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1. “The invention concerns more particularly an installation for manufacturing containers, in particular bottles, by blow-molding or by stretch-blow-molding from a thermoplastic material preform, the installation including at least: a preform feeding device adapted to feed an entry of the installation with preforms, a thermal conditioning unit including at least one oven including means for heating preforms arranged between an entry area to which the preforms are fed by the feed device and an exit area which opens into a transfer area of the installation, a first transfer device in the transfer area adapted to transfer thermally conditioned preforms from the exit area of the oven to a feeding area of a molding unit, the molding unit including a wheel equipped with a plurality of molds distributed in the circumferential direction and associated blow-molding or stretch-blow-molding means, the wheel being driven in rotation so that each mold follows a transformation cycle from said feed area to a evacuation area, a second transfer device in the transfer area adapted to transfer containers obtained from the evacuation area of the molding unit to an exit of the installation, and a control device adapted to control movement of the blow-molding or stretch-blow-molding means that include at least one nozzle associated with each mold.” [Adriansens, US Patent 8,192,656 (6/5/2012)]


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