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Week 24

Patents published 6/16/2015

9,055,712 through 9,060,457

5268 patents published.

Sorted 6/16/2015 Polymer US Patents


188. 9,057,890
Structure of diamond-embedded earpiece and eyeglass and diamond-embedding method thereof

187. 9,057,835
Coating compositions that transmit infrared radiation and exhibit color stability and related coating systems

186. 9,057,694
Compositions and methods for improving resolution of biomolecules separated on polyacrylamide gels

185. 9,057,639
Reduced graphene oxide film

184. 9,057,559
Cellulose pulp dryer having blow boxes, and a method of drying a web of cellulose pulp

183. 9,057,467
Pipe joint gasket and method of using same

182. 9,057,466
Use of a composition for contact with supercritical media

181. 9,057,465
Unbonded, flexible pipe

180. 9,057,204
Fiber reinforced resin polymer mortar pole

179. 9,057,197
Artificial stone

178. 9,057,196
Subfloor component and method of manufacturing same

177. 9,057,191
Acoustically absorptive panel

176. 9,057,190
system and components thereof, and methods of assembling and disassembling deck systems and components

175. 9,057,148
High-strength polypropylene fiber and method for producing the same

174. 9,057,145
Electrodeposition method with analysis of the electrolytic bath by solid phase extraction

173. 9,057,144
Nanostructured films and related methods

172. 9,057,133
Processing solution for forming hexavalent chromium free, black conversion film on zinc or zinc alloy plating layers, and method for forming hexavalent chromium free, black conversion film on zinc or zinc alloy plating layers

171. 9,057,132
Primer composition

170. 9,057,131
Separating device for process chambers of vacuum coating installations and vacuum coating installation

169. 9,057,130
Transport roller for the vacuum treatment of substrates

168. 9,057,127
Plated resin molded articles

167. 9,057,126
Method for manufacturing sputtering target and method for manufacturing semiconductor device

166. 9,057,088
Biologically active silver-coated proteins

165. 9,057,038
Corrosion inhibiting polyalkylene glycol-based lubricant compositions

164. 9,057,037
Post torrefaction biomass pelletization

163. 9,057,031
Co-gasification process for hydrocarbon solids and biomass

162. 9,057,029
Apparatus and method for conversion of solid waste into synthetic oil, gas, and fertilizer

161. 9,057,019
Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display device

160. 9,057,018
Polymerizable liquid crystal compound, polymerizable liquid crystal composition, and polymer thereof

159. 9,057,017
Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display device

158. 9,057,016
Melt polymerization of low melt viscosity liquid crystalline polymers

157. 9,057,015
Fluorescent dyes for paper dyeing

156. 9,057,009
Methods of using fluid loss additives comprising micro gels

155. 9,057,008
Porous silica material and optical microphone

154. 9,057,007
Starch-based adhesives

153. 9,057,006
Photo-curing and strippable adhesive composition and uses thereof

152. 9,057,005
Concentrate for preparing a sealing solution for sealing mail pieces using tap water and method of making same

151. 9,057,003
Process for the preparation of low-viscosity, water-emulsifiable allophanates with radiation-curable groups

150. 9,057,002
Curable resin compositions

149. 9,057,001
Transparent non-stick coating composition, method and apparatus

148. 9,056,999
Ultraviolet-curable aqueous ink, ink cartridge, recording apparatus and recording method

147. 9,056,994
High structure carbon blacks

146. 9,056,991
Polymeric pigment systems and methods

145. 9,056,990
Phosphorus-atom-containing oligomer composition, curable resin composition, cured product thereof, and printed circuit board

144. 9,056,989
Insulating silicone rubber composition

143. 9,056,988
Solar reflective coatings and coating systems

142. 9,056,987
Super hydrophobic coating

141. 9,056,986
Ultraviolet curable type ink-jet ink composition, recording method and recording apparatus using same

140. 9,056,985
Curable composition

139. 9,056,984
Curable composition

138. 9,056,983
Dynamic load-absorbing materials and articles

137. 9,056,982
Thermoplastic composition for use in high impact applications

136. 9,056,981
Polyamide resin composition with good reflectance, impact strength, heat resistance, and water resistance and method of preparing the same

135. 9,056,980
Flame retardant compositions

134. 9,056,979
Biodegradable polyester mixture

133. 9,056,978
Non-halogen flame retardant and high rigidity polycarbonate resin composition

132. 9,056,977
Stabilised polycarbonate compositions with blends of silica and an inorganic acid

131. 9,056,976
Thermoplastic polymer composition and moldings thereof

130. 9,056,975
Elastomeric formulations useful in films and sheets

129. 9,056,974
Fluoropolymer modified acrylic capstock

128. 9,056,973
Halogen-free flame-retardant polymer composition comprising piperazine based intumescent flame retardant

127. 9,056,972
Vinylidene chloride interpolymer and poly(butylene succinate) blend

126. 9,056,971
Rubber-plastic alloy for warm mix asphalt mixture and method for manufacturing the same

