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Week 18

Patents published 5/5/2015

9,021,612  through 9,027,161

6255 patents published.

Sorted 5/5/2015 Polymer US Patents


256. 9,023,979
Precise control of molecular weight and chain shape control in carbon dioxide/epoxide alternating copolymerization and preparation of low molecular weight poly(alkylene carbonate) thereby

255. 9,023,978
Solution-processable phosphorescent materials

254. 9,023,977
Triazine containing fluoropolyether elastomers having very low glass transition temperatures, compositions containing them and methods of making them

253. 9,023,976
Amide-imide compounds and their corresponding polymers

252. 9,023,975
Polyamide and polyamide composition

252. 9,023,974
Ester group-containing tetracarboxylic acid dianhydride, novel polyesterimide precursor derived therefrom, and polyesterimide

251. 9,023,973
Cross-linked polycarbonate resin with improved chemical and flame resistance

250. 9,023,972
Polyesters, methods of making polyesters and uses therefor

249. 9,023,971
Binding agent for producing road markings ready quickly for traffic

248. 9,023,970
Process for preparing polyisobutenes

247. 9,023,969
Powder surface-treated with an organopolysiloxane having carboxyl groups, a dispersion of the same, and a cosmetic comprising the same

246. 9,023,968
Method for producing organopolysiloxane

245. 9,023,967
Long chain branched polymers and methods of making same

244. 9,023,966
Functional polymer for enhanced oil recovery

243. 9,023,965
Nonconjugated conductive polymers for protection against nuclear radiation including radioactive iodine

242. 9,023,964
Conjugated polymer and semiconductor devices including the same

241. 9,023,963
Process for production of fluorine-containing polymers and fluorine-containing polymers

240. 9,023,962
Synthesis of high molecular weight poly(2,3,3,3-tetrafluoropropene)

239. 9,023,961
Acrylic resin composition, method of manufacturing the same, and architectural material, fashion accessory, and optical material formed using the same

238. 9,023,960
Process for producing .alpha.-olefin polymer, .alpha.-olefin polymer, and lubricating oil composition

237. 9,023,959
Methods for producing fluorided-chlorided silica-coated alumina activator-supports and catalyst systems containing the same

236. 9,023,958
Methods and systems for catalyst delivery

235. 9,023,956
Clathrate, curing agent, cure accelerator, epoxy resin composition, and epoxy resin composition for encapsulation of semiconductor

234. 9,023,955
High-performance resin for abrasive products

233. 9,023,954
Side-chain and end-group modified poly-p-phenylene oligomers

232. 9,023,953
Process for production of poly(lactic acid)-type resin, and poly(lactic acid)-type prepolymer

231. 9,023,951
Polyacrylic acid (salt)-type water absorbent resin and method for producing of same

230. 9,023,950
Star polymer and method of producing same

229. 9,023,949
Photocurable composition

228. 9,023,948
Chloroprene rubber-based polymer latex composition and use thereof

227. 9,023,947
Carrier for adsorption and method for producing same

226. 9,023,946
Moisture cure hot melt adhesives

225.. 9,023,945
Polyethylene processes and compositions thereof

224. 9,023,944
Process for producing hydrogenated petroleum resin

223. 9,023,943
Styrenated phenol ethoxylates in emulsion polymerization

222. 9,023,942
Aqueous coating composition and preparation thereof

221. 9,023,941
Urethane resin particles

220. 9,023,940
Addition-type organosilicon sealant for halogen-free conductive and flame-resistant electric products

219. 9,023,939
Polyolefin compositions and articles prepared therefrom, and methods for making the same

218. 9,023,938
Method for the production of a rubber composition at high temperature

217. Method for producing a rubber composition

216. 9,023,936
HNBR compositions with very high filler levels having excellent processability and resistance to aggressive fluids

215. 9,023,935
Polymer composition for bumpers and interiors and polyethylene-based resin precursor

214. 9,023,934
Paint composition having scratch self-recovering properties

213. 9,023,933
Autoxidisable coating composition

212. 9,023,932
Curable composition

211. 9,023,931
Oxidation-sensitive, low-peroxide polymer comprising at least one inorganic phosphorus compound

