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Week 20

Patents published 5/19/2015

9,032,548 through 9,038,197

6152 patents published.

Sorted 5/19/2015 Polymer US Patents


284. 9,036,149
Electrochemical sensor with diamond electrodes

283. 9,035,287
Polymeric materials for use in metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors

282. 9,035,282
Formation of large scale single crystalline graphene

281. 9,035,281
Graphene device and method of fabricating a graphene device

280. 9,035,199
EMI shielding member, particularly suitable for shielding of module cages

279. 9,035,117
Continuous process for conversion of lignin to useful compounds

278. 9,035,116
Biomass feed system including gas assist

277. 9,035,115
Hydroconversion of renewable feedstocks

276. 9,035,105
Process for the in situ production of polyether polyols based on renewable materials and their use in the production of flexible polyurethane foams

275. 9,035,089
Modified carbon material and process of making and using the same

274. 9,035,087
Process for producing polyisocyanate

273. 9,035,082
Low surface energy touch screens, coatings, and methods

272. 9,035,019
Synthesis of high molecular weight PEO using non-metal initiators

271. 9,035,018
Furan-based curable compound derived from biomass, solvent-free curable composition, and method for preparing same

270. 9,035,017
Method for making poly(hydridocarbyne)

269. 9,035,016
Conjugated polymer composition for solar cell and flexible electronics applications

268. 9,035,015
Photovoltaic cell containing novel photoactive polymer

267. 9,035,014
Process for preparing condensation resins

266. 9,035,013
Sulphur-containing triazine monomer that can be used for the synthesis of a polymer membrane for a fuel cell

265. 9,035,012
Polyurethanes made with copper catalysts

264. 9,035,011
Modified alkoxylation products having at least one non-terminal alkoxysilyl group and a plurality of urethane groups, and their use

263. 9,035,010
Organosilicon compounds and their use for producing hydrophilic surfaces

262. 9,035,009
Polyhedral polysiloxane modified product and composition using the modified product

261. 9,035,008
Curable-on-demand polysiloxane coating composition

260. 9,035,007
Polyolefin strap comprising a random copolymer of propylene with 1-hexene

259. 9,035,006
Olefin block copolymer and sheet-shaped molded body

258. 9,035,005
Functionalized elastomer

257. 9,035,004
Semiconducting compounds and devices incorporating same

256. 9,035,003
High capacity magnetic nanoparticles as supports for reagents and catalysts

255. 9,035,002
Process of free-radical polymerization or crosslinking in the presence of a selected organic peroxide prepared by an ex situ process

254. 9,035,001
Diene polymer and production method thereof

253. 9,035,000
Polyolefin production using an improved catalyst system

252. 9,034,999
Process for producing high molecular weight polyethylene

251. 9,034,998
Polymerization initiating system and method to produce highly reactive olefin functional polymers

250. 9,034,997
Fluorine and epoxy group-containing copolymer, and method for producing same

249. 9,034,996
Method for manufacturing acrylic acid-based polymer and use for same

248. 9,034,995
System and process for recovering gas emissions generated in producing olefin polymers

247. 9,034,994
Systems and methods for real-time catalyst particle size control in a polymerization reactor

246. 9,034,993
Room temperature-curable polyorganosiloxane composition

245. 9,034,992
Nitrile rubbers which optionally contain alkylthio terminal groups and which are optionally hydrogenated

244. 9,034,991
Polymer compositions and methods of making and using same

243. 9,034,990
Compatibilized polypropylene heterophasic copolymer and polylactic acid blends for injection molding applications

242. 9,034,989
Branched PHA compositions, methods for their production, and use in applications

241. 9,034,988
Resin composition containing copolymerized polyester resin

240. 9,034,987
Adhesive for polarizer plate and method for manufacturing the same

239. 9,034,986
Solvent-free crosslinked polyrotaxane material and process for production of same

238. 9,034,985
Aqueous coating systems based on physically drying urethane acrylates

237. 9,034,984
Ion-conductive thermoplastic composition, electrochromic composite system and process for producing ion-conductive foil

236. 9,034,983
Poly(butylene-co-adipate terephthalate), method of manufacture and uses thereof

235. 9,034,982
Formulations comprising isosorbide-modified unsaturated polyester resins and low profile additives which produce low shrinkage matrices

