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Week 17

Patents published 4/28/2015

9,015,862 through 9,021,611

6347 patents published.

Sorted 4/28/201 Polymer US Patents


248. 9,019,617
Plastic lens

247. 9,018,600       
UV LED curing assembly

246. 9,018,432
Processing radioactive waste for shipment and storage

245. 9,018,346       
Method for removing unreacted monomers in polymer using SCC

244. 9,018,345
Process for the preparation of polyetherester polyols

243. 9,018,344       
Polymers for thin film coatings

242. 9,018,343
Polyamide-imide copolymer film and method of preparing polyamide-imide copolymer

241. 9,018,342
Poly(phenylene ether) copolymer and method of making

240. 9,018,341
Method for treatment of synthetic rubber products, a system for treatment, the resulting rubber products, and use of a method to reduce type IV allergenicity of rubber products

239. 9,018,340
Copolycarbonate and transparent molded article obtained therefrom

238. 9,018,339
Diol, and polycarbonate resin or polyester resin

237. 9,018,338
Polycarbonate resin and molded article thereof

236. 9,018,337
Process for producing polycondensation product

235. 9,018,336
Polymer of sulfonated poly(arlene ether)s and manufacturing method thereof

234. 9,018,335
Substances for use as bisphenol a substitutes

233. 9,018,334
polyols and polyurethanes made therefrom

232. 9,018,333
Polyisocyanate composition

231. 9,018,332
Polyorganosiloxane containing methacryloxy group or acryloxy group and method for producing the same

230. 9,018,331
Polydiorganosiloxane polyamide copolymers having organic soft segments

229. 9,018,330
Use of curable mixtures comprising silane group-containing compounds and phosphonic acid diester or diphosphonic acid diester as adhesives

228. 9,018,329
Polymer compositions having improved barrier properties

227. 9,018,328
Polymerization process for olefin-based polymers

226. 9,018,327
Catalyst compositions and methods of preparing them

225. 9,018,326
Adhesive composition for bonding low surface energy polyolefin substrates

224. 9,018,325
Catalyst for living radical polymerization and polymerization method

223. 9,018,324
Process for the preparation of the monomer pentabromobenzyl acrylate and polymerization thereof

222. 9,018,323
Polymer derivative of cytidine metabolic antagonist

221. 9,018,322
Controlled release amine-catalyzed, Michael addition-curable sulfur-containing polymer compositions

220. 9,018,321
Resin composition

219. 9,018,320
Dielectric polymers with elevated permittivity, process for preparation thereof and end uses thereof

218. 9,018,319
Radical-curable hot-melt urethane resin composition and optical molded body

216. 9,018,318
Catalysts for the preparation of carbonates from epoxides and CO.sub.2

215. 9,018,317
Process for producing pigment dispersion composition

214. 9,018,316
Fast degradable polyester polymer and preparation method and use thereof

213. 9,018,315
Manufacturing process for liquid crystalline polymer

212. 9,018,314
Polyphenols and high-performance resins from syringaldehyde

211. 9,018,313
Polymer-encapsulated nanoparticle systems

210. 9,018,312
Thermoplastic resin composition having improved impact resistance

209. 9,018,311

208. 9,018,310
Polymer blend composition for automotive flooring applications

207. 9,018,309
Fluorine-containing elastomer compositions suitable for high temperature applications

206. 9,018,308
Polybenzimidazole/polyacrylate mixtures

205. 9,018,307
Adhesive composition

204. 9,018,306
Curable fluorine-containing polymer composition

203. 9,018,304
Optical adhesive film, apparatus including the same, and optical adhesive composition

202. 9,018,303
Acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive compositions having plasticizer

201. 9,018,302
Dispersant composition

200. 9,018,301
Process, dispersions and use

199. 9,018,300
Reinforced thermoplastic molding compositions, processes for preparing such compositions, molding made with such compositions and uses therefor

198. 9,018,299
Colored fluid and multi-phase liquid colored composition

197. 9,018,298
Flame retarded formulations

196. 9,018,296
Thermoplastic resin composition having excellent surface gloss, reflectance, anti-yellowing property and moldability

195. 9,018,295
Cationic polyurea cover compositions for a multi-layer golf ball

194. 9,018,294
Cationic polyurea cover compositions for a multi-layer golf ball

193. 9,018,293       
Dispersions of high carboxyl polyamides into polyesters

192. 9,018,292
Heat-stabilized polyamide composition

191. 9,018,291
Polyalkylene carbonate diol paint composition

190. 9,018,290
Rubber composition with improved bis-silane reinforcement

189. 9,018,288
Thermoplastic composition

188. 9,018,287
Method and composition for preventing oxidation

187. 9,018,286
Flame retardant polycarbonate compositions, methods of manufacture thereof and articles comprising the same