210. 9,023,930
Method for producing slurry composition

209. 9,023,929
Tackifier dispersion

208. 9,023,927
Adhesive composition

207. 9,023,926
Method for producing rubber mixtures

206. 9,023,925
Phosphorous-containing flame retardants for polyurethane foams

205. 9,023,924
Process for the preparation of a 1,3-butadiene and styrene copolymer containing a random section in its main chain followed by a block with a structure differentiated from the main chain, homopolymeric or copolymeric, functionalized and the product obtained from this

204. 9,023,923
Flame retardant polycarbonate compositions, methods of manufacture thereof and articles comprising the same

203. 9,023,922
Flame retardant compositions, articles comprising the same and methods of manufacture thereof

202. 9,023,921
Method for inhibiting crystal growth rate of amide compound and method for producing molded article of polyolefin-based resin

201. 9,023,920
High-strength polyphenylene sulfide/polyethylene terephthalate blend resin composition and method for preparing the same

200. 9,023,919
Aqueous binder composition

199. 9,023,918
Biodegradable plastic resin

198. 9,023,917
Compositions for endodontic instruments

197. 9,023,916
Composite material comprising a monomer with a polyalicyclic structure element

196. 9,023,915
Surface treatment of silicone materials

195. 9,023,914
Nitrile rubbers and production thereof in organic solvents

194. 9,023,913
Curable resin composition, curable resin molded body, cured resin molded body, method for producing each of same, and laminate body

193. 9,023,912
Blends containing photoactive additive

192. 9,023,911
Frame sealant, process for preparing same and use thereof

191. 9,023,910
Low-density polyurethane shoe soles or sole parts with high rebound resilience and low compression set

190. 9,023,909
Process for producing a polyurethane foam and polyurethane foam obtainable therefrom

189. 9,023,908
Oil-absorbent polyurethane sponges with good mechanical properties

188. 9,023,907
Flexible polyurethane foam

187. 9,023,906
Propylene-based copolymer, propylene-based copolymer composition, molded product thereof and foamed product thereof, and production process therefor

186. 9,023,905
Cleaning implement based on melamine formaldehyde foam comprising abrasive particles

185. 9,023,904
Polypropylene resin foam particle and molding thereof

184. 9,023,903
Reinforced polyamides having improved anti-delamination

183. 9,023,902
Ion exchange membranes

182. 9,023,757
Substituted cellulose acetates and uses thereof

181. 9,023,756
Thermosensitive recording material

180. 9,023,755
Siloxane removal from gases using lignite-enhanced activated carbons and adsorbent media used therefor

179. 9,023,752
Method of preparing catalyst using alkali metal or alkaline earth metal in natural cellulose fibers as co-catalyst and dispersant

178. 9,023,738
Film deposition method

177. 9,023,737
Method for forming conformal, homogeneous dielectric film by cyclic deposition and heat treatment

176. 9,023,660
Bioweapon-detecting fibrous-network products and methods for making same

175. 9,023,659
Silica nanoparticle embedding quantum dots, preparation method thereof and biosubstance labeling agent by use thereof

174. 9,023,628
Processing biomass

173. 9,023,568
Binder resin for toners

172. 9,023,567
Polymerized charge enhanced spacer particle

171. 9,023,566
ABS part material for electrophotography-based additive manufacturing

170. 9,023,561
Charge transport layer comprising silicone ester compounds

169. 9,023,560
Electroless plating method using non-reducing agent

168. 9,023,557
Method for preparing a solution of a sulfonated polymer and an amino-phosphonic acid in an aprotic solvent

167. 9,023,554
Perfluorinated ion exchange resin, preparation method and use thereof

166. 9,023,553
Multilayered composite proton exchange membrane and a process for manufacturing the same

165. 9,023,535
Porous membrane and process for preparing the same

164. 9,023,534
Polyamide imide fiber, non-woven fabric composed of the fiber, process for manufacture of the non-woven fabric, and separator for electronic component

