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From 06/15/2015 to 06/10/2015

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Week 22

Patents published 6/2/2015

9,043,948 through 9,049,808

6355 patents published.

Sorted 6/2/2015 Polymer US Patents

198. 9,046,671
Composite optical fiber cable and composite optical fiber cable assembly providing protection by flexure

197. 9,046,670
Monolithic polymer optical fiber ribbon

196. 9,046,656
Isotropic layer of multilayer optical film comprising birefringent thermoplastic polymer

195. 9,046,468
Smart coating and method for manufacturing the same

194. 9,046,324
Antiballistic article and method of producing same

193. 9,046,323
Ballistic package for soft body armor

192. 9,045,991
Composite aerofoil

191. 9,045,904
Thermoplastic membranes containing expandable graphite

190. 9,045,865
Polymer grouting method for uplifting ballastless track of high-speed rail

189. 9,045,843
Electropolishing fixture with lever arm

188. 9,045,842
Electrochemical etching apparatus

186. 9,045,841
Control of electrolyte composition in a copper electroplating apparatus

185. 9,045,840
Dynamic current distribution control apparatus and method for wafer electroplating

184. 9,045,839
Methods and systems for in-situ electroplating of electrodes

183. 9,045,829
Process for producing a coated metal strip

182. 9,045,828
RF plasma reactor having a distribution chamber with at least one grid

181. 9,045,826
Thin film deposition apparatus and thin film deposition method using the same

180. 9,045,825
Method of forming metal-containing film

179. 9,045,824
Migration and plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition

178. 9,045,823
Sintered oxide compact target for sputtering and process for producing the same

177. 9,045,821
Laminate, method for producing same, and functional element using same

176. 9,045,819
Method for forming thin film while providing cooling gas to rear surface of substrate

175. 9,045,746
Nanostructured carbon based biocatalyst for remediation of environmental pollutants

174. 9,045,711
Perfluorinated polyethers (PFPE) as magnetic lubricants

173. 9,045,686
Liquid crystal composition

172. 9,045,685
Cast molded parts formed from a liquid crystalline polymer

171. 9,045,684
Liquid crystal composition, antioxidant and liquid crystal display device

170. 9,045,683
Polymerizable compounds and use thereof in liquid crystal displays

169. 9,045,682
Liquid crystalline medium

168. 9,045,676
Petroleum ashphaltene handler additive compound

167. 9,045,674
High thermal conductance thermal interface materials based on nanostructured metallic network-polymer composites

166. 9,045,673
Binding agent, surface treatment methods using the binding agent and article manufactured by the same

165. 9,045,672
Dual cure adhesive useful for bonding to glass

164. 9,045,671
Acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive comprising optically anisotropic compound, polarizing plate and liquid crystal display including the same

163. 9,045,670
Pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet

162. 9,045,669
Compositions containing dialkylethers, thus produced coatings and use of dialkylethers

161. 9,045,668
Organosiloxane block copolymer

160. 9,045,667
Curable silicone composition, cured product thereof, and optical semiconductor device

159. 9,045,666
Water-dispersible polyurethane polymer

158. 9,045,665
Solvent borne coating composition

157. 9,045,661
Method of preparing cross-linked colorant dispersions

156. 9,045,658
Curing accelerator for oxidative polymerization type unsaturated resins, printing ink and coating material

155. 9,045,657
Viscoelastic ink for direct writing of hydrogel structures

154. 9,045,655
Coating for decorative metals with improved mar and scratch resistance and methods of application

153. 9,045,654
Multilayer articles capable of forming color images

152. 9,045,652
Use of a stabilizer for producing halogen-free, ammonium polyphosphate-containing flame-retardant coating compositions

151. 9,045,651
Antifouling surfaces, methods of manufacture thereof and articles comprising the same

150. 9,045,650
Polymer with salt groups and antifouling coating composition comprising said polymer

149. 9,045,649
Structured mineral multi-pigment

148. 9,045,648
Method of repairing leakage in pipelines

147. 9,045,647
Surface treatment composition, method of producing the surface treatment composition, and surface-treated article

146. 9,045,646
Insulating composition for substrate, and prepreg and substrate using the same

145. 9,045,632
Method for producing composition for injection molding comprising cryogenic grinding of resin components, and composition for injection molding

144. 9,045,631
Thermoplastic resin composition

143. 9,045,630
Epoxy functional polystyrene for enhanced PLA miscibility

142. 9,045,629
Polyolefinic compositions having good whitening resistance

141. 9,045,628
Processes to prepare ethylene-based polymer compositions

140. 9,045,627
Rubber composition and pneumatic tire

139. 9,045,626
Butyl ionomer latex

138. 9,045,625
Process of producing thermoplastic starch/polymer blends

137. 9,045,624
Storage stable emulsions from low penetration grade bituminous binders

136. 9,045,623
Method for producing BN-based nanoparticles and products therefrom

135. 9,045,622
Modified conjugated diene-based polymer, polymer composition, and process for producing modified conjugated diene-based polymer