186. 9,018,285
Arabian asphaltene reinforced polystyrene composites

185. 9,018,284
Oxygen scavenging additives for plastic containers

184. 9,018,283
Resin composition

183. 9,018,282
Homogenous dispensing process for an epoxy-composition with high filler content

182. 9,018,281
Set of resin compositions for preparing system-in-package type semiconductor device

181. 9,018,280
Low-density molding compound

180. 9,018,279
Rubber-containing bituminous mixtures and methods for making and using same

179. 9,018,278
Surface treated calcium carbonate filler for resin and resin composition containing the filler

178. 9,018,276
Encapsulant composition and method for fabricating encapsulant material

177. 9,018,275
Photo-curable transparent resin composition

176. 9,018,272
Flexible polyurethane foam and method of producing same

175. 9,018,271
Self-crushing polyurethane systems

174. 9,018,270       
Method for producing polymers comprising multiple repeat units of bicyclic diamines

173. 9,018,269
Process for producing expanded polyolefin resin particles and expanded polyolefin resin particles

172. 9,018,268
Expandable starch beads and method for preparing the same

171. 9,018,267
Solid support with a grafted chain

170. 9,018,263
Antimicrobial compositions comprising trimethylene glycol oligomer and methods of using the compositions

169. 9,018,254
Cyanoacrylate tissue adhesives with desirable permeability and tensile strength

168. 9,018,130       
Honeycomb structural body for exhaust gas purification

167. 9,018,075
Plasma processing method

166. 9,018,021
Method and apparatus for depositing a layer on a semiconductor wafer by vapor deposition in a process chamber

165. 9,017,928
Methods for manufacturing resin structure and micro-structure

164. 9,017,916
Preparing resin emulsions

163. 9,017,899
Fluorine containing ionomer composite with ion exchange function, preparation method and use thereof

162. 9,017,867       
Self assembled multi-layer nanocomposite of graphene and metal oxide materials

161. 9,017,847
Electric device assembly and film-covered electric device structure

160. 9,017,824
Aluminum-diamond composite and manufacturing method

159. 9,017,823
Machine component with a cavitation resistant coating

158. 9,017,822
Wiring member, resin-coated metal part and resin-sealed semiconductor device, and manufacturing method for the resin-coated metal part and the resin-sealed semiconductor device

157. 9,017,821
Coated article with low-E coating having multilayer overcoat and method of making same

156. 9,017,820
Laminated glass lens for spectacles

155. 9,017,819
Plastic substrates having a scratch-resistant coating, in particular housings of electronic devices, having high transparency, method for the production thereof, and use thereof

154. 9,017,818
Coating compositions and coatings produced from them and featuring high scratch resistance in association with good results in the Erichsen cupping test and good antistonechip properties

153. 9,017,817
Method for producing laminated porous sheet comprising polytetrafluoroethylene and carbon particles

152. 9,017,815
Near-infrared radiation curable multilayer coating systems and methods for applying same

151. 9,017,814
Substantially cylindrical composite articles and fan casings

150. 9,017,813
Doped carbon nanotubes and transparent conducting films containing the same

149. 9,017,812
Process of producing polylactic acid-based resin microparticles, polylactic acid-based resin microparticles and cosmetics

148. 9,017,810
Method for producing a porous particle composite for an electrical insulating paper

147. 9,017,809
Coatings for cutting tools

146. 9,017,808
Composite thermal interface material system and method using nano-scale components

145. 9,017,807
Transparent conductive film, substrate with transparent conductive film, and organic electroluminescence element using the same

144. 9,017,806
High airflow micro-truss structural apparatus

143. Polyimide-graphene composite material and method for preparing same

142. 9,017,803
Substrate for wallboard joint tape and process for making same

141. 9,017,800
Polyoxymethylene with improved printability

140. 9,017,799
Air cellular cushioning article of enhanced strength per unit weight of film, and process for making same

139. 9,017,798
Press-formed product

138. 9,017,797
Metal coating

137. 9,017,796
Bonded sheet molding composite automotive components without surface pre-treatment

136. 9,017,795
Actively controlled texturing systems

135. 9,017,794
Integrated plasmonic enhanced fluorescence for sensor application

134. 9,017,793
Light diffusion sheet and backlight unit using the same

133. 9,017,792
Tri-barrier ceramic coating

132. ,017,791
Shingle blank having formation of individual hip and ridge roofing shingles

131. 9,017,790
Absorbent sheet products and method for folding same

130. 9,017,789
Insulation assemblies for engine housings and associated methods of use and manufacture

129. 9,017,788
Carpets prepared from yarns comprising a fluorinated polyester blend

