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Week 19

Patents published 5/12/2015

9,027,162  through 9,032,547

5983 patents published.

Sorted 5/12/2015 Polymer US Patents



233. 9,029,728
Methods of and apparatuses for measuring electrical parameters of a plasma process

232. 9,029,709
Transparent flexible printed wiring board and method for manufacturing the same

231. 9,029,602
Anti-microbial and anti-static surface treatment agent with quaternary ammonium salt as active ingredient and method for preventing static electricity in polymer fibers using same

230. 9,029,566
Rosin derived epoxides and curing agents

229. 9,029,551
Carbon nanoring, method for producing same, compound suitable as starting material for producing the carbon nanoring, and method for producing the compound

228. 9,029,499
Semiconducting polymers

227. 9,029,498
Polycarbonate polyol compositions

226. 9,029,497
Method of making polylactic acid using carbene derivatives as the catalyst

225. 9,029,496
Liquid crystal polyester amide resin

224. 9,029,495
Process for producing polyether polyols having primary hydroxyl end groups

223. 9,029,494
Castor oil derivatives and method for the production thereof

222. 9,029,493

221. 9,029,492
Superconducting electrolytic hybrid material, and preparation method and uses thereof

220. 9,029,491
Repellent coating composition and coating, method for making and uses thereof

219. 9,029,490
Polymerizable compound, polymerizable composition, polymer, and optically anisotropic body

218. 9,029,489
Polyurethane (meth) acrylates using modified hydroxythiols

217. 9,029,488
Phosphate-group containing resin and use thereof

216. 9,029,487
Process for polymerizing a polymerizable olefin and catalyst therefor

215. 9,029,486
Supported metallocene catalyst, method for preparing the same and method for preparing polyolefin using the same

214. 9,029,485
Method for producing water-absorbing polymer particles by polymerizing droplets of a monomer solution

213. 9,029,484
Production method of polyarylene sulfide, cyclic polyarylene sulfide pellet and production method thereof

212. 9,029,483
Polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane (POSS)-linked ligands

211. 9,029,482
Method for preparing polycondensation resin

210. 9,029,481
Method for producing polymer, device for producing polymer, device for producing complex, and polymer product

209. 9,029,480
Preparation method of superabsorbent polymer

208. 9,029,479
Process for the synthesis of functionalized poly (1,3-alkadienes) and use thereof in the preparation of high impact vinyl aromatic polymers

207. 9,029,478
High clarity polyethylene films

206. 9,029,477
Compositions comprising melt-processable thermoplastic fluoropolymers and methods of making the same

205. 9,029,476
Light diffusing polymer composition, method of producing the same, and articles made therefrom

204. 9,029,475
Process for producing a low VOC coating composition and use thereof

203. 9,029,474
Process for production of surface-modified polymer structures

202. 9,029,473
Functionalised polymers for binding metal surfaces

201. 9,029,472
Gel composition and a use thereof

200. 9,029,471

199. 9,029,470
Latex emulsions and coating compositions formed from latex emulsions

198. 9,029,469
Wood protection paints

197. 9,029,468
Adhesive layer for optical film, optical film having adhesive layer, image display device, and detachment method for optical film

196. 9,029,467       
Resin composition

195. 9,029,466
Resin composition for aqueous coating material, method for producing the same, and aqueous coating material

194. 9,029,465
Preparation of multistage latex polymer

193. 9,029,464
Perfluoroelastomer gels

192. 9,029,463
Polycarbonate blends having low-temperature impact strength

191. 9,029,462
Adhesive composition, adhesion method using the same, laminate and tire

190. 9,029,461
Aliphatic polyester coating compositions containing tetramethyl cyclobutanediol

189. 9,029,460
Coating compositions containing acrylic and aliphatic polyester blends

188. 9,029,459
Curable composition

187. 9,029,458
Process and performance aid for carbon nanotubes

186. 9,029,457
Silica-supported oligomeric hybrid materials

185. 9,029,455
Soft polyolefin compositions with improved processability

184. 9,029,454
Aqueous polymer dispersions

183. 9,029,453
Polyvinylidene fluoride resin composition, white resin film, and backsheet for solar cell module

182. 9,029,452
Fluoropolymer additive for coatings

181. Waterborne coating compositions that include 2,2,4-trimethyl-3-oxopentanoate esters as reactive coalescents

180. 9,029,450
Mixtures of silicon-containing coupling reagents

179. 9,029,449
Polymeric composition comprising metal alkoxide condensation product, organic silane compound and boron compound