134. 9,045,621
Liquid crystalline polyester composition and metal composite molded product using the same

133. 9,045,620
Rubber composition, cross-linked rubber composition, and tire

132. 9,045,619
Laser-sensitive coating composition

131. 9,045,618
Liquid stabilizer mixtures

130. 9,045,617
Ring-opening polymer of cyclopentene and method of production of same

129. 9,045,616
Zirconium treated sodium aluminosilicates and methods of making same

128. 9,045,615
Metal carboxylate additives for thermoplastics

127. 9,045,614
Fluororubber composition

126. 9,045,613
Polymer composition and polymer light-emitting device using same

125. 9,045,612
Systems and methods for polystyrene foam recycling using branched dibasic esters

124. 9,045,611
Process for preparing a heat resistant polylactic acid foamed article

123. 9,045,610
Composite structural article

122. 9,045,609
High-performance thermal insulation materials

121. 9,045,608
Highly insulating polyurethane foam and method for manufacturing same

120. 9,045,607
Polymer membrane and membrane-electrode assembly for fuel cell and fuel cell system comprising same

119. 9,045,606
Process for making polymers having nanostructures incorporated into the matrix of the polymer

118. 9,045,605
Dedusted fire-retardant cellulose material

117. ,045,604
Polyester composition, and polyester article prepared therefrom

116. 9,045,603
Reinforcing film for the electrolyte membrane of a polymer electrolyte fuel cell

115. 9,045,602
Electron beam induced modification of membranes by polymers

114. Method for producing stereo complex crystals of polylactic acid, polylactic acid, and molded body, synthetic fiber, porous body and ion conductor comprising same

113. 9,045,600
Biopolymer materials

112. 9,045,599
Amphiphilic resin-linear organosiloxane block copolymers

111. 9,045,598
Process for producing aromatic polyether sulfones

110. 9,045,597
Polyimide compound having side chain and manufacturing method thereof

109. 9,045,596
Method of purifying conjugated polymers

108. 9,045,595
Process for recovering polyhydroxialkanoates ("PHAs") from cellular biomass

107. 9,045,594
Method for preparing high shrinkage rate polytrimethylene terephthalate

106. 9,045,593
Silicone polymers containing UV photostabilizing groups

105. 9,045,592
Process for the preparation of polyether carbonate polyols

104. 9,045,591
Method for producing nylon salt powder, and method for producing nylon

103. 9,045,590
Interfacial processes for preparing photoactive additives

102. 9,045,589
Drawn polyethylene terephthalate fiber, pet tire cord, and tire comprising thereof

101. 9,045,587
Naphthalene derivative, resist bottom layer material, and patterning process

100. 9,045,586
Continuous production method for polycarbonate-polyorganosiloxane copolymer

99. 9,045,585
Toughened epoxy resin formulations

98. 9,045,584
Oxazolidone ring containing vinyl ester resin and products therefrom

97. 9,045,583
Polyurethane resin adhesion pigment, pigment dispersion composition and inkjet ink composition

96. 9,045,582
Cross-linked rubbery polyurethane-ether membranes for separations

95. 9,045,581
Polyols derived from a vegetable oil using an oxidation process

94. 9,045,580
Polyurethane foam for seat pad

93. 9,045,579
Periodic nanostructures from self assembled wedge-type block-copolymers

92. 9,045,578       
Process for forming crosslinked and branched polymers

91. 9,045,577
Production of grafted polyethylene from renewable materials, the obtained polyethylene and uses thereof

90. 9,045,576
Mixed charge copolymers and hydrogels

89. 9,045,575
Polymethacrylic acid anhydride telomers

88. 9,045,574
Viscosity modifier for lubricating oils, additive composition for lubricating oils, and lubricating oil composition

87. 9,045,572
Preparation method of solid catalyst for propylene polymerization and catalyst prepared thereby

86. 9,045,571
Free radical polymerisation of ethylene initiated by organic peroxides with high productivity

85. 9,045,570
Procatalyst composition with substituted 1,2-phenylene aromatic diester internal donor and method

84. 9,045,569
Process of making modified metallocene catalyst, catalyst produced and use thereof

83. 9,045,568
Vinyl terminated polyethylene with long chain branching

82. 9,045,567
Surfactant composition for emulsion polymerization

81. 9,045,566
Method for the manufacture of agarose gels

80. 9,045,565
Water-soluble polysaccharide ethers and their use

79. 9,045,446
Method for producing epoxy compound

78. 9,045,396
Hydrolysable linkers and cross-linkers for absorbable polymers

77. 9,045,383
Reductive biomass liquefaction

76. 9,045,378
Dental application coating

75. 9,045,377
Hardening accelerator composition containing phosphated polycondensates

74. 9,045,376
Fiber-based ablative and high temperature pre-preg material

73. 9,045,375
Method for producing silicon carbide-carbon composite

72. 9,045,374
Formation of silicon carbide-silicon nitride nanoparticle carbon compositions

