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“Polyacrylamide (IUPAC poly(2-propenamide) or poly(1-carbamoylethylene)) is a polymer (-CH2CHCONH2-) formed from acrylamide subunits. It can be synthesized as a simple linear-chain structure or cross-linked, typically using N,N'-methylenebisacrylamide. Polyacrylamide is not toxic.  However, unpolymerized acrylamide, which is a neurotoxin, can be present in very small amounts in the polymerized acrylamide, therefore, it is recommended to handle it with caution.  In the cross-linked form, the possibility of the monomer being present is reduced even further.  It is highly water-absorbent, forming a soft gel when hydrated, used in such applications as polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and in manufacturing soft contact lenses. In the straight-chain form, it is also used as a thickener and suspending agent.  More recently, it has been used as a subdermal filler for aesthetic facial surgery (see Aquamid). (Polyacrylamides, Wikipedia, 6/24/2013)


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