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Week 23

Patents published 6/9/2015

9,049,812 through 9,055,711

6461 patents published.

Sorted 6/9/2015 Polymer US Patents


217. 9,051,739
Modular flooring system

216. 9,051,738
Mechanical locking system for floor panels

215. 9,051,688
Aqueous polymer composition for paper coating

214. 9,051,687
Production of paper, card and board

213. 9,051,686
Method for modifying the physical and/or chemical characteristics of a fibrous band and apparatus for carrying out the method

212. 9,051,685
Method and apparatus for reducing the water and energy consumption of a paper machine with the help of a vacuum system and optimization of solids content as well as use of the same

211. 9,051,684
High aspect ratio cellulose nanofilaments and method for their production

210. 9,051,683
Carpet, carpet backings and methods

209. 9,051,669
Multilayer pads and methods of manufacture employing thermal bonding

208. 9,051,646
Sputtering target having amorphous and microcrystalline portions and method of producing same

207. 9,051,645
Barrier film for semiconductor wiring, sintered compact sputtering target and method of producing the sputtering target

206. 9,051,644
Thin-film manufacturing method and apparatus

205. 9,051,643
Process for metallizing nonconductive plastic surfaces

204. 9,051,642
Process for coating a substrate, plant for implementing the process and feeder for feeding such a plant with metal

203. 9,051,641
Cobalt deposition on barrier surfaces

202. 9,051,640
Method of manufacturing transparent conductive thin film

201. 9,051,639
Coated implants and related methods

200. 9,051,638
In-situ sputtering apparatus

199. 9,051,637
Securing of shadow mask and substrate on susceptor of deposition apparatus

198. 9,051,636
Organic layer deposition apparatus, method of manufacturing organic light-emitting display apparatus using the same, and organic light-emitting display apparatus

197. 9,051,621
Material for use with a capacitive touch screen

196. 9,051,536
Process for the hydrogenation of hop resin acids

195. 9,051,535
Protein-enhanced surfactants for enzyme activation

194. 9,051,529
Lubricating composition containing friction modifier and viscosity modifier

193. 9,051,528
SU-8 nano-composites with improved tribological and mechanical properties

192. 9,051,514
High flow liquid crystalline polymer composition

191. 9,051,504
Emulsified polymer drilling fluid and methods of preparation

190. 9,051,503
Use of hydrophobically associated copolymer as an additive in specific oilfield applications

189. 9,051,501
Curable composition and catalyst composition

188. 9,051,499
Two-part polyurethane adhesive for bonding fiber-reinforced plastics

187. 9,051,498
Epoxy resins with high thermal stability and toughness

186. 9,051,497
Curable compositions

185. 9,051,496
Methods for making adhesives

184. 9,051,495
Fluid activatable adhesives and fluids for activating same for use with liner-free labels

183. 9,051,494
Sizing composition for mineral wool having a low emission of volatile organic compounds, and insulating products obtained

182. 9,051,493
Method and apparatus for joining together multiple functional layers of a flexible display

181. 9,051,492
Primer compositions to toughen adhesive bonds

180. 9,051,491
Carbosilane polymer compositions for anti-reflective coatings

179. 9,051,490
Method for producing hollow silicone fine particles

178. 9,051,489
Polyureas made from aminocrotonates

177. 9,051,488
Multifunctional primers

176. 9,051,483
Carbon nanotube ink composition and a coating method thereof and a forming method of a thin film containing carbon nanotubes

175. 9,051,480
Functional surface finish and method of its application to a material surface

174. 9,051,479
Paints and coatings containing cyclodextrin additives

173. 9,051,478
Additive combination for sealants applications

172. 9,051,477
Blended opacifier for coatings and polymeric matrices

171. 9,051,476
Powder containing a polyoxymethylene polymer for coating metallic substrates

170. 9,051,475
Rheology modified pretreatment compositions and associated methods of use

169. 9,051,474
Anti-glare coating composition and anti-glare coating film having superior abrasion resistance and contamination resistance

168. 9,051,473
Clear coating compositions comprising dispersed silica nono-particles and processes for using

167. 9,051,472
Exfoliated graphite oxide derivative, resin composite material thereof, and process for producing said resin composite material

166. 9,051,471
Weather-resistant pearlescent pigments, process for the production and use thereof

