

124. 8,367,749 
Coated microspheres and their uses 

123. 8,367,743 
Adhesion promoting photoinitiators for UV cured coatings over metal surfaces 

122. 8,367,742 
Removable color layer for artificial nail coatings and methods therefore 

121. 8,367,579 
Self-cleaning surface coating (photocatalysis) 

120. 8,367,285 
Light shock resistant overcoat layer 

119. 8,367,225 
Coating, article coated with coating, and method for manufacturing article 

118. 8,367,209 
Nanoengineered composite defog coating 

117. 8,367,207 
Method of producing a hydrogenated amorphous carbon coating 

116. 8,367,201 
Chromium-free rust-inhibitive surface treatment agent for metal parts with zinc surfaces and metal parts with zinc surfaces coated with rust-inhibitive surface coated film 

115. 8,367,200 
Reflecting film excellent in cohesion resistance and sulfur resistance 

114. 8,367,193 
Aqueous nanocomposite dispersions containing invisible marker dye for transparent barrier coatings and preparations and use thereof 

113. 8,367,175 
Coating compositions for fusers and methods of use thereof 

112. 8,367,171 
Polymer having polycyclic groups and coating compositions thereof 

`11. 8,367,163 
Enamel flow coating process and apparatus 

110. 8,367,160 
Coating method for reactive metal 

109. 8,367,151 
Stent coating for eluting medication 

108. 8,367,150 
Methods and apparatus for coating stents 

107. 8,367,149 
Method of coating a stent having variable drug release rate 

106. 8,367,147 
Use of gelatin particles in powdered coating processes 

105. 8,367,093 
Functionalized chemically inert polymers for coatings 

104. 8,367,091 
Coatings for implantable medical devices 

103. 8,367,090 
Coating on a balloon comprising a polymer and a drug 


102. 8,362,186 
Coating composition and a coating therefrom having waterdrop sliding property 

101. 8,362,168 
Aqueous fluorine-containing polymer dispersion 

100. 8,362,142 
Polyurethane dispersions and coatings produced therefrom 

99. 8,362,140 
Pigment-dispersed composition, colored photosensitive composition, photocurable composition, color filter, liquid crystal display device, and solid-state image pickup device 

98. 8,362,139 
Electrodepositable composition 

97. 8,362,135 
Compositions and methods for adhesion 

96. 8,362,134 
Film comprising silicate platelets of exfoliated from phospolipid-intercalated layered silicate 

95. 8,362,133 
Curable coating compositions providing antistatic abrasion resistant coated articles 

94. 8,362,132 
Low titanium dioxide coatings 

93. 8,362,124 
Coatings and printing ink compositions containing silylated polyether surfactants and articles made therefrom 

92. 8,362,116 
Low dielectric resin varnish composition for laminates and the preparation thereof 

91. 8,361,949 
Treatment enabling the removal of a coating and/or stain from a construction material 

90. 8,361,948 
Paint stripper 

89. 8,361,947 
Paint remover 

88. 8,361,703 
Resist protective coating composition and patterning process 

87. 8,361,702 
Resin composition for laser engraving, resin printing plate precursor for laser engraving, relief printing plate and method for production of relief printing plate 

86. 8,361,696 
Polymer resin compounds and photoresist composition including new polymer resin compounds 

85. 8,361,635 
Coated article 

84. 8,361,630 
Article of manufacture and process for anodically coating an aluminum substrate with ceramic oxides prior to polytetrafluoroethylene or silicone coating 

83. 8,361,614 
Anisotropic electrically conductive film and connection structure 

82. 8,361,613 
Coating composition for electrophoretic display devices, sheet for electrophoretic display devices, process for its production, and its

81. 8,361,612 
Wood powder-containing resin molded product and method for producing the same 

80. 8,361,611 
Diffusively light reflective paint composition, method for making paint composition, and diffusively light reflective articles 

79. 8,361,593 
Plasmonic coatings for reflectors 

78. 8,361,580 
UV light and protective film 

77. 8,361,578 
Process for coating a pipe with high throughput using mult26. 8,361,572 
Coated medium for inkjet printing 

76. 8,361,560 
Immersion platinum plating solution 

75. 8,361,558 
Process for the preparation of a clear coat layer of an automotive OEM multi-layer coating 

74. 8,361,557 
Solvent-containing pigmented coating compositions and use thereof for producing multicoat paint systems and process for improving the flop of effect paint systems 

Apparatus and method for bar coating 

72. 8,361,552 
Method of producing an adherent metallic coating on a steel sheet product 