125. 9,056,970
High-density polyethylene compositions, method of producing the same, closure devices made therefrom, and method of making such closure devices

124. 9,056,969
Composition containing microfibrillated plant fibers

123. 9,056,968
Degradation promoter of biodegradable resin molded body, and use thereof

122. 9,056,967
Water-sensitive biodegradable film

121. 9,056,965
Process for mixing polyvinyl chloride with a bio-based plasticizer

120, 9,056,964
Preparation of antiplasticizers for thermoplastic polyesters

119. 9,056,963
Low residual bisphenol A alkoxylated materials, their preparation and use thereof

118. 9,056,962
Composition for sealing a colorant to a surface, protecting a surface, and providing wear resistance to a surface

117. 9,056,961
Melamine-resin foams comprising hollow microbeads

116. 9,056,960
Use of nanoporous polymer foams as heat-insulating materials

115. 9,056,959
Method for producing chlorinated vinyl chloride resin

114. 9,056,957
Process for improving carbon black dispersion

113. 9,056,956
Polyethylene terephthalate composition, manufacturing method therefor, and polyethylene terephthalate film

112. 9,056,955
Resin particle comprising microparticle made of a crystalline resin, and method for producing the same

111. 9,056,954
Cathodic electrocoating compositions

110. 9,056,953
Silicone composition for elastomer foam

109. 9,056,952
Composite materials comprising an open-cell polymer matrix and granules embedded therein

108. 9,056,951
Ultrastrong and stiff layered polymer nanocomposites and hierarchical laminate materials thereof

107. 9,056,950
Composite polymeric articles formed from extruded sheets containing a liquid crystal polymer

106. 9,056,949
Michael addition curing chemistries for sulfur-containing polymer compositions employing bis(sulfonyl)alkanols

105. 9,056,948
Microcapsules and production thereof

104. 9,056,947
PHA compositions comprising PBS and PBSA and methods for their production

103. 9,056,946
Method for producing polylactic acid

102. 9,056,945
Process for organocatalytic ring-opening polymerization

101. 9,056,944
Ductile polymer binders and battery components using the same

100. 9,056,943
Epoxy resin composition for optical semiconductor device and optical semiconductor device using the same

99. 9,056,942
Curable resin compositions

98. 9,056,941
Photocurable resin composition and optical component using the same

97. 9,056,940
Aliphatic polyester polyols from cyclohexane oxidation byproduct streams as precursors for polyurethane and polyisocyanurate polymers

96. 9,056,939
Olefin block copolymer

95. 9,056,938
Fluorine-containing cyclic olefin polymer composition, imprint product obtained using the composition, and method for producing the same

94. 9,056,937
System and method for producing, preparing, or manufacturing natural rubber-based ABS compositions, powders, substances, and/or additives

93. 9,056,936
Copolymer of a conjugated diene compound and a non-conjugated olefin, rubber composition, crosslinked rubber composition, and tire

92. 9,056,935
Photocurable resin composition, method of fabricating optical film using the same, and optical film including the same

91. 9,056,934
Nanohybrid polymers for ophthalmic applications

90. 9,056,933
Production method of acrylic polymer, acrylic polymer obtained by this production method and plastisol composition using the same

89. 9,056,932
Hydroxy polyalkylene glycol function (meth) acrylic comb polymers, their use as shear-thinning agents in coating dispersions and dispersions containing them

88. 9,056,931
Method for producing olefin polymer

87. 9,056,930
Catalyst compositions containing transition metal complexes with thiolate ligands

86. 9,056,929
Catalyst for the polymerization of olefins

85. 9,056,928
Processes for preparation of cyclic and acyclic diene copolymer and rubber composition

84. 9,056,927
Reactive systems

83. 9,056,926
Process for preparing aqueous polyacrylic acid solutions

82. 9,056,925
Process for production of modified conjugated diene polymers, modified conjugated diene polymers produced by the process, rubber compositions, and tires

81. 9,056,802
Methods for making environmental barrier coatings using sintering aids

80. 9,056,786
Low density and high strength fiber glass for ballistic applications

79. 9,056,778
Nano-graphite plate structure

78. 9,056,777
Bent carbon nanotubes and methods of production

77. 9,056,711
Plastic sheet for packaging container

76. 9,056,666
Composite laminate for a thermal and acoustic insulation blanket

75. 9,056,526
Modified copolymer of conjugated diene and vinyl aromatic hydrocarbon and polymerization method thereof

74. 9,056,520
Embossing apparatus

73. 9,056,514
Thermal clear laminate donor element

72. 9,056,448
Fiber reinforced composite structure having stepped surface

71. 9,056,447
Flexible multilayer vinylidene fluoride tubes

70. 9,056,445
Multilayer sheet and methods of making and articles comprising the multilayer sheet

69. 9,056,444
Molded composite products, including solid doors

68. 9,056,439
Breathable insulation for corrosion reduction

67. 9,056,437
Surface-coated sintered body

66. 9,056,434
Method for extrusion-molding loose tube and apparatus therefor, and loose tube