163. 9,023,528
Sulfur-carbon nanocomposites and their application as cathode materials in lithium-sulfur batteries

162. 9,023,479
Coating composition for low refractive layer including fluorine-containing compound, anti-reflection film using the same, polarizer and image display device including the same

161. 9,023,478
Micropatterning of conductive graphite particles using microcontact printing

160. 9,023,477
Thermally conductive pad with an array of carbon nanotubes and method for making the same

159. 9,023,476
Resin particle comprising microparticle having specific degree of swelling and containing vinyl-monomer-based resin of specific solubility parameter, and method for producing same

158. 9,023,475
Method and system for applying particulate solids on a substrate

157. 9,023,473
Silicone microparticle and method for producing the same

156. 9,023,472
Aqueous ink pigment, aqueous ink composition containing the same, and images or printed matter thereof

155. 9,023,471
Lignin-based nanostructures

154. 9,023,470
Polylactic acid resin expanded beads and molded article of polylactic acid resin expanded beads

153. 9,023,469
Basic zinc cyanurate fine particles, and method for producing same

152. 9,023,468
Method for preparing poly (ether ketone ketones)

151. 9,023,467
Surface-coated WC-based cemented carbide insert

150. 9,023,466
Textured alumina layer

149. 9,023,464
Connecting film, and joined structure and method for producing the same

148. 9,023,463
Polymer interlayers comprising antiblocking layers

147. 9,023,462
Thermally conductive polymer composite material and an article comprising same

146. 9,023,461
Apparatus for optically laser marking articles

145. 9,023,459
Laminate material having a decorative appearance and method of manufacture

144. 9,023,458
Patterning of ionic polymers

143. 9,023,457
Textured surfaces and methods of making and using same

142. ,023,455
Method of making reinforced composite articles with reduced fiber content in local areas and articles made by the method

141. 9,023,454
Formed zeolite honeycomb article and fired zeolite honeycomb article

140. 9,023,453
Honeycomb structure and method for manufacturing honeycomb structure

139. 9,023,452
Rigid structural and low back face signature ballistic UD/articles and method of making

138. 9,023,451
Rigid structure UHMWPE UD and composite and the process of making

137. 9,023,450
High lap shear strength, low back face signature UD composite and the process of making

136. 9,023,449
Composite reinforcement

135. 9,023,448
Substrate structures applied in flexible devices

134. 9,023,447
Adhesive tape for cable bandaging

133. 9,023,446
PET containers with enhanced thermal properties and process for making same

132. 9,023,445
Composite containers for storing perishable products

131. 9,023,444
Thermal insulating material

130. 9,023,443
Multi-layer high moisture barrier polylactic acid film

129. 9,023,442
Metallization for a cavity housing and a nonmagnetic sealed cavity housing

128. 9,023,441
Impact energy attenuation module

127. 9,023,440
Liquid crystal alignment film, method for preparing same and liquid crystal display device comprising same

126. 9,023,439
Nematic liquid crystal composition, liquid crystal display element using same

125. 9,023,438
Methods and apparatus for combinatorial PECVD or PEALD

124. 9,023,437
Ceramic coating deposition

123. 9,023,436
Methods for depositing material onto microfeature workpieces in reaction chambers and systems for depositing materials onto microfeature workpieces

122. 9,023,435
Methods for making water based environmental barrier coatings using sintering aids

121. 9,023,433
Silsesquioxane resins and method of using them to form an antireflective coating

120. 9,023,432
Resist material for imprinting, pattern formation method, and imprinting apparatus

119. 9,023,431
Method for coating light alloy rims

118. 9,023,430
Method of forming multi-component composite coating compositions on substrates using compact processes

117. 9,023,427
Methods for forming multi-component thin films

116. 9,023,423
Method of deposition of metallic coatings using atomized spray

115. 9,023,422
High rate deposition method of magnetic nanocomposites

114. 9,023,420
Composite organic/inorganic layer for organic light-emitting devices

