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Week 14

Patents published 4/7/2015

8,997,262  through 9,003,561

6803 patents published.

323. 9,000,123
Polymer, method for manufacturing the same, and film

322. 9,000,122
Aromatic poly (ether sulfone imide) membranes for gas separations

321. 9,000,121
Process for preparing condensation resins and the use thereof

320. 9,000,120
Storage-stable heat-activated tertiary amine catalysts for epoxy resins

319. 9,000,119
Polymerizable composition for optical material, optical material, and method for producing optical material

318. 9,000,118
Polyurethane foam

317. 9,000,117
Silicon-sulfur polymer, solid electrolyte and solid-state lithium-ion battery

316. 9,000,116
Blow molding ethylene resin composition and blow molded article therefrom

315. 9,000,115
Olefin block copolymers and production methods thereof

314. 9,000,114
Process and apparatus for mixing and splitting fluid streams

313. 9,000,113
Polyethylene composition and method for obtaining same

312. 9,000,112
Resin blend for melting process

311. 9,000,111
Thermoplastic resin, organic-inorganic hybrid composition and optical parts

310. 9,000,110
Fluoroalkyl group-containing n-substituted (meth)acrylamide compound, polymer thereof, and use thereof

309. 9,000,109
High styrene high vinyl styrene-butadiene rubber and methods for preparation thereof

308. 9,000,108
Process for selectively polymerizing ethylene and catalyst therefor

307. 9,000,107
Process for producing polydienes

306. 9,000,106
Copolymer production system and process

305. 9,000,104
Polyarylene sulfide

304. 9,000,103
Interpenetrating polymer networks derived from silylated triglyceride oils and polysiloxanes

303. 9,000,102
Process for preparing amine-modified polyester resins with improved melt flow

302. 9,000,101
Anhydride end-capping of polymers

301. 9,000,100
Solvent compositions

300. 9,000,099
Functionalized polymers, articles prepared therefrom, and methods for making the same

299. 9,000,098
Method of fabricating highly cross-linked polymer spheres having uniform granular sizes

298. 9,000,097
Polypropylene composition

297. 9,000,096
Polyethylene blend composition having a reduced chill roll buildup during extrusion process

296. 9,000,095
Polyethylene molding composition for producing injection-molded finished parts

295. 9,000,094
Low-gloss thermoplastic resin composition having excellent heat resistance and weather resistance

294. 9,000,093
Method for producing resin composition and molded article

293. 9,000,092
Rubber composition comprising a blocked mercaptosilane coupling agent

292. 9,000,091
Preparation of polyolefin-based adhesives

291. 9,000,090
Polyisoprene condoms

290. 9,000,089
Polyurea systems, processes for preparing the same and use thereof for postoperative adhesion barriers

289. 9,000,088
Hydrolysable silanes and elastomer compositions containing them

288. 9,000,087
Thermoplastic polymer mixtures, and applications thereof

287. 9,000,086
Thermally curable resin composition for protective film

286. 9,000,085
Carbon fiber composite resin material and method of producing the same

285. 9,000,084
Controlled geometry composite micro pellets for use in compression molding

284. 9,000,083
Silicon nanoparticle dispersions

283. 9,000,082
Heat/light-stabilized polyamide compositions

282. 9,000,081
Organic-inorganic composite, molded product, and optical element

281. 9,000,080
Method for producing dry ground calcium carbonate for use in thermoset polyester resin systems

280. 9,000,079
Low application tempearature amorphous poly-.alpha.-olefin adhesive

279. 9,000,078
Fluoroalkyl phosphonate composition

278. 9,000,077
Phosphazene compound having vinyl group, resin composition containing the same, and circuit board manufactured from the same

277. 9,000,076
Process for producing non-aqueous battery electrode-forming binder solutions, and non-aqueous battery electrode-forming binder solution

276. 9,000,075
Chemical modification of lignin and lignin derivatives

275. 9,000,074
Aqueous polymer dispersions

274. 9,000,073
Adhesive composition

273. 9,000,071
Epoxy resin, epoxy resin compound comprising the same, and radiant heat circuit board using the compound

272. 9,000,070
Mixing of telechelic rubber formulations

271. 9,000,069
Self-stratifying coatings

270. 9,000,068
Metal effect pigments comprising a mixed inorganic/organic layer, method for the production of such metal effect pigments, and use thereof

269. 9,000,067
Binder containing substituted benzenes and naphthalenes for producing cores and molds for metal casting, mold material mixture, and method