165. 9,051,470
Method for producing thin films and the application thereof

164. 9,051,469
Coloring matter compound, ink, heat-sensitive transfer recording sheet, and resist composition for color filter

163. 9,051,468
Dyes for polymer coloration, their preparation and their use

162. 9,051,466
Degradable plastic and manufacturing method thereof

161. 9,051,465
Thermosetting resin composition containing a polyphenylene ether and a brominated fire retardant compound

160. 9,051,464
Flame-retardant rubber composition for vulcanization

159. 9,051,463
Process for producing polycarbonate compositions

158. 9,051,462
Polymer compound and components produced using the compound

157. 9,051,461
Blended fluoropolymer compositions having multiple melt processible fluoropolymers

156. 9,051,460
Heat resistant hydrocarbon elastomer compositions

155. 9,051,459
Thermoplastic composition, method of producing the same, and articles made therefrom

154. 9,051,458
Multimodal polyethylene molding composition for producing pipes having improved mechanical properties

153. 9,051,456
Agent for drug clearance and accelerator for drug clearance

152. 9,051,455
Hydroxyl group-containing methylstyrene and polymers incorporating same

151. 9,051,454
Heat-resistant polyamide composition and application thereof

150. 9,051,452
Polymer compositions for temporary bonding

149. 9,051,450
Resin composition

148. 9,051,449
Flame retarded extruded polystyrene foams

147. Stabilization of organic materials

146. 9,051,447
Polymer concrete composition

145. 9,051,446
Conductive crosslinked body and production process thereof, and transducer, flexible wiring board and electromagnetic wave shield using the conductive crosslinked body

144. 9,051,445
Multi-component sponge-forming liquid silicone rubber composition and silicone rubber sponge manufacturing method

143. 9,051,444
Process for manufacturing composite materials

142. 9,051,443
Optical sheet

141. 9,051,442
Polyurethane foam premixes containing halogenated olefin blowing agents and foams made from same

140. 9,051,441
Process for chemical passivation of polymer surfaces

139. 9,051,440
Process for producing dispersible powders

138. 9,051,439
Hydrocarbon fluid compatible micronized polymers

137. 9,051,438
Styrene-acrylonitrile copolymer foam with minimal yellowing

136. 9,051,437
Electrostatically bonded vesicle

135. 9,051,436
Compositions of resin-linear organosiloxane block copolymers

134. 9,051,435
Silanol condensation catalyst, heat-curable silicone resin composition for sealing photosemiconductors and sealed photosemiconductor using same

133. 9,051,434
Amphiphilic organopolysiloxane dendrimers with high refractive index

132. 9,051,433
Polymer and cross-linked polymer composition, electrode and electrolyte membrane including cross-linked polymer, and fuel cell including electrode and electrolyte membrane

131. 9,051,432
Method for producing low-chlorine polybiphenyl sulfone polymers

130. 9,051,431
Poly(arylene)-based anion exchange polymer electrolytes

129. 9,051,430
Resin-transfer-moldable terminal-modified imide oligomer using 2-phenyl-4,4'diaminodiphenyl ether and having excellent moldability, mixture thereof, varnish containing same, and cured resin thereof and fiber-reinforced cured resin thereof made by resin transfer molding and having excellent heat resistance

128. 9,051,429
Polyamic acid resin composition and method for forming polyimide resin

127. 9,051,428
Branched organopolysiloxanes

126. 9,051,427
Rare-earth complex polymer and plastic molded product

125. 9,051,426
Polymerizable compositions containing ethylenically unsaturated monomers having episulfide functional groups and related methods

124. 9,051,425
Poly(amide-imide) block copolymer, article including same, and display device including the article

123. 9,051,424
Process for preparing branched polyethercarbonates and use thereof

122. 9,051,423
Fluorinated coating and phototools made therewith

121. 9,051,422
Thermally polymerizable resin composition

120. 9,051,421
Nanoporous linear polyethylene membranes and block copolymer precursors for same

119. 9,051,420
Polycarbonate resins and processes for producing the same

118. 9,051,419

117. 9,051,416
Resin compositions with high thermoplastic loading

116. 9,051,415
Epoxy resins with high thermal stability and toughness

115. 9,051,411
Shape memory polymers

114. 9,051,410
Polyurea-based fabric glue

113. 9,051,409
Use of polyurethane adhesive formed from polyester diols, polyether diols and silane compounds in the manufacture of film/foil-coated furniture

