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2.. “Conventional adhesive tapes that include such electrically conductive adhesive tape are manufactured using a coater to continuously apply adhesive on the reverse surface of a base such as a polymer film of a predetermined thickness that is continuously unwound and fed from a roller of a relatively large diameter, after which the adhesive is thermally hardened, and the film is continuously wound onto another roller of a relatively large diameter. Then, the long adhesive tape wound on the roller of the relatively large diameter is wound onto a paper roll of a comparatively smaller diameter according to lengths specified by clients and sold to the clients. Because the adhesive tape is wound onto paper rolls having smaller diameters, when the adhesive tape is unwound for use, the adhesive tape exhibits a tendency to curl back to its original wound state, rendering the adhesive tape difficult to use. This curling tendency is more pronounced with smaller diameter paper rolls and thinner bases. In particular, metal foil adhesive tape that employs metal foil as a base has a strong tendency to curl due to the restoring force of metal foil.”

[Adhesive Tape. US Patent 8,431,206, (4/30/2-13)]


1. Definition:

1.Flexible material in a roll with a sticky surface on one or both sides, adhesive tape. Hand me some tape. I need to fix a tear in this paper.” 

2.Magnetic or optical recording media in a roll, video tape or audio tape. Did you get that on tape?

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