268. 9,000,066
Multi-modal shape memory polymers

267. 9,000,065
Polymers for contact lenses

266. 9,000,064
Composition for forming pattern and in-plane printing method using the same

265. 9,000,063
Multistep UV process to create surface modified contact lenses

264. 9,000,062
Semi-rigid polyurethane foams and processes for their production and use

263. 9,000,061
Foams and articles made from foams containing 1-chloro-3,3,3-trifluoropropene (HFCO-1233zd)

262. 9,000,060
Expandable modified resin beads, expanded modified resin beads, and foamed molded article formed from expanded modified resin beads

261. 9,000,059
Heat moldable gel and foam composition

260. 9,000,058
Process for devulcanizing vulcanized fluoroelastomers, fluoroelastomers thereof and their use

259. 9,000,057
Aldehyde abatement with porous amine functional resins

258. 9,000,051
Cosmetic composition based on a supramolecular polymer and an absorbent filler

257. 9,000,048
Fluoropolymer-based emulsions for the intravenous delivery of fluorinated volatile anesthetics

256. 8,999,907
Ethylene based copolymer compositions as viscosity modifiers and methods for making them

255. 8,999,906
Machine part comprising a physical component coated with a polyelectrolyte layer

254. 8,999,885
Methods of activating charcoal resulting from biomass gasification

253. 8,999,884
Absorbent structures with coated water-absorbing material

252. 8,999,883
Ultrafine fiber-based composites having high hydroscopicity

251. 8,999,876
Carbon-supported catalysts for production of higher alcohols from syngas

250. 8,999,875
Process for preparing a supported catalyst system for olefin polymerization, the catalyst system and its use

249. 8,999,874
Carbon catalyst and process for production thereof, and electrode and battery each equipped with same

248. 8,999,873
Artificial marble and method for manufacturing the same

247. 8,999,872
Method for making porous mullite-tialite composites

246. 8,999,868
Non-woven product that contains organic and/or mineral particles and its process for production

245. 8,999,867
Melt blown fiber

244. 8,999,866
Ballistic-resistant assemblies with monolayers of high-performance polyethylene multifilament yarns

243. 8,999,865
Laser annealing apparatus and laser annealing method

242. 8,999,862
Methods of fabricating nano-scale structures and nano-scale structures fabricated thereby

241. 8,999,762
Process for encapsulating a micro-device by attaching a cap and depositing getter through the cap

240. 8,999,737
Method of making molded LED package

239. 8,999,717
Gold and silver quantum clusters in molecular containers and methods for their preparation and use

238. 8,999,687
Panel comprising composite of discrete particles and network of interconnected mycelia cells

237. 8,999,683
Production of biodiesel by yeast from lignocellulose and glycerol

236. 8,999,631
Primer and pattern forming method for layer including block copolymer

235. 8,999,630
Patterning process and resist composition

234. 8,999,629
Photosensitive sacrificial polymer with low residue

233. 8,999,628
Automatic optimization of etch process for accelerated yield ramp with matched charged particle multi-beam systems

232. 8,999,627
Matched multiple charged particle beam systems for lithographic patterning, inspection, and accelerated yield ramp

231. 8,999,626
Polymer compound comprising dye and curable resin composition comprising same

230. 8,999,625
Silicon-containing antireflective coatings including non-polymeric silsesquioxanes

229. 8,999,624
Developable bottom antireflective coating composition and pattern forming method using thereof

228. 8,999,623
Degradable neutral layers for block copolymer lithography applications

227. 8,999,608
Fluorourethane as an additive in a photopolymer formulation

226. 8,999,513
Puncture-resistant air-impermeable laminate for an inflatable article

225. 8,999,512
Coating material comprising unsaturated polyester resins and vinyl ethers

224. 8,999,513
Puncture-resistant air-impermeable laminate for an inflatable article

223. 8,999,512
Coating material comprising unsaturated polyester resins and vinyl ethers

222. 8,999,510
Metal-clad phenolic resin laminate

221. 8,999,509
Weather resistant exterior film composite

220. 8,999,508
Back sheet of solar cell and manufacturing method thereof

219. 8,999,507
Method for applying and curing by UV radiation a sealant system onto natural stone tiles to provide permanent sealing, protection, abrasion resistance, stain and mold resistance, and natural stone tiles produced by the method

218. 8,999,506
Method of one-pot synthesis of water-soluble nanoparticles exhibiting up-conversion luminescence