112. 9,051,408
Curable compositions allowing to obtain materials having an optimised performance, and materials obtained from said compositions

111. 9,051,407
Polybutadiene grafted isoprene rubber, processes for preparing polybutadiene grafted isoprene rubber, mixed compositions and vulcanized forms thereof

110. 9,051,406
Graft dendrite copolymers, and methods for producing the same

109. 9,051,405
Resin and resist composition

108. 9,051,404
Propylene copolymers for adhesive applications

107. 9,051,403
Photosensitive composition, pattern forming method using the photosensitive composition and compound for use in the photosensitive composition

106. 9,051,402
Covalently functionalized particles for synthesis of new composite materials

105. 9,051,400
Catalyst components for the polymerization of olefins and catalysts therefrom obtained

104. 9,051,399
Method for producing polar group-containing olefin copolymers

103. 9,051,398
Method for producing (meth)acrylate copolymer

102. 9,051,396
Partially hydrogenated polymer and method thereof

101. 9,051,341
Reactive surfactants for emulsion polymerization, pigment dispersion, and UV coatings

100. 9,051,262
Plasticizer and method of preparing the same

99. 9,051,257
Method of obtaining acetate from lignocellulose specification identification

98. 9,051,246
Compound having trimethylene structure, polymer compound containing unit that has trimethylene structure, and reactive compound having trimethylene structure

97. 9,051,245
Resveratrol polymerization compound or pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof

96. 9,051,244
Depolymerization of lignin using solid acid catalysts

95. 9,051,220
Method for producing powder molded product and powder molded product

94. 9,051,218
Building composition comprising cellulose ether

93. 9,051,217
Light-weight composition and mix for masonry, mortar and stucco

92. 9,051,216
Highly durable composite and manufacturing thereof

91. 9,051,211
Effects of methods of manufacturing sputtering targets on characteristics of coatings

90. 9,051,207
Boron and fluorine-free glass fiber composites

89. 9,051,204
Nontoxic polysiloxane material for producing biologically resorbable and/or bioactive articles containing polysiloxane material, its production and use

88. 9,051,197
Cross-linked polyaminomethyldiphosphonate for the removal of metal ions from wastewater

87. 9,051,185
Carbon nanostructures from pyrolysis of organic materials

86. 9,051,179
Continuous method and apparatus for functionalizing carbon nanotube

85. 9,051,176
Massively parallel assembly of composite structures using depletion attraction

84. 9,051,175
Bulk nano-ribbon and/or nano-porous structures for thermoelectric devices and methods for making the same

83. 9,051,174
Method for encapsulating an MEMS component

82. 9,051,173
Treatment method of a getter material and encapsulation method of such getter material

81. 9,051,161

80. 9,051,134
Apparatus for loading particulate matter into a transport container

79. 9,051,116
Container and composition for enhanced gas barrier properties

78. 9,051,060
Electromagnetic hazard protector for composite materials

77. 9,051,059
Electromagnetic hazard protector for composite materials

76. 9,051,012
Half-round trailer and trailer body with extruded panel side walls

75. 9,051,011
Spill containment floor with sealed floating fasteners and strengthened side rails for container

74. 9,050,939
Reinforced plastic energy absorber system and methods of making the same

73. 9,050,852
Paint container and lid construction

72. 9,050,844
Heat-sensitive recording material with barrier coating

71. 9,050,843
Microsphere comprising a polymer core, a shell and an absorber

70. 9,050,807
Process for bonding interstitial epoxy adhesive for fabrication of printhead structures in high density printheads

69. 9,050,786
Method of manufacturing an elongated composite structure

68. 9,050,785
Multilayer polyester film with high optical density with a total thickness of max. 60 .mu.m with two white outer layers and a carbon-black containing base layer

67. 9,050,784
Fire resistant back-sheet for photovoltaic module

66. 9,050,783
Multi-layered bags with shortened inner layer

65. 9,050,782
Expanded laminate

64. 9,050,781
Expanded laminate

63. 9,050,780
Laminate body, laminate plate, multilayer laminate plate, printed wiring board, and method for manufacture of laminate plate

62. 9,050,779
Laminated glazing which includes one or more wires

61. 9,050,778
Article and system with crosslinked organic porous particles

60. 9,050,777
Contendered nonwoven/pulp composite fabric and method for making the same

