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Week 16

Patents published 4/21/2015

9,009,862 through 9,015,862

6590 patents published.


239. 9,012,601
Waterbased dimerized rosins and the process to make them

238. 9,012,600
Synthesis of dioxyheterocycle-based polymers

237. 9,012,599
Nitrogen-containing condensed heterocyclic compounds for OLEDs

236. 9,012,598
Poly(ethyleneoxide) functionalization through alkylation

235. 9,012,597
Method of producing macrocyclic polymers

234. 9,012,596
Copolymers and methods of use thereof

233. 9,012,595
Polyimide and photoresist resin composition comprising thereof

232. 9,012,594
Catalyst and byproduct-free native chemical ligation using cyclic thioester precursors

231. 9,012,593
Method for preparing an aromatic liquid crystal polyester resin and method for preparing a compound of aromatic liquid crystal polyester resin

230. 9,012,592
Multifunctional sulfur-containing polymers, compositions thereof and methods of use

229. 9,012,591
Copolymerized polycarbonate resin, method for preparing the same, and article comprising the same

228. 9,012,590
Electrostatic dissipative TPU and compositions thereof

227. 9,012,589
Plasticizers for aqueous suspensions of mineral particles and hydraulic binder pastes

226. 9,012,588
Organohydrogenpolysiloxane, making method, and addition-cure silicone composition

225. 9,012,587
Photo-patternable dielectric materials and formulations and methods of use

224. 9,012,586
Curable organopolysiloxane composition and optical semiconductor device

223. 9,012,585
Zinc containing complex and condensation reaction catalysts, methods for preparing the catalysts, and compositions containing the catalysts

222. 9,012,584
Organoboronate nanoparticles and methods of using the same

221. 9,012,583
Flow improver for oils and fats

220. 9,012,582
Transparent high-refractive-index resin composition

219. 9,012,580  
Tetrafluoroethylene/hexafluoropropylene copolymer and the production method thereof, and electrical wire

218. 9,012,579
Ionomer compositions and methods of making and using same

217. 9,012,578
Blocky ethylene propylene copolymers and methods for making them

216. 9,012,577
Method for preparing linear alpha-olefins with improved heat removal

215. 9,012,575
Epoxy group-terminated polymers, the compositions thereof and the use thereof as impact resistance modifiers

214. 9,012,574
Graft copolymer with pH dependent behaviour

213. 9,012,573
Biodegradable polyester and wrapping films for packaging produced therewith

212. 9,012,572
Polyphenylene ether oligomer and article employing the same

211. 9,012,570
Continuous production of poly(vinyl butyral)

210. 9,012,569
Oil emulsions and methods for manufacture and use thereof

209. 9,012,568
Methods of making styrenic polymeric compositions and methods of using same

208. 9,012,567
Supramolecular polymers and compositions containing said polymers

207. 9,012,566
Polyamide moulding compositions based on mixtures made of transparent copolyamides and of aliphatic homopolyamides for producing transparent mouldings

206. 9,012,565
Water/oil repellent agent and water/oil repellent composition

205. 9,012,564
Polyethylene/3-substituted alkene film made with Ziegler-Natta or chromium oxide catalyst

204. 9,012,563
Silane-grafted olefin polymers, compositions and articles prepared therefrom, and methods for making the same

203. 9,012,562
Acrylic adhesive for assembling elements contacting biological substances

202. 9,012,561
Aqueous compositions comprising a blend of emulsion copolymers

201. 9,012,559
Heat curable adhesive and resin laminated-type IC card

200. 9,012,558
Moisture-curable, elastomeric, translucent silicone waterproofing coating and method of making the same

199. 9,012,557
Method of making and treating synthetic sporting surfaces

198. 9,012,556
Low reflectance chemical agent resistant coating compositions

197. 9,012,555
UV-curable thermoformable dielectric for thermoformable circuits

196. 9,012,554
Use of surface modified calcium carbonate in adhesives, sealants and/or caulks

195. 9,012,553
Coating compositions

194. 9,012,551
Rubber composition and molded rubber products

193. 9,012,550
Flame retardant polycarbonate compositions, methods of manufacture, and articles formed therefrom

192. 9,012,549
Adhesive composition, adhesive layer and adhesive sheet

191. 9,012,548
Polypropylene resin composition, polyolefin resin composition containing polypropylene resin composition, and molded article of polyolefin resin composition

190. 9,012,547       
Hydrosilylation cured silicone resins plasticized by organophosphorous compounds

189. 9,012,546
Process for the preparation of DOPO-derived compounds and compositions thereof

