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Perhaps the most interesting pages in the Maro Patentpedia are the Application Pages.  These list patents on Applications.  The most common question I hear as a professor of Engineering is "What is it good for?".  Brainstorming is an attempt to find new and novel ideas.  It seems to me that patents should be an invaluable source of ideas based on concrete developments and not just imagination.

Polymer Applications

Specific Applications

General Applications


Polymer Application

These are application pages in the Maro Patentpedia.

Acrylic Applications

Adhesive Applications

Aromatic Polymer Applications

Bags: Applications

Biodegradable Materials: Applications

Block Copolymers: Applications

Blow Molding Applications

Carbon Applications

Carbon Nanotube (CNT) Applications

Catalyst Applications

Cellulose Applications

Cellulose Paper: Applications

Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) Applications

Coatings:  Applications

Collagen Applications

Composites: Applications

Containers Applications

Crosslinking Applications

Diamond Applications

Elastomer Applications

Electroactive Polymer Applications

Encapsulation Applications

Epoxy Applications

Extrusion Applications

Fabric Applications

Fiber Applications

Fiber Reinforced Plastics (RP) Applications

Filled Plastics: Applications

Film Applications

Filtration Applications

Fluoropolymer Applications

Foam Applications

Graft Copolymer Applications

Injection Molding: Applications  (Candidate Focus)

Laminate Applications

Laser Applications

Membrane Applications

Microparticle Applications (6/19/2015)

Microwave Applications

Multilayer Film Applications

Nanocomposites Applications

Nanoparticle Applications (Excellent Candidate for Focus)

Nonwoven Fabric Applications

Packaging Applications

Paper Applications

Polyamide Applications

Polycarbonate (PC) Applications

Polyelectrolyte Applications

Polyester Applications  (Very long Candidate Focus from 2/26/2013)

Polyesterimide Applications  (Started 6/19/2015)

Polyethylene (PE) Applications

Polyimide Applications  (Excellent Candidate Focus)

Polymer Applications

Polypeptide (Protein) Applications

Polypropylene (PP) Applications

Polystyrene (PS) Applications

Polyurethane (PUR) Applications  (Very long Candidate Focus)

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Applications

Porous Film Applications

Powder Applications

Radiation Applications (Candidate Focus)

Shape Memory Materials (SMM) Applications

Sheet Applications

Silicone Applications

Silylated Polymers: Applications

Sorbents: Applications

Ultrasonic Applications

Wood Applications


Specific Applications

There are specific applications that are so large, they have their own pages.

Golf Balls (Very large Candidate Focus)

Inflatable Structures

Polyester Films


General Applications








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