234. 9,034,981
Aqueous polyurethane dispersion

233. 9,034,979
Dispersant composition

232. 9,034,978
Methods of preparing metal quantum clusters in molecular confinement

231. 9,034,977
Polymer product and the use of the same as dispersing agent

230. 9,034,976
Hydrogenated petroleum resin pellet production method

229. 9,034,975
Composite material for structural applications

228. 9,034,974
Polyamide moulding materials containing copolyamides for producing transparent moulding parts with low distorsion in climatic testing

227. 9,034,973
Composition for forming intermediate film for laminated glass, intermediate film for laminated glass and laminated glass

226. 9,034,972
Bleed resistant, oil-extended olefin block copolymer composition with precipitated silica

225. 9,034,971
Composite sheet and display substrate using same

224. 9,034,970
Curable fiberglass binder comprising salt of inorganic acid

223. 9,034,969
Rubber composition comprising a thiazoline

222. 9,034,968
Cationic polymers for treating construction aggregates

221. 9,034,967
Non-halogenated polyolefin compounds having good processing properties

220. 9,034,966
Flame retardant polycarbonate compositions

219. 9,034,965
Epoxidized composition and methods for making the same

218. 9,034,964
Waterborne coating compositions containing low-VOC coalescents that are hydroxypivalyl hydroxypivalate esters

217. 9,034,963
Transparent thermoplastic resin composition having improved whitening resistance at low temperature and excellent impact strength

216. 9,034,962
Method of producing a tire composition having improved silica reinforcement

215. 9,034,961
Rubber composition and tire using the same

214. 9,034,960
Antidrift composition

213. 9,034,959
Polycarbonate resin composition and article including same

212. 9,034,958
Reactive hydroxylated and carboxylated polymers for use as adhesion promoters

211. 9,034,957
High-flow hollow-fiber membranes containing polymer blends

210. 9,034,956
Stabilizer composition for polymers

209. 9,034,955
High molecular weight nonpolar benzotriazoles

208. 9,034,954
Multifunctional biocomposite additive compositions and methods

207. 9,034,952
Reduced salt precipitation in carbohydrate containing binder compositions

206. 9,034,951
Imitation wood

205. 9,034,950
Rubber composition and pneumatic tire

204. 9,034,949
Method for producing flame-proofed thermoplastic molding compounds

203. 9,034,948
Additive process for production of dimensionally stable three dimensional objects

202. 9,034,946
Direct-to-metal and exterior durable non-skid coating

201. 9,034,945
Item produced via thermoforming

200. 9,034,944
Emulsion polymers with improved wet scrub resistance having one or more silicon containing compounds

199. 9,034,943
Salts of dehydroacetic acid as a pyrithione stabilizer in plastics

198. 9,034,942
Polymer material, ophthalmic lens and contact lens

197. 9,034,941
Hydrophilic gels from polyurethane-based photoinitiators

196. 9,034,938
Photoreactive polymer

195. 9,034,936
Flame retardant polyurethane foams containing biuret linkages

194. 9,034,935
Urethane foam molded product and method for producing the same

193. 9,034,934
Polythylene aerogels and method of their production

192. 9,034,933
Expanded particle of polyethylene-based resin and in-mold expansion molded article of polyethylene-based resin

191. 9,034,930
Biodegradable polymeric hydrogel composition

190. 9,034,927
Methods of use for compositions comprising a biocidal polyamine

189. 9,034,920
Fluorescent polymeric materials containing lipid soluble rhodamine dyes

188. 9,034,808
Universal synthetic lubricant additive with micro lubrication technology to be used with synthetic or miner host lubricants from automotive, trucking, marine, heavy industry to turbines including, gas, jet and steam

187. 9,034,807
Spacer fluid additive

186. 9,034,806
Viscoelastic surfactant rheology modification

185. 9,034,803
Fluids comprising chitosan crosslinked by titanate

184. 9,034,789
Adsorption carbon, and adsorbent

183. 9,034,788|
Filter material comprising porous organic polymers

182. 9,034,785
Accelerator solution and process for curing curable resins

181. 9,034,784
Catalyst composition for the copolymerization of propylene

180. 9,034,783
Catalyst components for the polymerization of olefins

179. 9,034,781
Solid catalyst for the polymerization of propylene, and method for preparing same