65. 9,056,429
Exposing fibers in composite laminates

64. 9,056,428
Manufacturing method for hollow components made of fiber composite materials in tubular design, tubular film and manufacturing method for a tubular film

63. 9,056,427
Ultrasonic treatment device and transverse sealing sonotrode for the same

62. 9,056,426
Method for the thermal joining of two components, and a thermal joining strip

61. 9,056,425
Method, apparatus and system for lining conduits

60. 9,056,424
Methods of transferring graphene and manufacturing device using the same

59. 9,056,423
Manufacturing method of an eco friendly foaming package material

58. 9,056,416
Injection molding apparatus

57. 9,056,415
Method of manufacture of fillets for aircraft assemblies or the like and a forming device

56. 9,056,414
Hot pressing equipment for forming spherical portions of light guide bodies

55. 9,056,413
Method and portable station for laying up and curing composite resin parts

54. 9,056,412
Process for the production of high internal phase emulsion foams

53. 9,056,411
Method for filling hollow cavities with polymer foam

52. 9,056,408
Injection molding machine

51. 9,056,407
Method of and apparatus for molding glazing gasket onto multilayer glass panel

50. 9,056,406
Method of creating multilayered products through the folding of continuous layers

49. 9,056,405
Treatment method for mold tool surface

48. 9,056,404
Computational design of inflatable deformable balloons

47. 9,056,403
Simultaneous preconcentration and preselection of at least one group of upgradable polymer materials originating from grinding waste of durable goods at end of life

46. 9,056,400
Apparatus and process for in-mold labeling

45. 9,056,332
Method and apparatus for the formation of hydrophobic surfaces

44. 9,056,331
Thin layer having composition gradient and production method thereof

43. 9,056,327
Modular plural component spray system

42. 9,056,326
Device for thermally coating a surface

41. 9,056,324
Spraying device apparatus

40. 9,056,323
Rich air sprayer component

39. 9,056,321
Spray gun, spray application apparatus, and spray application method

38. 9,056,316
Semi-interpenetrating polymer network

37. 9,056,312
Substrate for carbon nanotube growth and method for manufacturing the same

36. 9,056,302
Highly branched polymers as cross-linking agents in microcapsule wall

35. 9,056,292
Barrel alignment in extruder systems

34. 9,056,290
Kneading system with closed-type rubber kneader

33. Mixing apparatus for producing a mixture composed of at least three components

32. 9,056,285
Gas separation membrane

31. 9,056,284
Chlorine resistant amides, polyamides, and membranes made from the same

30. 9,056,282
Accelerating transport through graphene membranes

29. 9,056,228
Variable density core golf balls

28. 9,056,227
Golf ball comprising a core having a shallow hardness gradient

27. 9,056,226
Foam-core golf balls

26. 9,056,225
Golf balls having multi-layered cores with thermoset outer layer

25. 9,056,224
Method of making multi-color golf ball having discontinuous colored coating and resulting multi-color golf ball

24. ,056,223
Color golf ball

23. 9,056,213
Heat sensitive protective barrier and a method for its use

22. 9,056,155
Coatings having an elastic primer layer

21. High-yield activation of polymer surfaces for covalent attachment of molecules

20. 9,056,153
Biocompatible polymers for coating or fabricating implantable medical devices

19. 9,056,152
Medical device with crystalline drug coating

18. 9,056,137
Thermo-sensitive, mucoadhesive or dermoadhesive, and penetration-enhancing formulations for topical delivery of therapeutics

17. 9,056,129
Precision-guided nanoparticle systems for drug delivery

16. 9,056,127
Hydrogel composition based on co-polymer carrying multiple pendant sulphonic groups for use as a wound dressing

15. 9,056,126
Hydrogel formulations

14. 9,056,125
Films for controlled cell growth and adhesion

13. 9,056,060
Non-reactive adhesive useful in transdermal drug delivery system

12. 9,056,053
Nanoparticle compositions providing enhanced color for cosmetic formulations

11. 9,056,049
Micro-particle comprising a protein extract from sweet potato for extending satiety and controlling blood glucose and lipid levels

10. 9,056,047
Compositions and methods for delivery of frozen particle adhesives

9. 9,056,047
Compositions and methods for delivery of frozen particle adhesives

8. 9,056,033
Highly flexible absorbent laminate and method for production thereof

7. 9,056,032
Wearable article with outwardmost layer of multicomponent fiber nonwoven providing enhanced mechanical features

6. 9,055,825
Inflatable mannequin and method of manufacturing the same

5. 9,055,807
Wedge-shaped paintbrush

4. 9,055,803
Foam applicator for applying a fluid

3. 9,055,772
Explosion safety garment

2. 9,055,767
Food coating apparatuses, systems, and methods

1. 9,055,757
Stabilizer composition of co-attrited microcrystalline cellulose and carboxymethylcellulose, method for making, and uses

Sorted 6/16/2015 Polymer US Patents


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