Method for efficient coating of substrates including plasma cleaning and dehydration 

70. 8,361,547 
Process of decorating a transparent or translucent bottle 

69. 8,361,546 
Facilitating adhesion between substrate and patterned layer 

68. 8,361,539 
Methods of forming microparticle coated medical device 

67. 8,361,538 
Methods for applying an application material to an implantable device 

66. 8,361,357 
Spray-drying process 

65. 8,361,345 
Compound, polymerizable liquid crystal composition, polymer and film 

64. 8,361,334 
Plasma deposition to increase adhesion 

63. 8,361,301 
Electrocoating composition comprising a crater control additive 

62. 8,361,300 
Method to electrodeposit metals using ionic liquids 

61. 8,361,290 
Coating removal installation and method of operating it 

60. 8,361,238 
Process for removing polymeric fouling 

59. 8,361,232 
Vapor deposition apparatus and process for continuous indirect deposition of a thin film layer on a substrate

58. 8,361,217 
Metallic paint, method for the production thereof, and uses thereof 

57. 8,360,586 
Retroreflective film containing a polymeric face film and method of manufacture therefore 

56. 8,359,999 
Film forming device 

55. 5720
Stent coating apparatus and method 

54. 8,359,997 
Arrangement of painting robots 

53. 8,359,996 
System and method for coating tubes 

52. 8,359,995 
Hybrid apparatus for applying coating to products and methods of use thereof 



Tinted spray buff and tiecoat 

Coating composition and articles made therefrom 

Co-curable, conductive surfacing films for lightning strike and electromagnetic interference shielding of thermoset composite materials 

One-package type tooth surface coating material 

Photosensitive resin composition comprising a polymer prepared by using macromonomer as alkali soluble resin 

Organic anti-reflective layer composition containing ring-opened phthalic anhydride and method for preparation thereof 

Carbon coated lithium manganese phosphate cathode material 

Coated article with low-E coating including tin oxide interlayer 

Rapid drying lacquers 

Segmented thermal barrier coating 

Article and method for manufacturing same 

Flowable dielectric equipment and processes 

Apparatus for the deposition of a conformal film on a substrate and methods therefor 

Mixed solvent process for preparing structured organic films 

Use of amine-modified siloxanes as protecting agents for coatings and workpieces 

Methods for forming articles having apertures and articles having substantially reduced residual compressive stress 

Preparation method for a partially coated monolith 

Single step milling and surface coating process for preparing stable nanodispersions 

Process of making a coated substrate by crosslinking nanoparticles 

Coatings for implantable devices comprising poly (hydroxy-alkanoates) and diacid linkages 

Drug eluting implantable medical device with hemocompatible and/or prohealing topcoat 

Acidic gold alloy plating solution 

Film producing method using atmospheric pressure hydrogen plasma, and method and apparatus for producing refined film 

Method and system for controlling a vapor deposition process 

Rapid curing water resistant composition for grouts, fillers and thick coatings 

Apparatus for turning over an article in a vacuum coating system and method for turning over said article in a vacuum coating system 



Monolayer-coated surfaces as catalytic platforms for organic reactions 

Methods for stepwise deposition of silk fibroin coatings 

Aqueous silicone emulsion for imparting water repellency 

Acrylic electrocoat composition and process replacing phosphate pretreatment 

Coated carriers

Coated article having diamond-like carbon (DLC) and protective film thereon 

Surface-coated cutting tool 

Oxidation-corrosion resistant coating 

Powder coating fluoropolymer compositions containing mono-hydroxy aromatic materials 

Biaxially oriented polyester film for molded part 

Films and articles having a barrier coating derived from concentrated aqueous nanocomposite dispersions 

Epoxy anticorrosive coating composition, anticorrosive coating film, antifouling organopolysiloxane composite coating film, and ship and underwater structure covered by such composite coating film 

Coated polymer dielectric film 

Substrates supplied with a dust and aerosol-repellent coating, method for the production thereof and materials for this purpose 

Resin substrate provided with coating layer 

Curable resin composition for anti-glare layer, and anti-glare film 

Waterborne polyurethane coating compositions   

Method for coating polyimide layer using inkjet device 

Barrier coating corrosion control methods and systems for interior piping systems 

Preparing method for coating PMMA particles with silicon dioxide 

Spray gun and coating system with filter in spray gun nozzle 

Fluid spraying gun

Installation and device for guiding a gas for devices used to treat granular products by drying, film coating and coating 

Device for coating a substrate


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