178. 9,034,778
Fail safe protective wrapping

177. 9,034,777
Fire resistant woven fabrics and garments

176. 9,034,776
Method to produce a composite material

175. 9,034,775
Carbon reinforced concrete

174. 9,034,774
Film forming method using plasma

173. 9,034,718
Film forming method for forming boron-added silicon nitride film

172. 9,034,571
Three-dimensional, prevascularized, engineered tissue constructs, methods of making and methods of using the tissue constructs

171. 9,034,567
Method for manufacturing liquid crystal display device, and liquid crystal display device

170. 9,034,566
Resin composition for forming optical waveguide and optical waveguide using the composition

169. 9,034,564
Reader fabrication method employing developable bottom anti-reflective coating

168. 9,034,563
Micro-truss structures having in-plane structural members

167. 9,034,562
Pattern improvement in multiprocess patterning

166. 9,034,561
Photosensitive composition comprising an acrylate compound

165. Ultrathin surface coating on negative electrodes to prevent transition metal deposition and methods for making and use thereof

164. 9,034,517
Capacitors having conditioned carbon for electrodes

163. 9,034,512
Gasket for electrochemical cell and electrochemical cell

162. 9,034,509
Polyolefin microporous membrane and method of producing the same, separator for non-aqueous secondary battery and non-aqueous secondary battery

161. 9,034,508
Multiple casting apparatus and method

160. 9,034,504
Apparatus for preventing deformation of plastic battery pack case for a vehicle

159. 9,034,490
Multilayer material, method for making same and use as electrode

158. 9,034,489
Hydrophilic coatings, articles, coating compositions and methods

157. 9,034,488
Coated metallic products and methods for making the same

156. 9,034,480
Hot-dip Al--Zn coated steel sheet

155. 9,034,479
Thermal barrier coating systems and processes therefor

154. 9,034,478
Method for making a sheet of degradable paper, use of said sheet for making a mandrel defining a roll carrier, degradable paper sheet, and mandrel including at least one of said sheets

153. 9,034,477
Coating composition, a film containing the same, and a method for forming a sealable film

152. 9,034,476
Conductive belt and electrophotographic apparatus

151. 9,034,475
Thermosetting adhesive composition, and heat resistant adhesive film and wiring film using the same

150. 9,034,472
Non-aqueous polyurethane coating compositions

149. 9,034,471
Powder coating compositions and a method for coating a substrate, such as a thermally sensitive substrate

148. 9,034,470
Resin composition, multi-layered film and photovoltaic module including the same

147. 9,034,468
Diamond-like carbon

146. 9,034,464
Single layer film and hydrophilic material comprising the same

145. 9,034,461
Hard film sliding part and method of manufacturing the sliding part

144. 9,034,459
Infrared reflecting films for solar control and other uses

143. 9,034,457
Photochromic devices and methods for making the same

142. 9,034,454
Composite joint filler seal material for joints in precast concrete structures

141. 9,034,453
Reinforced aircraft fuselage panel and method of manufacture

140. 9,034,452
Mold-in touch fastening product

139. 9,034,451
Splicing adhesive tape comprising splittable connector elements

138. 9,034,449
Adhesive film

137. 9,034,448
Methods for preparing modified release liners and modified adhesive articles

136. 9,034,447
Electrostatically bound hyperbranched anion exchange surface coating prepared via condensation polymerization using ditertiary amine linkers for improved divalent anion selectivity

135. 9,034,446
Preform suitable for blow-molding into a final shaped container

134. 9,034,444
Paper and cardboard packaging with barrier coating of a polymer mixture

133. 9,034,443
Container composed of a multilayer paper material and method for obtaining such a container

132. 9,034,438
Deposition method using an aerosol gas deposition for depositing particles on a substrate

131. 9,034,437
Method and apparatus for a coating process for the deposition of a fluent coating onto a three-dimensional surface

130. 9,034,436
Anti-corrosion coating utilizing bacterial precipitated exopolysaccharides

129. 9,034,435
Coated printing papers and processes for preparing them

128. 9,034,432
Method for producing a swelling nonwoven fabric

127. 9,034,429
Method for patterning a surface using selective adhesion

126. 9,034,426
Nanostructured thermoplastic polyimide films

125. 9,034,425
Method and apparatus for applying adhesive on an elastic strand in a personal disposable hygiene product

124. 9,034,424
Hand-tearable adhesive tape and method for manufacturing the same

123. 9,034,422
Method of doping surfaces

122. 9,034,421
Method of forming electrodes comprising sulfur and porous material comprising carbon