178. 9,029,448
Method for preparing aqueous suspensions of mineral materials using amines in combination with vinyl-carboxylic polymers

177. 9,029,447
Thermoplastic resin composition comprising a mixture of slip agents and a mono-or co-extruded, laminated or non-laminated film

176. 9,029,446
Clarified polypropylene articles with improved optical properties and/or increased temperature of crystallization

175. 9,029,445
Method and composition for preventing oxidation

174. 9,029,444
Dispersant for hydraulic composition

173. 9,029,443
Non halogen flame retardant thermoplastic polyurethane

172. 9,029,442
Polymer-bonded perylene dyes and compositions containing same

171. 9,029,441
Low toxicity solvent system for polyamideimide and polyamide amic acid resins and coating solutions thereof

170. 9,029,440
Polymer composition having heat-absorbing properties and high stability to weathering

169. 9,029,439
Additive for a bitumen and bituminous product

168. 9,029,438
Thermosetting resin composition, B-stage heat conductive sheet, and power module

167. 9,029,437
Coating/sealant systems, aqueous resinous dispersions, methods for making aqueous resinous dispersions, and methods of electrocoating

166. 9,029,436
Artificial silica marble having amorphous patterns and method for preparing the same

165. 9,029,435
Photocurable composition

164. 9,029,434
Colored photosensitive composition

163. 9,029,433
Photocurable adhesive composition

162. 9,029,432
Process for making high airflow and low compression set viscoelastic polyurethane foam

161. 9,029,431
Porous particles and methods of making them

160. 9,029,430
Foaming agents, foamable compositions, foams and articles containing fluorine substituted olefins, and methods of making same

159. 9,029,428
Oil-in-water silicone emulsion composition

158. 9,029,272
Method for treating SiOCH film with hydrogen plasma

157. 9,029,271
Methods of patterning block copolymer layers

156. 9,029,270
Phenolic resin composition, and methods for manufacturing cured relief pattern and semiconductor

155. 9,029,249
Plasma doping apparatus and plasma doping method

154. 9,029,019
Carbon anode compositions for lithium ion batteries

153. 9,029,013
Electroactive compositions with poly(arylene oxide) and stabilized lithium metal particles

152. 9,029,012
Thin film encapsulation for thin film batteries and other devices

151. 9,029,010
Molding packaging material and molded case

150. 9,028,983
Coated article with low-E coating including tin oxide inclusive layer(s) with additional metal(s)

149. 9,028,982
Composite material, method for producing the same, and apparatus for producing the same

148. 9,028,971
Odorless paper coating latex and paper coating composition containing the same

147. 9,028,970
Adhesive composition, varnish, adhesive film and wiring film

146. 9,028,969
Composite article having protective coating

145. 9,028,968
High solids epoxy coating composition

144. 9,028,966
Silicone fine particles and production method thereof

143, 9,028,964
Activated nano carbon and nano composite containing activated nano carbon, as well as methods for their preparation

142. 9,028,963
Tamper evident tabbed sealing member having a foamed polymer layer

141. 9,028,960
PVD coating for metal machining

140. 9,028,959
Composite member

139. 9,028,958
Superhydrophilic nanostructure

138. 9,028,956
Coated article having low-E coating with absorber layer(s)

137. 9,028,955
Ion-permeable membrane for electrochemical cell

136. 9,028,954
Cutting tool with multi-layer coating

135. 9,028,953
CVD coated polycrystalline c-BN cutting tools

134. 9,028,952
Multilayered weatherable film for solar cell

133. 9,028,950
Decoration film having mirror effect

132. 9,028,949
Substrate for printed wiring and resin composition used therefor

131. 9,028,948
Abrasive articles including abrasive particles bonded to an elongated body, and methods of forming thereof

130. 9,028,947
Heat shield having strain compliant matrix and method of forming same

129. 9,028,945
Transparent composite material and method and apparatus for manufacturing the same

128. 9,028,943
Method for improving the surface appearance and processing of plastics recovered from durable goods

127. 9,028,942
Fluoroelastomer composition and molded article

126. 9,028,941
Sheet for producing multilayer optical recording medium, multilayer optical recording medium, and adhesive

125. 9,028,940
Sheet roll and sheet-like coupling member

124. 9,028,939
Laminated sheet for packaging electronic component and molded body thereof

123. 9,028,938
Styrene resin composition, and molded article thereof

122. 9,028,936
Housing shell for portable electrical devices and method for the production thereof