217. 8,999,505
Sizing composition in the form of a physical gel for glass strands, glass strands obtained and composites comprising the said strands

216. 8,999,504
Waterproof sheet for use in bridge pier repair and waterproof working method using the same

215. 8,999,503
Thermally removable pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet

214. 8,999,502
Cover tape, method for manufacturing cover tape, and electronic part package

213. 8,999,501
Urethane foam member, seal structure, toner storage container, process cartridge, image forming apparatus

212. 8,999,499
White porous polyester film and preparation method thereof

211. 8,999,498
Methods and systems for releasably attaching support members to microfeature workpieces

210. 8,999,497
Barrier film for electronic device and method of manufacturing the same

209. 8,999,496
Substrate structure and color filter

208. 8,999,494
Resins and coating compositions

207. 8,999,493
Adhesive product, and transfer tool

206. 8,999,492
Method to produce nanometer-sized features with directed assembly of block copolymers

205. 8,999,491
Wet-strength corrugated fiberboard

204. 8,999,488
Optical member and method of manufacturing the same

203. 8,999,487
Systems and methods for protection of cosmetic surfaces and overflow prevention on electronic devices

202. 8,999,486
Composite molded article

201. 8,999,485
Curable liquid silicone rubber composition for forming a sealing member and sealing member

200. 8,999,484
Compositions and methods for plugging honeycomb bodies with reduced plug depth variability

199. 8,999,483
Honeycomb structure comprising an outer cement skin and a cement therefor

198. 8,999,482
Structure, molded article, and method for manufacturing same

197. 8,999,481
Ceramic honeycomb filter with enhanced thermal shock resistance

196. 8,999,480
Chiral honeycomb meso-structures for shear flexure

195. 8,999,479
Honeycomb structure and bonded type honeycomb structure

194. 8,999,478
Removable overlay panel for existing garage door

193. 8,999,475
Component of substrate processing apparatus and method for forming a film thereon

192. 8,999,474
Device comprising at least one built-in composite material hinge having an uninterrupted connecting reinforcement

191. 8,999,473
Thick, printable labels suitable for use in a thermal transfer printer

190. 8,999,472
Tubular conduit

189. 8,999,470
Surface conductive laminated sheet and electronic part packaging container

188. ,999,468
Article comprising light absorbent composition to mask visual haze and related method

187. 8,999,467
Cured coating for use in optics or electronics

186. 8,999,466
Multilayer stretched polyamide film

185. 8,999,465
Liquid crystal display device

184. 8,999,464
Optical film and its production method, polarizer and liquid crystal display device

183. 8,999,463
Glare-proofing optical laminate

182. 8,999,462
Photosensitive monomer and liquid crystal panel

181. 8,999,461
Electro-optical light control element, display and medium

180. 8,999,460
Compounds and liquid-crystalline medium

179. 8,999,459
Liquid crystal display

178. 8,999,455
Double-sided adhesive tape

177. 8,999,454
Device and process for producing a reinforced hollow fibre membrane

176. 8,999,453
Carbon nanotube-infused fiber materials containing parallel-aligned carbon nanotubes, methods for production thereof, and composite materials derived therefrom

175. 8,999,452
Surface-independent, surface-modifying, multifunctional coatings and applications thereof

174. 8,999,451
Low gloss aqueous coating compositions containing poly(ethylene oxide)

173. 8,999,449
Composite polyamide membrane derived from aromatic monomer including anhydride and sulfonyl halide functional groups

172. 8,999,448
Process for producing cemented and skinned ceramic honeycomb structures

171. 8,999,443
Method for fabricating a microarray of soft materials

170. 8,999,441
Method for fabricating coiled nano carbon material, coiled nano carbon layered substrate and coiled nano carbon material thereof

169. 8,999,440
Method of manufacturing a structure comprising a graphene sheet provided with metal pins, structure thus obtained and use thereof

168. Process for manufacturing a thermostructural composite part

187, 8,999,438
Systems and methods for super-hydrophobic and super-oleophobic surface treatments

186. 8,999,437
Powder-rolling device and powder-rolling method

185. 8,999,436
Optical functional film, antireflection film, polarizing plate and image display device

184. 8,999,434
Process for producing membrane/ electrode assembly for polymer electrolyte fuel cells

183. 8,999,433
Direct overmolding

182. 8,999,431
Conductive formulations for use in electrical, electronic and RF applications

181. 8,999,430
Method of manufacturing display element

180. 8,999,429
Systems and methods for coating measurement

179. 8,999,286
Method for producing graphite film and method for producing carbonized film