188. 9,012,545
Composition and method for preparing pattern on a substrate

187. 9,012,544
Polyamide composition for surface-mounted components

186. 9,012,543
Benzoxazine compounds derivated from phenolphthalein having flame-retardant properties and a process for their preparation

185. 9,012,542       
Sulfur extended polymer for use in asphalt binder and road maintenance

184. 9,012,539
Method for reducing the emission of aldehydes and volatile organic compounds of wood materials

183. 9,012,538
Silane-containing binder for composite materials

182. 9,012,537
Process for producing polyimide siloxane solution composition, and polyimide siloxane solution composition

181. 9,012,536
Water-borne paints based on epoxy resins

180. 9,012,535
Method for producing natural rubber masterbatch, natural rubber masterbatch, rubber composition, and tire

179. 9,012,534       
Composites of poly(hydroxy carboxylic acid) and carbon nanotubes

178. 9,012,533
Fiber-reinforced resin composites and methods of making the same

177. 9,012,532
Acrylic artificial marble having granite pattern and method of manufacturing the same

176. 9,012,531
Dental compositions comprising mixture of isocyanurate monomer and tricyclodecane monomer

175. 9,012,530
Bioadhesive for periodontal gingival and/or bone tissues

174. 9,012,529
Hot-melt composition comprising hydrocolloids

173. 9,012,528
Control over controlled radical polymerization processes

172. 9,012,527
Curable compositions for three-dimensional printing

171. 9,012,526
Interconnected cell porous body and manufacturing method thereof

170. 9,012,524
Hydromethanation of a carbonaceous feedstock

169. 9,012,522
Foams of graphene, method of making and materials made thereof

168. 9,012,517
Polysaccharide and protein-polysaccharide cross-linked hydrogels for soft tissue augmentation

167. 9,012,516
Copolymer, composition and method for modifying rheology

166. 9,012,515
Oil formulations with thickeners

165. 9,012,513
Antioxidant, antioxidant composition and production method therefor

164. 9,012,506
Cross-linked fatty acid-based biomaterials

163. 9,012,505
Antimicrobial compounds and uses thereof

162. 9,012,390
Fluorocarbon emulsion stabilizing surfactants

161. 9,012,389       
Precursor polyelectrolyte complexes compositions

160. 9,012,377
Functionalized silicate nanoparticle composition, removing and exfoliating asphaltenes with same

159. 9,012,376
Inulin as corrosion inhibitor

158. 9,012,186
Hemicellulose-degrading enzymes

157. 9,012,132
Coating material and method for photolithography

156. 9,012,131
Method for fabricating liquid crystal display

155. 9,012,130
Method of fabricating capacitive touch panel

154. 9,012,061
Method for producing polyolefin porous film, and laminated porous film

153. 9,012,028
Optical resin composition, optical resin material using the same, optical

152. 9,012,027
Aqueous emulsion

151. 9,012,026
Semiaromatic polyamide comprising a chain ending

150. 9,012,023
Hard coat coating composition for metal base material and molded product

149. 9,012,022
Polymer coatings

148. 9,012,021
Composition of matter for composite plastic contact elements featuring controlled conduction pathways, and related manufacturing processes

147. 9,012,020
Blends comprising epoxy resins and mixtures of amines with guanidine derivatives

146. 9,012,018       
Laser markable security film

Barrier layer-attached substrate, display component, and method for manufacturing display component

144. 9,012,016
Decorated enamelled part

143. 9,012,015
Laminated glass with plastic film insert

142. 9,012,014
Web material exhibiting viewing-angle dependent color and comprising a plurality of discrete extended elements

141. 9,012,013
Expandable face mask with reinforcing netting

140. 9,012,012
Apparatus to create bends in composite panels

139. Web with molded articles on both sides

138. 9,012,010
Nanofiber sheet and method for manufacturing the same

137. 9,012,009
Epoxy resin adhesive composition and perforated floor panel for clean room comprising the same

136. 9,012,007
Method for shaping a material with a reticular structure, plant for performing same and reticular material resulting from the method

135. 9,012,006
Multi-layer assembly with retention feature

134. 9,012,005
Flocked stretchable design or transfer including thermoplastic film and method for making the same

133. 9,012,004
Fluid tight tape for cooking under vacuum

132. 9,012,003
Reinforced fabric seam

131. 9,012,002
Hot-melt adhesive unit of an adhesive bonding arrangement

130. 9,012,001
Unbonded, flexible pipe

129. 9,012,000

128. 9,011,999
Coating composition including an unsaturated polymer

127. 9,011,998
Polyaryl ether ketone polymer blends

126. 9,011,995
Acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive compositions

125. 9,011,994       
Gas-barrier multilayer film

124. 9,011,993
Optical compensation structure and display device

123. 9,011,992       
Optical compensation films based on stretched polymer films