121. 9,028,934
Label with bendable part

120. 9,028,933
Shrink labels

119. 9,028,930
Substrate provided with a multilayer coating having thermal properties and an absorbent layer

118. 9,028,928
Acoustic component and method and apparatus for producing same

117. 9,028,926
Liquid crystal display device and manufacturing method thereof

116. 9,028,925
Product having functional layer and method for fabricating the same

115. 9,028,924
In-situ deposition of film stacks

114. 9,028,923
Coating and ion beam mixing apparatus and method to enhance the corrosion resistance of the materials at the elevated temperature using the same

113. 9,028,921
Fast film formation water based barrier coating

112. 9,028,920
Pretreatment of metal surfaces prior to paint using polyaniline particles

111. 9,028,919
Epitaxial graphene surface preparation for atomic layer deposition of dielectrics

110. 9,028,917
High molecular weight alkyl-allyl cobalttricarbonyl complexes and use thereof for preparing dielectric thin films

109. 9,028,916
Method for synthesizing carbon nanowires on surface of pores or gaps in structure

108. 9,028,914
Method for manufacturing high-density fiber reinforced ceramic composite materials

107. 9,028,912
Method of manufacturing optical fiber base material and apparatus therefor

106. 9,028,911
Thermosetting resin composition for surface protection layers

105. 9,028,908
Method for applying fluid to wire

104. 9,028,907
Method and device for coating of a medical implant

103. 9,028,884
Medical delivery devices and methods for applying a barrier composition to a targeted skin surface

102. 9,028,872
Gelled composite

101. 9,028,870
Hydrogel-driven drug dosage form

100. 9,028,862
Enhanced moisture barrier immediate release film coating systems and substrates coated therewith

99. 9,028,860
Partially microcellular, selectively hydrophilic composite construct for ocular drug delivery

98. 9,028,859
Phase-separated block copolymer coatings for implantable medical devices

97. 9,028,858
Assembly for the preparation of a medical device having a coating comprising hydrogen peroxide

96. 9,028,857
Method for preparing porous scaffold for tissue engineering

95. 9,028,772
Methods for forming a channel through a polymer layer using one or more photoresist layers

94. 9,028,770
Cell made of polymers for spectra measurement and method for producing the same

93. 9,028,764
Electro-catalytic honeycomb for exhaust emissions control

92. 9,028,735
Process for manufacturing golf balls having multi-layered covers

91. 9,028,734
Process of producing PCR pellets

90. 9,028,732
Self-adhered single-sided slip-resistant material

89. 9,028,731
Recycled composite materials and related methods

88. 9,028,730
Method of producing uniform polymer beads of various sizes

87. 9,028,726
Oxide sintered compact for producing transparent conductive film

86. 9,028,713
Mixture for liquid crystal medium and liquid crystal display using the same

85. 9,028,712
Oxygen scavenger composition, and oxygen scavenger package using the same, and method for oxygen scavenging

84. 9,028,696
Process for the recovery of oleaginous compounds from biomass

83. 9,028,694
Non-particulate organic porous material having optical resolution capability and method for manufacturing same

82. 9,028,660
Low impedance plasma

81. 9,028,659
Magnetron design for extended target life in radio frequency (RF) plasmas

80. 9,028,658
Mn-containing copper alloy sputtering target generating few particles

79. 9,028,656
Liquid-gas interface plasma device

78. 9,028,650
Method of sizing paper

77. 9,028,647
Adhesive for polarizing plate, polarizing plate, manufacturing method therefor, optical film and image display

76. 9,028,646
Film adhesive for semiconductor vacuum processing apparatus

75. 9,028,645
Method of manufacturing shoe using multi-functional primer

74. 9,028,644
Method for producing glass laminates with sound attenuating properties

73. 9,028,643
Methods of bonding and articles formed thereby

72. 9,028,642
Method, apparatus and system for lining conduits

71. 9,028,641
Method for manufacturing label and apparatus for manufacturing the label

70. 9,028,640
Method for pretreating molded articles made of plastic matrix-fiber composites

69. 9,028,638
Multilayer adhesive sheet and method for manufacturing electronic component

68. 9,028,637
Method and apparatus for pre-fabricating a synthetic sports field

67. 9,028,636
Method for manufacturing an adhesive tape, particularly suited for longitudinal wrapping of elongated goods

66. 9,028,635
Fiber reinforced plastic bolt and method for producing the same

65. 9,028,634
Method and apparatus for producing off-axis composite prepreg material