59. 9,050,775
Methods of fabricating transparent and nanomaterial-based conductive film

58. 9,050,774
Antistatic laminate, optical film, polarizing plate, and image display device

57. 9,050,773
Dicing tape-integrated film for semiconductor back surface, and process for producing semiconductor device

56. 9,050,767
Apparatus for producing at least one container, in particular in ampule form, made of thermoplastic material

55. 9,050,766
Variations and methods of producing ventilated structural panels

54. 9,050,763
Method for producing retardation film

53. 9,050,762
Methods for fabricating retroreflector tooling and retroreflective microstructures and devices thereof

52. 9,050,761
Method of dosing a lens forming material into a mold

51. 9,050,760
Blown film scanning method

50. 9,050,759
Method for manufacturing composite connecting rods

49. 9,050,758
Process for manufacturing a part made of composite material that comprises at least one radius of curvature

48. 9,050,757
System and method for curing composites

47. 9,050,756
Method of making a helmet

46. 9,050,755
Process for producing a curved substrate covered with a film

45. 9,050,751
Device for blow moulding containers

44. 9,050,750
Process for making a stretch-blow moulded container having an integrally moulded handle

43. 9,050,749
Blow molding device for a rotary bottle blowing machine

42. 9,050,748
Composite material manufacturing device and composite material manufacturing method

41. 9,050,746
IMD mold, injection molding apparatus having such an IMD mold and method for producing a film-decorated plastic part

40. 9,050,745
In-mold decoration molding method and in-mold decoration molding machine

39. 9,050,744
Apparatus and method for shaping plastics material preforms

38. 9,050,743
Multilayer film

37. 9,050,742
Injection moulding apparatus

36. 9,050,741
Method and device for cleaning an extrusion head

35. 9,050,740
Forming non-uniform optical guiding structures

34. 9,050,739
Method of recycling a golf ball

33. 9,050,732
Method of forming a cutting line partially through a multilayer plate structure

32. 9,050,731
Web member cutting apparatus for cutting web member that has a plurality of fibers including tows and web member cutting method

31. 9,050,689
Method for cutting carbon fiber substrate

30. 9,050,686
Laser methods to create easy tear off materials and articles made therefrom

29. 9,050,684
Multi-stage compressor in a plasma cutter

28. 9,050,683
Laser dicing method

27. 9,050,655
Continuous reactor and method for manufacturing nanoparticles

26. 9,050,654
Method of manufacturing composite ball for electronic parts

25. 9,050,653
Suction valve device for discharging gas from a mould

24. 9,050,631
Apparatus and related methods for extracting resins from cannabis

23. 9,050,626
Method of fabricating a part decorated with relief

22. 9,050,624
Film-forming composition for imprinting, method of manufacturing a structure, and structure

21. 9,050,623
Progressive UV cure

20. 9,050,621
Surface nanofabrication methods using self-assembled polymer nanomasks

19. 9,050,619
System and process for coating an object

18. 9,050,618
Double-sided coating apparatus and double-sided coating method

17. 9,050,617
Self-cleaning nozzle for applying adhesive to a moving web

16. 9,050,616
Substrate treatment apparatus and substrate treatment method

15. 9,050,615
Apparatus and method for coating substrates for analyte detection by means of an affinity assay method

14. 9,050,614
Paint delivery and application system and method

13. 9,050,605
Graphene nanocomposites

12. 9,050,603
Roller mill and method for operating a roller mill

11. 9,050,579
Method for the production of fabricated hollow microspheroids

10. 9,050,573
Method for monitoring the level of an ethylene polymerization catalyst slurry

9. 9,050,572
Process for the production of carbon nanotubes in a fluidized bed

8. 9,050,504
Process for producing a wax impregnated mesh pocket for a lacrosse stick

7. 9,050,502
Golf ball with dual polybutadiene cores and dual mantle layers

6. 9,050,501       
Multi-layered cores having foam inner core for golf balls

5. 9,050,500
Golf ball

4. 9,050,499
Golf ball

3. 9,050,454
Electrically conductive and mechanically supportive polymer materials for biomedical leads

2. 9,049,973
Anti-microbial sponge device

1. 9,049,944
Solid gel cushion system

Sorted 6/9/2015 Polymer US Patents


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