128. 9,017,787
Ceiling tile

127. 9,017,785
Floor panel having adhesive applied sheet

126. 9,017,784
Pipe having improved high temperature resistance

125. 9,017,783       
Hot melt adhesive composition for bonding WPP substrates

124. 9,017,782
Heat-shrinkable polyester film and packages

123. 9,017,781
Matting and/or frosting additive for polymers or polymer blends

122. 9,017,780
Carbon nanopipes and ductwork with nanometric walls and methods of making the same

121. 9,017,778
Adhesive composition, and polarizing plates and LCDs utilizing the adhesive composition

120. 9,017,777
Inorganic films using a cascaded source for battery devices

119. 9,017,776
Apparatuses and methods for atomic layer deposition

118. 9,017,775
Treatment of parts with metallized finish areas with a differentiated appearance

117. 9,017,774
Method for marking a coated substrate

116. Universal solution for growing thin films of electrically conductive nanostructures

115. 9,017,772
Process for fabrication of seamless UV cured intermediate transfer belts (ITB)

114. 9,017,771
Gentle to skin adhesive

113. 9,017,770
Method of manufacturing ferroelectric thin film

112. 9,017,769
Method and apparatus for applying a coating to a surface

111. 9,017,768
Method for forming multilayer coating film

110. 9,017,767
Method of suppressing dust in piles and railcars using plasticized cellulose ethers

109. 9,017,766
Methods and devices comprising soluble conjugated polymers

108. 9,017,765
Protective coatings resistant to reactive plasma processing

107. 9,017,764
High temperature stable amorphous silica-rich aluminosilicates

106. 9,017,763
Injector for forming films respectively on a stack of wafers

105. 9,017,761
Low cost, high density C-C composites densified by CVD/CVI for aircraft friction materials

104. 9,017,760
Hydrophobic surface finish and method of application

103. 9,017,758
Coating agent composition

102. 9,017,756
Continuous process for producing spacer-modified nano graphene electrodes for supercapacitors

101. 9,017,639
Method for making graphene

100. 9,017,638
Graphene prepared by using edge functionalization of graphite

99. 9,017,637
Method for making carbon nanotube structure

98. 9,017,635
Continuous manufacturing apparatus and method for carbon nanotubes having gas separation units

97. 9,017,634
In-line manufacture of carbon nanotubes

96. 9,017,633
CVD single crystal diamond material

95. 9,017,632
Diamond material

94. 9,017,631
Process to prepare precipitated calcium carbonate implementing low charge acrylate a/o maleinate-containing polymer

93. 9,017,630
Method for producing hydridosilanes

92. 9,017,598
Metal-bonded graphite foam composites

91. 9,017,593
Composite materials comprising propylene-based polymer blend coatings

90. 9,017,592
Process for making an embossed web

89. 9,017,590
Solid state deformation processing of crosslinked high molecular weight polymeric materials

88. 9,017,589
Method for printing of three-dimensional objects

87. 9,017,588
Method and apparatus for producing an electrophotographic blade member

86. 9,017,587
Manufacturing method of biodegradable net-shaped articles

85. 9,017,586
Polymeric structures and method for making same

84. 9,017,585
Ornamentation of composites

83. 9,017,584
Flame-retardant materials and systems

82. 9,017,583
Photosensitive resin composition, and light blocking layer and liquid crystal display using the same

81. 9,017,580
Fiber reinforced polymeric composites with tailorable electrical resistivities and process for preparing the same

80. Carbon-based materials derived from latex

79. 9,017,578
Method for producing a metal nanoparticle colloid

78. 9,017,577
Indacenodithiophene and indacenodiselenophene polymers and their use as organic semiconductors

77. 9,017,572
Liquid crystal display and method of manufacturing the same

76. 9,017,571
Dry etching agent and dry etching method

75. 9,017,570
Hybrid filler for electromagnetic shielding composite material and method of manufacturing the hybrid fille

74. 9,017,566
Anti-glare surface treatment method and articles thereof

73. 9,017,565
Insulation structure of LNG carrier cargo tank and method for constructing the same

72. 9,017,564
Plasma etching method

71. 9,017,563
Plating method of circuit substrate, production method of plated circuit substrate, and silver etching liquid

70. 9,017,562
Particle sources and methods for manufacturing the same

69. 9,017,541
Electrodeposition of elemental zirconium

68. 9,017,540       
Systems and methods for reducing overhang on electroplated surfaces of printed circuit boards

67. 9,017,537
Metallic and semiconducting carbon nanotube sorting

66. 9,017,535
High-frequency sputtering device

65. 9,017,534
Vacuum deposition apparatus

64. 9,017,533
Apparatus for controlling radial distribution of plasma ion density and ion energy at a workpiece surface by multi-frequency RF impedance tuning