121. 9,034,420
Touch screen substrate and method of manufacturing a touch screen substrate

120. 9,034,419
Method for producing light-transmitting electromagnetic wave-shielding film, light-transmitting electromagnetic wave-shielding film and plasma display panel using the shielding film

119. 9,034,418
Method for manufacturing piezoelectric film

118. 9,034,417
Photonic sintering of polymer thick film conductor compositions

117. 9,034,416
Method of fabricating organic electroluminescent display device

116. 9,034,415
Surgical needle coatings and methods

115, 9,034,414
Biomaterial, joint prosthesis using the biomaterial and method of producing the same

114. 9,034,387
Intrinsically fluorescent carbon nanospheres and a process thereof

113. 9,034,384
Polyurea microcapsules

112. 9,034,383
Policosanol nanoparticles

111. 9,034,378
Biodegradable polyurethane and polyurethane ureas

110. 9,034,361
Hydroswellable, segmented, aliphatic polyurethanes and polyurethane ureas

109. 9,034,309
Biocidal polymers

108. 9,034,307
Agent for fibers containing keratin, containing at least one specific amphiphilic cationic polymer and at least one additional film-forming cationic and/or stabilizing polymer

107. 9,034,305
Aqueous hair styling compositions comprising two acrylate silicone copolymers

106. 9,034,298
Chelating amphiphilic polymers

105. 9,034,297
Production of nano-structures

104. 9,034,296

103. 9,034,266
Polyaniline nanofiber hydrogen sensors

102. 9,034,265
Biomolecular sensor with plural metal plates and manufacturing method thereof

101. 9,034,264

100. 9,034,262
Molecularly imprinted polymer sensor systems and related methods

99. 9,034,261
System and method for depositing particles on a disc

98. 9,034,260
Apparatus and method for selecting particles

97. 9,034,240
Electrospinning process for fiber manufacture

96. 9,034,239
Method of fabricating a fiber

95. 9,034,236
Substrate-based additive fabrication process

94. 9,034,235
Method for producing a wood wool construction element, a construction element obtained therewith and a production facility therefore

93. 9,034,232
Method for manufacturing ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer sheet for solar cell encapsulant

92. 9,034,231
Cup lid

91. 9,034,230
Method for making an elastomeric apertured web

90. 9,034,229
Composition and process for preparing NIR shielding masterbatch and NIR shielding masterbatch and application thereof

89. 9,034,228
Binder composition and method for treating particulate material

88. 9,034,227
Method of making flexible foaming member from recycled materials

87. 9,034,226
Injection moulding method for optional manufacturing of moulded parts with or without a breakthrough

88. 9,034,224
8o,Method for making polyamide particles

87. 9,034,223
Optical film and process for producing the same

86. 9,034,222
Method for producing photonic wire bonds

85. 9,034,221
Intumescent fire retardant and the method of its manufacture

84. 9,034,220
Restoration and preservation formulation for polymeric products

83. 9,034,219
Photochromic compounds and compositions

82. 9,034,218
Cellulose ester film, method of manufacturing the same, polarizing plate and liquid crystal display

81. 9,034,213
Separation of single-walled carbon nanotubes by electronic type using block copolymers

80. 9,034,211
Composite conductive polymer composition, method of manufacturing the same, solution containing the composition, use of the composition

79. 9,034,210
Feedstock and method for preparing the feedstock

78. 9,034,209
Corrosion protection formulation for protection against zinc and cadmium corrosion

77. 9,034,204
Gold coating of rare earth nano-phosphors and uses thereof

76. 9,034,200
Plasma etching of diamond surfaces

75. 9,034,198
Plasma etching method

74. 9,034,157
Forming oriented film for magnetic recording material

73. 9,034,156
Sputtering apparatus

72. 9,034,155
Inorganic-particle-dispersed sputtering target

71. 9,034,154
Sputtering target and process for producing same

70. 9,034,153
Nonmagnetic material particle dispersed ferromagnetic material sputtering target

69. 9,034,152
Reactive sputtering apparatus

68. 9,034,151
Alignment film forming apparatus and method

67. 9,034,150
Thin film with tuned anisotropy and magnetic moment

66. 9,034,146
Copolymer blend compositions for use to increase paper filler content