113. 9,023,419
Porous coatings for orthopedic implants

112. 9,023,386
Microspheres comprising nanocapsules containing a lipophilic drug

111. 9,023,379
Biodegradable tissue composition with biodegradable cross-linkers

110. 9,023,376
Nanofiber-reinforced composition for application to surgical wounds

109. 9,023,372
Metal-enhanced fluorescence nanoparticles

108. 9,023,371
Drug releasing coatings for medical devices

107. 9,023,370
Conjugates comprising nanoparticles coated with platinum containing compounds

106. 9,023,321
Methods for producing microbubbles

105. 9,023,317
Polymer precursors of radiolabeled compounds, and methods of making and using the same

104. 9,023,314
Surface treatment for a medical device

103. 9,023,308
Facile synthesis of graphene, graphene derivatives and abrasive nanoparticles and their various uses, including as tribologically-beneficial lubricant additives

102. 9,023,307
Production of large, high purity single crystal CVD diamond

100. 9,023,306
Ultratough single crystal boron-doped diamond

99. 9,023,269
Manufacturing method of resin molding mold, resin molding mold, resin molding mold set, manufacturing method of microchip substrate, and manufacturing method of microchip using said mold

98. 9,023,268
Imprinting method and apparatus therefor

97. 9,023,265
Systems, tools, and methods for forming corrugated structures and apparatuses including corrugated structures

96. 9,023,264
Method for producing a container of thermoplastic material

95. 9,023,261
Method and apparatus for making an apertured web

94. 9,023,259
Method for the densification and spheroidization of solid and solution precursor droplets of materials using microwave generated plasma processing

93. 9,023,256
Method of forming single-mode polymer waveguide array connector

92. 9,023,252
Method for producing a carbon-coated lithium sulfide and use thereof

91. 9,023,251
Method for making a carbon nanotube slurry

90. 9,023,250
Method for decoration of silver onto carbon materials

89. 9,023,249
Adhesive bonding composition and method of use

88. 9,023,248
Diels-Alder crosslinkable dendritic nonlinear optic chromophores and polymer composites

87. 9,023,247
Antistatic treatment agent, and antistatic film, coated article and pattern forming method using the agent

86. 9,023,246
Phase powders and process for manufacturing said powders

85. 9,023,230
Surfactant-free synthesis of magnetic polypropylene nanocomposites

84. 9,023,229
Etching method and devices produced using the etching method

83. 9,023,228
Chromium-free pickle for plastic surfaces

82. 9,023,222
Pattern forming method

81. 9,023,221
Method of forming multi-layer graphene

80. 9,023,220
Method of manufacturing a graphene monolayer on insulating substrates

79. 9,023,187
Turbo titanium coating technology for broad application

78. 9,023,183
Processing biomass and petroleum containing materials

77. 9,023,178
Pellet comprising aramid pulp and filler material

76. 9,023,176
Modular head automated fabric laminating apparatus

75. 9,023,175
Carbon/carbon film adhesive

74. 9,023,173
Method of processing translucent rigid substrate laminate, and process of manufacturing plate-shaped product employing the method

73. 9,023,172
Method of manufacturing laminate

72. 9,023,171
Method for manufacturing display panel

71. 9,023,170
Bonding unit control unit and multi-layer bonding method

70. 9,023,169
Functional laminate

69. 9,023,168
Method and apparatus for continuously producing optical panel assemblies

68. 9,023,167
Process for applying a powder coating

67. 9,023,166
Method of transferring graphene

66. 9,023,165
Fibrous networks and a method and apparatus for continuous or batch fibrous network production

65. 9,023,164
Sealant dispenser and a method of sealing a display panel using the same

64. 9,023,163
Method for laminating essentially plate-shaped work pieces

63. 9,023,162
Method of manufacturing a windshield having a protective laminate

62. 9,023,160
Lateral liner launcher device and method of installation

61. 9,023,125
Polycrystalline diamond compact

60. 9,023,118
Azo dyes

59. 9,023,117
Disperse dye mixtures, their preparation and use

58. 9,023,116
Associative thickener comprising acid monomer, associative monomer and nonionic monomer

