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“Ceramic foam is a tough foam made from ceramics. Manufacturing techniques include impregnating open-cell polymer foams internally with ceramic slurry and then firing in a kiln, leaving only ceramic material. The foams may consist of several ceramic materials such as aluminium oxide, a common high-temperature ceramic, and gets insulating powers from the many tiny air-filled voids within the material.

The foam can be used not only for thermal insulation,[1] but for a variety of other applications such as acoustic insulation,[1] absorption of environmental pollutants,[1] filtration of molten metal alloys, and as substrate for catalysts requiring large internal surface area.

It has been used as stiff lightweight structural material, specifically for support of reflecting telescope mirrors.”

(Ceramic Foam, Wikipedia, 7/15/2013)


Patent Abstracts


Patent Titles


10. 8,562,732 
Method for manufacturing ceramic honeycomb structure and coating material for the ceramic honeycomb structure 

9. 8,561,432 
Apparatus for fabricating porous glass preform 


8. 8,557,214 
Porous metal oxide particles 


7. 8,524,128 
Method for production of porous ceramic material 

6. 8,523,997 
Cellular phosphate ceramics and methods of manufacture and use 


5. 8,518,528 
Low expansion corrosion resistant ceramic foam filters for molten aluminum filtration 


4. 8,492,021 
Flexible, porous ceramic composite film 

3. 8,491,966 
Method for introducing a catalytic coating into the pores of a ceramic honeycomb flow body 

2. 8,491,295 
Die assembly and method of extruding cellular ceramic substrates with a skin 


1. 8,465,814 
High strength foam glass 


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