64. 9,028,633
Fire and smoke suppressing surface for substrates

63. 9,028,631
Readherable, repositionable and reusable adhesive fabric paper for printing and manufacturing method thereof

Methods of refurbishing an adhered component and composites comprising adhered components

61. 9,028,613
Rotating type thin film deposition apparatus and thin film deposition method used by the same

60. 9,028,607
Carbon dioxide sequestration in foamed controlled low strength materials

59. 9,028,606
Extruded fiber reinforced cementitious products having stone-like properties and methods of making the same

58. 9,028,605
Coating compositions comprising spheroid silica or silicate

57. 9,028,604
Method of reducing the odour of sulphur-bound products

56. 9,028,603
Anti-fouling coating compositions and methods for preventing the fouling of surfaces

55. 9,028,602
Bituminous composition

54. 9,028,565
Composite separator for use in a lithium ion battery electrochemical cell

53. 9,028,343
Golf ball

52. 9,028,290
Method of producing polymer dispersed liquid crystal device using cooling plate

51. 9,028,244
Lifter for an injection molding tool

50. 9,028,243
Melt channel geometries for an injection molding system

49. 9,028,241
Stripper roll for use with calendering drives processing elastomeric mixes

48. 9,028,240
Mold set, compressive device and dumpling forming machine

47. 9,028,239
Mass distribution device and molding device

46. 9,028,238
Molding apparatus and method

45. 9,028,237
Injection molding machine including a mechanism that changes ejection characteristics

44. 9,028,236
Injection molding machine including an ejector unit

43. 9,028,235
Method and apparatus for moving a tube extrusion line along

42. 9,028,185
Plastic product with insert

41. 9,028,171
Geothermal pyrolysis process and system

40. 9,028,158
Multi-stage fiber processing system and method

39. 9,027,936

38. 9,027,935
Gasket with a compression limiter

37. 9,027,891
Floor protectors for furniture legs and casters and methods of making and using same

36. 9,027,863
Bale shredder

35. 9,027,862
Shredder that produces crinkle paper stripes

34. Spray nozzle assembly

33. 9,027,860
Spray nozzle assemblies

32. 9,027,858
Two-component spray device and use thereof

31. 9,027,856
Apparatus and method of manufacturing pressure compensator type drip irrigation tubes with desired molecular orientation and tubes obtained thereby

30. 9,027,855
Safe portable sprayer

29. 9,027,810
Method of producing a ballistic resistant article

28. 9,027,756
Structure of inflatable packaging device

27. 9,027,706
Enhanced, lightweight acoustic scrim barrier

26. 9,027,705
Sound-absorbing member lamination structure

25. 9,027,704
Coating and its manufacturing process

24. 9,027,675
Polycrystalline diamond compact including a polycrystalline diamond table containing aluminum carbide therein and applications therefor

23. 9,027,661
Foam chamber having a closable testing outlet

22. 9,027,631
Metal alloy injection molding overflows

21. 9,027,623
Welding apparatus for conveyor belts and method

20. 9,027,622
Method of building carcass band and stitcher apparatus

19. 9,027,621
Vision inspection during application of composite tape

18. 9,027,607
Pre-sressed insulated tubing

17. 9,027,566
Apparatuses, systems, and associated methods for forming porous masses for smoke filter

16. 9,027,557
Elastic tubular device and inflatable head harness for aircraft breathing mask

15. 9,027,556
Mask system

14. 9,027,554
Respirator having foam shaping layer with recessed regions surrounding air passageways

13. 9,027,506
Dense phase powder coating system for containers

12. 9,027,505
Apparatus and method for coloring electrical wire

11. 9,027,504
Heating apparatus, coating apparatus and heating method

10. 9,027,474
Marking device for golf balls

9. 9,027,473
Hot stamping printing device

8. 9,027,313
Apparatus for dividing heat-shrinkable plastic film into different temperature regions

7. 9,027,306
Mechanical locking system for floor panels

6. 9,027,304
Wall insulation system with rectangular blocks

5. 9,027,300
Building panel system

4. 9,027,246
Method for producing a carbon band for a carbon infrared heater, method for producing a carbon infrared heater, and carbon infrared heater

3. 9,027,238
Multilayered printed circuit board and method for manufacturing the same

2. 9,027,230
Thermally responsive composite member, related devices, and applications including structural applications

1. 9,027,224
Methods and devices for installing tank liners and gaskets

Sorted 5/12/2015 Polymer US Patents


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