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Boots are protective covers that protect parts, especially moving parts, of machines.  (RDC 5/11/2012)

“Usually non-split boots (as used in constant velocity joints, rack and pinion steering control bar or column, piston-cylinder assemblies, like hydraulic, air, pneumatic, etc) can be installed quite easily at initial machine assembly, since all parts and components are assembled together anyway. However, when such a non-split boot has a cut, a tear, a crack, a leak, or simply grown worn out, it may lose valuable grease or lubricant inside and allow external elements such as water, dust, dirt, or sand to enter causing faster deterioration and eventual destruction of the joint. In that case, replacement of the traditional non-split boot with yet another traditional non-split boot would require annoying disassembly-and-re-assembly of the joint and related components because of the need to thread the jointed coupling or device to-be-protected on axle (20) shaft through the boot. This disassembly and re-assembly requirement can mean very involved and labor-intensive tasks requiring many tough, grueling hours of labor, requiring a lot of patience and involving certain substantial risks as well, as will be discussed later.” [Lou, US Patent 8,136,816 (3/20/2012)]


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