65. 9,034,145
Use of nanocrystaline cellulose and polymer grafted nanocrystaline cellulose for increasing retention, wet strength, and dry strength in papermaking process

64. 9,034,144
Paper product having unique physical properties

63. 9,034,143
Inductive/capacitive hybrid plasma source and system with such chamber

62. 9,034,141
Thin film forming apparatus and thin film forming method using the same

61. 9,034,140
Adhesive sheet

60. 9,034,139
Temporary adhesion of chemically similar substrates

59. 9,034,138
Method for manufacturing polarizing plate

58. 9,034,137
In-situ, multi-stage debulk, compaction, and single stage curing of thick composite repair laminates

57. 9,034,136
Production method for artificial marble containing amethyst and vermiculite

56. 9,034,135
Hem flange joint

55. Manufacturability of ePTFE laminated membranes

54. 9,034,133
Polyurethane foam toys with no restriction on playing environment and the manufacturing method thereof

53. 9,034,129
Ultrasonic welding system and method for forming a weld joint utilizing the ultrasonic welding system

52. 9,034,128
Fitting doublers using gap mapping

51. 9,034,127
Processing device

50. 9,034,095
Greenish blue pigment, colorant composition containing said pigment, and image recording material

49. 9,034,094
Artificial stone and method of making same

48. 9,034,093
Process for improving the transfer properties of bitumen

47. 9,034,092
Composition for preparing polysaccharide fibers

46. 9,034,073
Method for making metal-based nano-composite material

45. 9,034,064
Methods for improving thermal stability of silicon-bonded polycrystalline diamond

44. 9,034,059
Wax compositions including a slip agent

43. 9,034,107
Process for making a continuous structure of an encapsulated material

42. 9,033,918
Polyamide/polyvinylpyrrolidone (PA/PVP) polymer mixture as catheter material

41. 9,033,856
Folding mandrel, device and method for manufacturing glued sleeves

40. 9,033,827
Golf ball dimple profile

39. 9,033,826
Golf ball having an aerodynamic coating including micro surface roughness

38. Golf ball having an aerodynamic coating including micro surface roughness

37. 9,033,824
Golf ball

36. 9,033,823
Golf ball with specified density inner cover layer

35. 9,033,780
Biomass feed system using an air blanket for improved distribution within a collection device

34. 9,033,739
Techniques for shielding connectors that allow for conformal coating against corrosion

33. 9,033,695
Injection interface device

32. 9,033,694
Molding apparatus and method

31. 9,033,693
Unitary elastic mold and cutter combination

30. 9,033,692
Spinneret for wet spinning

29. 9,033,448
Lightweight coated paper and print production method using the same

28. 9,033,424
Wear resistant cutting tool

27. 9,033,404
Encapsulated aluminum honeycomb structural stiffener

26. 9,033,346
Gasket for vehicle

25. 9,033,345
Radial shaft seal for separating two media

24. 9,033,320
Anti-vibration rubber member and production method thereof

23. 9,033,256
Catalytic coating to prevent carbon deposits on gasoline direct injector tips

22. 9,033,168
Lightweight plastic container and preform

21. 9,032,981
Painting implement cleaning and support apparatus

20. 9,032,946
Three dimensionally fiber-reinforced composite riser and methods of making the same

19. 9,032,945
Hinged arm safety mechanism for foam dart launcher

18. 9,032,906
Apparatus and process for plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition

17. 9,032,905
Apparatus and method for coating glass substrate

16. 9,032,904
Die head and liquid coater

15. 9,032,903
Device for coating substrates by means of high-velocity flame spraying

14. 9,032,902
Manufacturing apparatus for activated carbon filters

13. 9,032,884

12. 9,032,804
Large-area extensible pressure sensor for textiles surfaces

11. 9,032,801
Ultrasonic measurement apparatus and method

10. 9,032,762
Fully integrated three-dimensional textile electrodes

9. 9,032,706
Composite fan case with integral containment zone

8. 9,032,696
Method of shrinking a heat shrinkable film onto product units

7. 9,032,685
Flooring panel or wall panel and use thereof

6. 9,032,670
Blow molded modular shed

5. 9,032,613
Method for making circuit board

4. 9,032,571
Cushioning structures for body parts

3. 9,032,558
Helmet system

2. 9,032,557
Protective helmet

1. 9,032,548
Visor attachment mechanism in helmet

Sorted 5/12/2015 Polymer US Patents


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