178. 8,999,285
Systems and methods for formation and harvesting of nanofibrous materials

177. 8,999,280
Carbon catalyst for decomposition of hazardous substance, hazardous-substance-decomposing material, and method for decomposition of hazardous substance

176. 8,999,264
Hydrophilic coating for nonporous surfaces and microfluidic devices including same

175. 8,999,253
Method and apparatus for incinerating waste

174. 8,999,234
Moisture and ultraviolet light barrier composition

173. 8,999,226
Method of forming a thermal barrier coating system with engineered surface roughness

172. 8,999,225
Method for producing hollow nanoparticle comprising deposition on/in an ionic liquid, hollow nanoparticle, and dispersion liquid thereof

171. 8,999,223
Device and method for producing labeled plastic containers

170. 8,999,222
Method for manufacturing three-dimensionally shaped object, three-dimensionally shaped object obtained thereby, and method for manufacturing molded article

169. 8,999,221
Curable composition for imprints, patterning method and pattern

168. 8,999,220
Method and apparatus for manufacturing resin stamper, imprint method, magnetic recording medium, and magnetic recording/reproducing apparatus

167. 8,999,217
Three dimensional decoration method

166. 8,999,216
Method of manufacturing an article by molding

165. 8,999,213
Process for making artificial turf fibers

164. 8,999,212       
Process for spinning graphene ribbon fibers

163. 8,999,211
Method for producing porous structures from synthetic polymers

162. 8,999,210
Method of manufacturing a lens for providing an optical display

161. 8,999,206
Composite nanoparticles and manufacturing method thereof

160. 8,999,202
Methods for producing precursor solutions and sol-gels for nano-engineered carbon materials and nano-engineered carbon materials created therefrom

159. 8,999,201
Graphene substituted with boron and nitrogen, method of fabricating the same, and transistor having the same

158. 8,999,200
Conductive thermoplastic composites and methods of making

157. 8,999,199
Artificial marble having natural textures and luminescent patterns and method of preparing the same

156. 8,999,198
Compounds for a liquid-crystalline medium, and the use thereof for high-frequency components

155. 8,999,197
Compound having a five-membered ring, the liquid crystal composition and the liquid crystal display device

154. 8,999,196
Liquid crystal compound having perfluoroalkyl chain, and liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display device

153. 8,999,195
Smectic A compositions for use in optical devices

152. 8,999,186
Selectively etching of a polymer matrix on pet

151. 8,999,185
Etching or plating process and resist ink

150. 8,999,184
Method for providing vias

149. 8,999,183
Fabrication of conducting open nanoshells

148. 8,999,181
Method for manufacturing ridge-type waveguide

147. 8,999,175
Methods for washing and processing fruits, vegetables, and other produce with medium chain peroxycarboxylic acid compositions

146. 8,999,167
Composite porous membrane and process for producing the same

145. 8,999,134       
Manufacturing carbon-based combustibles by electrochemical decomposition of CO2

144. 8,999,130
Field effect based nanosensor for biopolymer manipulation and detection

143. 8,999,127
Biological sensor measuring electrochemical and/or electrical and diamond electrode and electronic integrated circuit

142. 8,999,121
Sputtering apparatus

141. 8,999,112
Process for manufacturing paper and board having improved retention and drainage properties

140. Method of increasing paper surface strength by using acrylic acid/acrylamide copolymer in a size press formulation containing starch

139. 8,999,110
Blends of polymers as wet strengthening agents for paper

138. 8,999,108       
Tape feeder and method of mounting tape on tape feeder

137. 8,999,107
Laser ashing of polyimide for semiconductor manufacturing

136. 8,999,106
Apparatus and method for controlling edge performance in an inductively coupled plasma chamber

135. 8,999,105
Small-scale fabrication systems and methods

134. 8,999,104
Systems, methods and apparatus for separate plasma source control

133. 8,999,103
Substrate processing system, substrate processing method and storage medium

132. 8,999,102
Substrate processing apparatus

131. 8,999,101       
Method for mutually adhering moulded articles of vulcanized rubber

130. 8,999,100
Method for applying labels to articles

129. 8,999,099
Substrate bonding system and mobile chamber used thereto

128. 8,999,098       
Backing for pre-preg material

127. 8,999,097
Fabrication and installation of preformed dielectric inserts for lightning strike protection

126. 8,999,096
Method for manufacturing a composite material curved part, and device for manufacturing a composite material curved part