122. 9,011,991       
Lengthy stretched film, and manufacturing method and use thereof

121. 9,011,990
Liquid crystal display and method of manufacturing the same

120. 9,011,989
Liquid crystal composition, composite of polymer and liquid crystal, and liquid crystal display device

119. 9,011,988
Liquid-crystal compound, liquid-crystal composition, light absorption anisotropic film, and liquid-crystal display device

118. 9,011,987
Liquid crystal display

117. 9,011,986
Hydrogen passivation induced dispersion of carbon nanotubes and graphene

116. 9,011,985
Method of manufacture of multilayer film

115. 9,011,984
Processes for coating substrates and substrates formed therefrom

114. 9,011,983
Process for curing a composition by electron beam radiation, and by gas-generated plasma and ultraviolet radiation

113. 9,011,982
Method for a layer-wise manufacturing of a three-dimensional object

112. 9,011,981
Method for making a textile covering and textile covering

111. 9,011,980
Dampening device and method of making

110. 9,011,979
Process for producing polymer-containing coatings

109. 9,011,978
Method and apparatus for treatment of self-assemblable polymer layers for use in lithography

108. 9,011,977
Corrosion inhibitors in breakable microcapsules to passivate scratched metals

107. 9,011,976
Titanium sheet covered with protective film superior in high temperature oxidation resistance and high temperature salt damage resistance, automobile exhaust system using same, and methods of production of same

106. 9,011,975
Treatment of filaments or yarn

105. 9,011,973
Methods for depositing oxygen deficient metal films

104. 9,011,970
Process for preparing articles having anti-fog layer by layer coating and coated articles having enhanced anti-fog and durability properties

103. 9,011,969
Low-E panel with improved dielectric layer and method for forming the same

102. 9,011,968
Alteration of graphene defects

101. 9,011,966
Polyurethane foam article and method of forming same

100. 9,011,965
Gradient coating for biomedical applications

99. 9,011,894
Sterile hyaluronic acid polymer compositions and related methods

98. 9,011,893
Aluminum hydroxide pigments having improved coloring capability

97. 9,011,890
Antibacterial sol-gel coating solution

96. 9,011,889
Insecticide-containing polymeric material

95. 9,011,831
Methacrylate copolymers for medical devices

94. 9,011,810
Method for synthesizing electrode material using polyol process

93. 9,011,791
Pyrolysis furnace and process tubes

92. 9,011,785
Exhaust-gas treatment unit having high-temperature-resistant component of high-grade steel with a cobalt-containing coating and method for producing such an exhaust-gas treatment unit

91. 9,011,750
Injection molding device and method for discharging heat medium for injection molding device

90. 9,011,749
Biodegradable component, tooling and process

89. 9,011,748
Plastic component with a complex and bifurcated structure

88. 9,011,747
Method for manufacturing fiber-reinforced plastic

87. 9,011,746
Mold and method for molding parts requiring multiple mold inputs

86. 9,011,745
Method for manufacturing a medical tube

85. 9,011,743
Liquid crystal polyester fibers and method for producing the same

84. 9,011,742
Manufacturing micro-structured elements

83. 9,011,741
Process for producing biopolymer nanoparticles

82. 9,011,740
Method of recycling synthetic turf and infill product

81. 9,011,739
Methods of continuously manufacturing polymide fibers

80. 9,011,738
Monomer beads for producing a proton-conducting membrane

79. 9,011,737
Advanced control system and method for making polyethylene terephthalate sheets and objects

78. 9,011,736
Injection molding flow control apparatus and method

77. 9,011,735
Volume-labeled nanoparticles and methods of preparation

76. 9,011,732
Conductive adhesive

75. 9,011,727
Electrochromic devices and polymer compositions

74. 9,011,726
Electrically conductive powder and production thereof, paste of electrically conductive powder and production of paste of electrically conductive powder

73. 9,011,710
Magnetic-core polymer-shell nanocomposites with tunable magneto-optical and/or optical properties

72. 9,011,707
Etching method using an at least semi-solid media

71. 9,011,706
Method of making foraminous microstructures

70. 9,011,705
Method of forming a polymer substrate with variable refractive index sensitivity

69. 9,011,701
Method and device for treatment of liquid materials based on organic waste products

68. 9,011,695
Porous magnetic sorbent

67. 9,011,655
Device for generating cold plasma in a vacuum chamber and use of said device for thermo-chemical processing

66. 9,011,654
Dummy substrate, and start method of, retention/modification method of deposition condition, and stop method of deposition apparatus using same

