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from 9/2/2013

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Patent Titles


9. 8,579,947 
Polyporous hollow bone screw 


8. 8,574,611 
Composite bone repair material 


7. 8,568,420 
Devices for delivering bone filler material and associated method of use 


6. 8,551,145 
Anterior adherent thoracolumbar spine plate

5. 8,551,144 
Bone plate system configurable as static or dynamic implant 

4. 8,551,095 
Bone plate having combination locking and compression screw holes 


3. 8,546,456 
Fracture fixation systems 

2. 8,545,866 
Bioabsorbable polymers 

1. 8,545,858 
Porous calcium phosphate bone material 


1. . 8,524,798 
Materials and apparatus for in-situ bone repair 


Patent Abstracts



“Bone healing, or fracture healing, is a proliferative physiological process in which the body facilitates the repair of a bone fracture.

Generally bone fracture treatment consists of a doctor reducing (pushing) displaced bones back into place via relocation with or without anaesthetic, stabilizing their position, and then waiting for the bone's natural healing process to occur.

In the process of fracture healing, several phases of recovery facilitate the proliferation and protection of the areas surrounding fractures and dislocations. The length of the process depends on the extent of the injury, and usual margins of two to three weeks are given for the reparation of most upper bodily fractures; anywhere above four weeks given for lower bodily injury.

The process of the entire regeneration of the bone can depend on the angle of dislocation or fracture. While the bone formation usually spans the entire duration of the healing process, in some instances, bone marrow within the fracture has healed two or fewer weeks before the final remodeling phase.

While immobilization and surgery may facilitate healing, a fracture ultimately heals through physiological processes. The healing process is mainly determined by the periosteum (the connective tissue membrane covering the bone). The periosteum is one source of precursor cells which develop into chondroblasts and osteoblasts that are essential to the healing of bone. The bone marrow (when present), endosteum, small blood vessels, and fibroblasts are other sources of precursor cells.”

(Bone Healing, Wikipedia, 10/24/2013)


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