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“Cellulose-based compositions are used in a wide range of products, and can include general categories such as paper and paper-board. Specific end use products range from sanitary napkins, cardboard boxes, paper (writing, copying, photographic, etc.), wet wipes, paper plates, food containers, and many others. Many of these products also include folds or bends, such as compartments in a paper plate or food container, creating additional manufacturing concerns.

Cellulose-based compositions are often modified for end-use applications. Various chemicals added to these cellulose-based compositions can improve desired properties, such as wet and dry strength, softness, water resistance, oil and grease resistance, and others. Unfortunately, however, when steps are taken to increase one property of the product, other characteristics of the product are often adversely affected.”

As one example of modifying a cellulose-based composition, in the area of oil and grease resistance, there are many packages, such as pizza boxes and hamburger wrappers, which must be treated to prevent the unsightly staining of the package by the oil and grease from the food or other items that are packaged. Current treatments used for oil and grease resistance include treatment with fluorocarbons or extrusion coating the paper with a layer of polymer, such as LDPE. Fluorocarbon treatment often causes issues with consumer perception; LDPE coating often requires a high coating thickness, increasing costs.

As another example, water resistance/barrier is another important attribute needed in many paper and board applications, including corrugated boxes for cool storage of fruits and vegetables, as well as fish and meat packaging. Wax coatings are often used to provide the needed water resistance. These wax coatings are typically costly due to the high coating thickness required. The wax coatings also cause problems as the waxed boxes cannot be recycled in the same way as non-waxed boxes.

As a third example of enhancing the performance of cellulose-based compositions, photographic quality paper is often based on a multilayer design which consists of a paper substrate with a water impermeable polymer layer. This is often further coated with an overcoat of a water absorbent layer, and optionally an ink-receptive top layer (often containing cationic functionality to bind with pigments).

[Moncla, US Patent 8,177,939 (5/15/2012)]


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