71. 9,045,372
Honeycomb structure body

70. 9,045,370
Aqueous wax emulsions having reduced solids content for use in gypsum compositions and building products

69. 9,045,369
Composite materials, articles of manufacture produced therefrom, and methods for their manufacture

68. 9,045,368
Flexible polymer concrete and methods for making flexible polymer concrete

67. 9,045,361
Coated article with heat treatable coating for concentrated solar power applications, and/or methods of making the same

66. 9,045,346
Stable dispersions of single and multiple graphene layers in solution

65. 9,045,345
Apparatus for purifying carbon nanotubes

64. 9,045,344
Method for producing aligned carbon nanotube aggregate

63. 9,045,343
Carbon nanotube foams with controllable mechanical properties

62. 9,045,337
Waste material, coal, used tires and biomass conversion to alternative energy and synthetic fuels solutions system with carbon capture and liquefaction

61. 9,045,333
Composite micromechanical component and method of fabricating the same

60. 9,045,161
Paste form heat-blowing injection composition and method for injecting and soundproofing closed section of automobile body member

59. 9,044,998
Rim or rim portion made of composite material

58. 9,044,927
Doctor blade

57. 9,044,925
Multilayer thermoplastic laminated film arrangement and device and method for laminating

56. 9,044,924
Resin article

55. 9,044,923
Multilayer fluoropolymer films

54. 9,044,921
Solar heat reflective roofing membrane and process for making the same

53. 9,044,920
High strength galvanized steel sheet exhibiting excellent fatigue property

52. 9,044,919
Transparent laminated glass and use thereof

51. 9,044,918
Modified release coatings for optically clear film

50. 9,044,899
Porous film production method

49. 9,044,898
Methods for joining electronic device housing structures using heat activated thermoset film

48. 9,044,897
Porous materials, methods of making and uses

47. 9,044,893
Method and device for saving energy in extrusion

46. 9,044,891
Control device of an injection molding machine

45. 9,044,890
Method for making a part comprising a foam layer borne by a support

44. 9,044,889
Method for producing vessels with feedback depending on the pre-blowing starting point

43. 9,044,888
Apparatus for shaping plastics material pre-forms into plastics material containers with pressure pads

42. 9,044,887
Method of forming a container

41. 9,044,886
Controlled valve fittings device for an installation for the blow-moulding of containers comprising individually operable valves

40. 9,044,885
Device for blow-molding containers

39. 9,044,881
Manufacturing nanocomposites

38. 9,044,880
Method for producing container

37. 9,044,811
Surface coated cutting tool

36. 9,044,809
Method for producing aqueous compatible nanoparticles

35. 9,044,806
Multi-component composition metal injection molding

34. 9,044,780
Method for coating a mechanical member, and mechanical member thus coated

33. 9,044,779
Method for applying a powder coating

32. 9,044,778
Decorating method

31. 9,044,777
Blade coating

30. 9,044,776
Stabilized high flow doctor blade head for transfer roller

29. 9,044,775
System and process for coating an object

28. 9,044,761
Electrostatic system and method of sorting plastics

27. 9,044,759
Shredder thickness with anti-jitter feature

26. 9,044,758
Method for producing fine powder and the fine powder produced by the same

25. 9,044,739
Foam-based adsorbents having high adsorption capacities for recovering dissolved metals and methods thereof

24. 9,044,722
Multi-component, temperature activated, tissue adhesive, sealing, and filling composition

23. 9,044,720
Dispersant composition

22. 9,044,719
Method and apparatus for mixing

21. 9,044,718
Mixing vessel

20. 9,044,716
Microporous membranes and methods for producing and using such membranes

15. 9,044,713
Asymmetric nanotube containing membranes

14. 9,044,705
Method of dehumidifying and drying powdered or granular material and system for dehumidifying and drying powdered or granular material

13. 9,044,650       
System and method for painting golf balls

12. 9,044,649       
Device for automatically supplying golf balls

11. 9,044,648       
Golf balls having multi-layered covers based on aromatic and aliphatic polyurethanes

10. 9,044,647
Golf balls having a multi-layered core with a thermoset rubber center

9. 9,044,646
Process for making thermoplastic golf ball material and golf ball with thermoplastic material

8. 9,044,645
Golf ball

7. 9,044,644
Solid golf ball

6. 9,044,413
Block polymers, compositions and methods for use for foams, laundry detergents, and shower rinses and coagulants

5. 9,044,412
composition using a long-chain ether of an alkoxylated fatty alcohol and a cationic polymer, processes and devices using the same

4. 9,044,405
Composition having a reduced exotherm in actinic curing of urethane (meth)acrylate oligomers on fingernails

3. 9,044,352
Reducing crimping damage to a polymer scaffold

2. 9,044,288
Polyvinylsiloxane based curable dental retraction composition

1. 9,044,225
Composite self-retaining sutures and method


Sorted 6/2/2015 Polymer US Patents


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