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2. “Ballistic articles such as bulletproof vests, helmets, structural members of helicopters and other military equipment, vehicle panels, briefcases, raincoats and umbrellas containing high strength fibers are known. Fibers conventionally used include aramid fibers such as poly(phenylenediamine terephthalamide), graphite fibers, nylon fibers, ceramic fibers, glass fibers and the like. For many applications, such as vests or parts of vests, the fibers are used in a woven or knitted fabric. For many of the applications, the fibers are encapsulated or embedded in a matrix material.” [Nguyen, Lin and Lang, US Patent 8,132,494 (3/13/2012)]

1.  “Many different kinds of composite structures are currently used in a wide range of applications where it is desirable to provide protection against explosions and projectiles, including, for example, armor systems for personnel, vehicles, and aircraft. Early protective structures tended to rely on a single layer of a hard material, such as metallic or ceramic plates, to provide protection. Ceramic plates provide a weight reduction compared to steel plates, which can increase the mobility of armored vehicles or reduce support requirements in buildings. However, the high rigidity and hardness of ceramic plates makes them vulnerable to brittle fracture from mechanical impacts reducing their effectiveness to multiple strikes. Therefore, such structures could be improved considerably if the ceramic materials were affixed to energy absorbing backing material. Typically, metal or ceramic plates are adhesively secured to a ballistic resistant substrate, such as Kevlar.TM. or Dyneema.TM. materials. Continued development in protective systems considers the optimization of protection, weight, maintainability, and cost” [Bartus, Husman and Vaidya, US Patent 8,257,814 (9/4/2012)]

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