57. 9,022,883
Multi-piece solid golf ball

56. 9,022,882
Multi-piece solid golf ball

55. 9,022,821
Crimped connection of a wire with a terminal having vapor deposited film

54. 9,022,814
Sealing and strain relief device for data cables

53. 9,022,804
Waterproof plug

52. 9,022,794
Waterproof shield connector having a shield shell integral with an electric wire

51. 9,022,777
Injection molding apparatus having an inner mold with a plurality of inner parts

50. 9,022,776
Deep grip mechanism within blow mold hanger and related methods and bottles

49. 9,022,775
Device and method for producing a moulded body having microstructures

48. 9,022,774
Method and apparatus for forming unit portions of frozen food materials

47. 9,022,773
Compensating mold plunger for integrated circuit manufacture

46. 9,022,771
Liquefier assembly for use in extrusion-based additive manufacturing systems

45. 9,022,770
Web-based design tools for three-dimensional printing

44. 9,022,769
Multiple-zone liquefier assembly for extrusion-based additive manufacturing systems

43. 9,022,768
Variable diameter, variable pitch auger with material scraper and breaker bar

42. 9,022,767
Mold thickness adjusting apparatus of injection molding machine

41. 9,022,766
Mold temperature control device

40. 9,022,765
Vibrating machine for producing molded bodies by means of compacting

39. 9,022,764
System for manufacturing an irrigation pipe and a device and method for detecting holes in the wall of an irrigation pipe

38. 9,022,745
Composite material panel structure and manufacturing method

37. 9,022,662
Retainer made of synthetic resin for use in ball bearing and ball bearing

36. 9,022,656
Vibration-damping plain bearing composite and plain bearing bushing and plain bearing assembly

35. 9,022,653
Flexible multichamber bag

34. 9,022,645
Plasma processing apparatus and temperature measuring method

33. 9,022,642
Dissolution generator, method of dissolving powder, and mixing system

32. 9,022,641
Fluid agitation apparatus for reducing temperature fluctuation and thermostatic apparatus

31. 9,022,640
Stirring apparatus for reducing vortexes

30. 9,022,639
Treatment element for treating material in a multi-shaft worm machine and multi-shaft worm machine

29. 9,022,638
Mixing and kneading machine for continual compounding and method of implementing continual compounding by means of a mixing and kneading machine

28. 9,022,585
Plastic lens

27. 9,022,584
Protecting an optical surface

26. 9,022,571
Optical device with adhesive bonding layer and siloxane bonding layer with leaving group, projection-type imaging apparatus utilizing optical device, and method for producing optical device

25. 9,022,448
Inner lining part

24. 9,022,421
Inflatable restraint deployment ramp

23. 9,022,407
Composite bicycle frame with integral electrical interconnections and method of manufacturing same

22. 9,022,310
Desktop adhesive tape dispenser

21. ,022,307

19. 9,022,258
Multi-component mixing system having a rotatable container and container therefor

18. 9,022,252
Insulating holder with elastomer foam material

17. 9,022,251
Foldable air insulating sleeve

16. 9,022,249       
Thermally insulated polyurethane shipper and method of making same

15. 9,022,134
Fire-resistant rescue blanket

14. 9,022,133
Polymer mixer powered by hydrodynamic forces

13. 9,022,120
Dry polymer mixing process for forming gelled fluids

12. 9,022,078       
Flexible duct and means of production

11. 9,022,077
Composite tube for fluid delivery system

10. 9,022,051
Valve for an inflatable device

9. 9,021,850
Chamfer cutting device

8. 9,021,849
Shrinker stretcher machine

7. 9,021,767
Apparatus and kit for stone veneer panel installation

6. 9,021,765
Molded polymeric spacing devices

5. 9,021,705
Method of making a sandwich panel

4. 9,021,696
Method for producing a plating of a vane tip and correspondingly produced vanes and gas turbines

3. 9,021,668
Paper coffin

2. 9,021,662
Paint can handle

1. 9,021,612
Asymmetric body armor

Sorted 5/5/2015 Polymer US Patents


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