63. 9,017,532
Electroplating process, system and components thereof

62. 9,017,531
Tool for galvanically coating sliding bearings

61. 9,017,528
Electro chemical deposition and replenishment apparatus

60. 9,017,526
Ion beam etching system

59. 9,017,525
Methods for forming metal fluoride film and for manufacturing optical device

58. 9,017,524
Vacuum film formation method for inorganic layer, barrier laminate, device, and optical component

57. 9,017,521
Process for heat treatment of biomass with a coolant solid

56. 9,017,520
Paper coating or binding formulations and methods of making and using same

55. 9,017,513
Plasma monitoring probe assembly and processing chamber incorporating the same

54. 9,017,512
Release liner and method of using same

53. 9,017,509
Optical fibre fixed on substrates

52. 9,017,508
Adhesive tape roll and method for manufacturing adhesive tape roll

51. 9,017,507
Method of manufacturing a composite shaft

50. 9,017,506
Method for manufacturing core of rotating electrical machine

49. 9,017,504
System and method for manufacturing optical display device, set of material rolls and method for manufacture thereof

48. 9,017,503
Method for making carbon nanotube paper

47. 9,017,502
Method and device for producing sleeve-like labels

46. 9,017,501
Polymeric component and method of making

45. 9,017,498
Method for producing a fuel tank

44. 9,017,497
Method of manufacturing laminated core segment

43. 9,017,475
Metal pigment composition

42. 9,017,474
Functionalized graphene and methods of manufacturing the same

41. 9,017,473
Neutralizing agent for paints

40. 9,017,471
Defoamers for airless paint spray application

39. 9,017,470
Low carbon-dioxide additive compositions and warm-mix asphalt binder and mixture production method using the additive

38. 9,017,469
Spinning solution for industrial production of pure chitosan fiber and the method for fabricating the same

37. 9,017,463
Copper plating solution and method for preparing the same

36. 9,017,453
Carbon pyrolyzate adsorbent having utility for CO.sub.2 capture and methods of making and using the same

35. 9,017,445
Highly aromatic compounds and polymers as precursors to carbon nanotube and metal nanoparticle compositions in shaped solids

34. Composite foliage Si fertilizer for lowering contents of heavy metals and nitrate in vegetable, and preparation method thereof

33. 9,017,439
Abrasive particles having particular shapes and methods of forming such particles

32. 9,017,438
Polycrystalline diamond compact including a polycrystalline diamond table with a thermally-stable region having at least one low-carbon-solubility material and applications therefor

31. 9,017,420
Inflatable interface for use between a limb liner and a limb prosthesis

30. 9,017,184
Training golf ball

29. 9,017,150
Method of making a coated abrasive article having shaped abrasive particles and resulting product

28. 9,017,063
Injection molding apparatus with integrated hot runner system

27. 9,017,062
Compact slide rail for injection molds

26. 9,017,060
Arc blade-shaped processing surface structure of pad conditioner and manufacturing mold structure thereof

25. 9,017,059
Combined mixing and extruding device

24. 9,017,058
Dough forming station for a device for forming a dough ring and device for forming a dough ring with a dough forming station of this type

23. 9,017,057
Device for producing pellets

22. 9,017,056
Lamp system for curing resin in laminated safety glass

21. 9,017,053
Device for cooling a film

20. 9,017,047
Multi-layer primer apparatus and methods

19. 9,016,927
Clay mixing apparatus

18. 9,016,778
Inflatable/deflatable seat with stowable collapsing frame

17. 9,016,625
Reconfigurable floorboard system

16. 9,016,591
Plastic cards with high density particles

15. 9,016,555
Flexible liner and bag-in-box container systems

14. 9,016,268
Adjustable mechanical vibration limiting and absorbing apparatus

13. 9,016,241
Collagen fiber reconstituted rawhide and process for making

12. 9,016,232
Paper coating apparatus with multiple hot wax applicators and associated methods

11. 9,016,231
Substrate processing method and substrate processing system

10. 9,016,201
Web coating applicator with cooling and material recovery

9. 9,016,181
Polymer clay slicing system

8. 9,016,136
Apparatus for testing adhesion of an adhesive tape to a bonding surface under a load applied to the tape

7. 9,016,108
Graphene based reversible nano-switch/sensor Schottky diode (nanoSSSD) device

6. 9,016,105
Method for measuring the strain of material using short cavity fiber laser

5. 9,016,003
Modular blow molded shed with connectors

4. 9,016,002
Relocatable habitat unit having interchangeable panels

3. 9,016,001
Erectable housing structure with a shipping container configuration

2. 9,015,941
Method of repairing honeycomb core using pourable structural foam

1. 9,015,921
Metal pallets with polymer horns

Sorted 4/28/201 Polymer US Patents


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