65. 9,011,653
Sputtering target

64. 9,011,649
Thin film deposition method

63. 9,011,644
Papermaking belt for making fibrous structures

62. 9,011,643
Cellulase composition containing cellulase and papermaking polymers for paper dry strength application

61. 9,011,642
Sheet forming unit for producing a material web and method for operating the sheet forming unit

60. 9,011,641
Fibrous structures and methods for making same

59. 9,011,640
Method for obtaining cellulose from biomass comprising lignocellulose

58. 9,011,639
Waterless degumming system

57. 9,011,637
Plasma processing apparatus and method of manufacturing semiconductor device

56. 9,011,636
Automatic matching method, computer-readable storage medium, automatic matching unit, and plasma processing apparatus

55. 9,011,635
Plasma processing apparatus

54. 9,011,634
Plasma processing apparatus and plasma processing method

53. 9,011,633
Broadband techniques to reduce the effects of impedance mismatch in plasma chambers

52. 9,011,631
Rapid and uniform gas switching for a plasma etch process

51. 9,011,630
Hot curing or heat-activated composition containing a surface-deactivated polyisocyanate

50. 9,011,625
Nonwoven composite containing an apertured elastic film

49. 9,011,624
Adhesive sheet and method for manufacturing adhesive sheets

48. 9,011,623
Composite enclosure

47. 9,011,622
High-pressure tank with permeation barrier

46. 9,011,621
Systems and methods for producing a ball

45. 9,011,618
Method for applying adhesive according to tolerance in vehicle construction

44. 9,011,617
Method for manufacturing a multi-layer composite, arrangement for positioning a sheet-like element onto a backing in a laminating unit

43. 9,011,616
Optimizing the shape of a composite structure

42. 9,011,601
Substrate processing apparatus

41. 9,011,600
Chemical vapour deposition system and process

40. 9,011,599
Method of temperature determination for deposition reactors

39. 9,011,598
Method for making a composite substrate and composite substrate according to the method

38. 9,011,597
Method for preparing a composite material from waste and resulting material

37. 9,011,595
Producing a solid pigment preparation in the form of granules by spray drying

36. 9,011,594
Methods for forming functionalized carbon black with amino-terminated polyfluorodimethylsiloxane for printing

35. 9,011,593
Process for the manufacture of self-binding pigmentary particles, dry or in aqueous suspension or dispersion, containing inorganic matter and binders

34. 9,011,592
Transparent inorganic-organic hybrid materials via aqueous sol-gel processing

33. 9,011,591
Compositions and antireflective coatings for photolithography

32. 9,011,586
Microcoating comprising siloxanes

31. 9,011,585
Treatment solution for insulation coating for grain-oriented electrical steel sheets

30. 9,011,275
Golf ball with single thermoplastic cover layer of heterogeneous composition

29. 9,011,274
Fox sharpshooter putter grip

28. 9,011,273
Multi-piece solid golf ball

27. 9,011,272
Golf ball

26. 9,011,271
Negative hardness gradient inner core for dual core golf ball

25. 9,010,949
Quantum dot modulation for displays

24. 9,010,667
Organic shredder apparatus and method for operating an organic shredder

23. 9,010,666
Jet mill and method for operation of a jet mill

22. 9,010,539
Polyurethane vibratory screen

21. 9,010,338
Biodegradable plastic and use thereof

20. 9,010,274
Lightweight clumping animal litter and method thereof

19. 9,010,273
Absorbent composition for mitigating fecal odor

18. 9,010,272
Device and method for depositing a powder mixture for forming an object with composition gradients

17. 9,010,271
Method and system to whiten a golf hole

16. 9,010,270
Coating device including substrate carrying, application and removal units

15. 9,010,244
Method of printing an image on a gelatin capsule

14. 9,010,203       
Apparatus and method for examining the internal wall of a portion of a tube, particularly for evaluating the extent of degradation of a plastic tube

13. 9,010,178
Erosion testing assembly

12. 9,010,177
Golf ball

11. 9,010,054
Structural insulated building panel

10. 9,010,053
High strength thermal barrier panel for an H.V.A.C. unit housing

9. 9,010,052
Modular structure and said modular structure's structural members made of composite material

8. 9,010,051
Modular fire prevention flooring

7. 9,010,050
Pre-cast rain screen wall panel

6. 9,010,045
Add-on wall panel arrangement for wall systems

5. 9,010,044
Panel for sheathing system and method

4. 9,009,954
Process for manufacturing a Z-directed component for a printed circuit board using a sacrificial constraining material

3. 9,009,949
Method for partially cured insulators for electromagnetic systems

2. 9,009,942       
Method for making a reinforced panel for roll-up door assmelby

1. 9,009,937
Sleeve removal tool and sleeve removal method


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