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“Most commonly bromination is conducted by the addition of Br2 to alkenes. Bromination of saturated hydrocarbons and aromatic substrates is common in nature, giving rise to a host of organobromine compounds. The usual catalyst is the bromoperoxidase which utilizes bromide in combination with oxygen as an oxidant. An example of bromination can be found in the organic synthesis of the anesthetic halothane from trichloroethylene.

(Wikipedia, Bromination, 6/28/2012)


 “A potential use for the brominated polymer is as a flame retardant additive for thermoplastic polymers such as polystyrene. The thermal characteristics of the brominated polymer are very important in that application. The thermoplastic polymer is typically blended with the brominated polymer in a melt blending process. The blend is in most cases simultaneously or subsequently melt processed to form a fabricated product. For example, the blend can be melt processed by extruding it to form foamed or unfoamed articles, by injection molding, by melt casting, or by other processes that involve melting the blend in order to convert it into the desired product form. The brominated polymer must be heat-stable at the temperatures encountered during the melt blending and melt processing operations. In addition, the brominated polymer must be able to decompose under fire conditions to liberate bromine or hydrogen bromide. If the brominated polymer is too heat-stable, it does not decompose at the correct temperature and is ineffective as a flame retardant. It has been found that a brominated polybutadiene copolymer can have the thermal characteristics which are needed for the flame retardant applications, if it is prepared carefully by minimizing certain side reactions. The process described in WO 2008/021417 produces a brominated polybutadiene copolymer having the desired thermal characteristics. “ [Gorman, US Patent 8,193,287 (6/5/2012)]


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