125. 8,999,095
Apparatus and method for ply bonding as well as multi-ply product

124. 8,999,094
Method of continuous manufacture of a composite hollow board material, and machine and computer program

123. 8,999,092
Aqueous-based composition suitable for use in threadlocking applications

122. 8,999,091
Layer material for high-temperature use

121. 8,999,090
Process for bonding two substrates

120. 8,999,089
Machine for making an impermeable join on impermeable three-layer or two-layer fabrics

119. 8,999,088
Process for production of finely fibrous cellulose composite prepreg sheet, process for production of finely fibrous cellulose composite sheet, and process for production of finely fibrous cellulose composite laminate sheet

118. 8,999,087
Manufacturing method for optical element

117. 8,999,086
Joining of mouldings of different polyamide compounds

116. 8,999,067
Fractionation of a lignocellulosic material

115. Bleached dextrin and methods of forming same

114. 8,999,065
Supercritical hydrolysis of biomass

113. 8,999,064
Apparatus for forming thin film

112. 8,999,062
Film depositing apparatus

111. 8,999,032
Application of carbon nanotubes on agglomerates of ore fines to increase the mechanical strength thereof

110. 8,999,028
Apparatus and method for collecting powder generated during film deposition process

109. 8,999,026
Bonded abrasive article and method of forming

108. 8,999,025
Methods of fabricating a polycrystalline diamond body with a sintering aid/infiltrant at least saturated with non-diamond carbon and resultant products such as compacts

107. 8,999,024
Superabrasive cutting element and manufacturing method with high degree of control of distribution and crystallographic orientation of the micro cutting edges

106. 8,999,023
Composite sintered body

105. 8,999,022
Method and system for producing synthetic gas from biomass

104. 8,999,021
Methods for gasification of carbonaceous materials

103. 8,999,018
Apparatus and method for rapidly producing synthetic gas from bio-diesel by-product using microwave plasma

102. 8,999,017
Method and apparatus for fast pyrolysis of biomass in rotary kilns

101. 8,998,750
Multi-layered coes for golf balls having foam and thermoset layers

100. 8,998,749
Golf ball

99. 8,998,748
Golf ball

98. 8,998,679
Surface treatment of a polymeric stent

97. 8,998,668

96. 8,998,604
Injection mold

95. 8,998,603
Container treatment device with stretching device

94. 8,998,602
Blow mold unit and blow molding apparatus using the same

93. 8,998,601
Stereolithography machine

92. 8,998,600
Apparatus for applying foamed material in-place to surfaces

91. 8,998,599
Apparatus and method for injection molding opening devices on sheet packaging material for packaging pourable food products

90. 8,998,581
Composite shroud and methods for attaching the shroud to plural blades

89. 8,998,481
Double screw extruder

88. 8,998,526
Structural profile system

87. 8,998,519
Process and formulation for a plastic pencil

86. 8,998,483
Concentration and dispersion of small particles in small fluid volumes using acoustic energy

85. 8,998,482
Agitation apparatus

84. 8,998,458
LED plastic heat sink and method for making and using the same

83. 8,998,446
Optical film and organic light emitting display apparatus comprising the same

82. 8,998,428
Retroreflective sheeting including cube corner elements

81. 8,998,400
Copolymer, aqueous ink, and ink cartridge

80. 8,998,399
Active-energy-ray-curable ink jet recording ink composition and method for forming image

79. 8,998,398
Flexible, scratch resistant radiation curable inkjet inks

78. 8,998,165
Reinforced plastic locking dogs

77. 8,998,144
Thermal insulation barrier for an aircraft de-icing heater

76. 8,998,018
Paint cup assembly with an extended ring

75. 8,997,925
High temperature resistant sound absorbing materials for vehicle

74. 8,997,900
In-situ boron doped PDC element

73. 8,997,897
Impregnated diamond structure, method of making same, and applications for use of an impregnated diamond structure

72. 8,997,821
Delamination system

71. 8,997,820
Method and machine for labelling bunches of cloths

70. 8,997,819
Labelling machine for labels printed on pre-pasted continuous film

69. 8,997,818
Device for fabricating a composite structure

68. 8,997,817
Plastic bag making apparatus

67. 8,997,816
Tape dispenser

66. Ultrasonic bonding apparatus

65. 8,997,802
Sealing fluid container assembly, and kit for repairing and inflating inflatable articles and equipped with such a container

64. 8,997,797
Fluororesin and riser pipe

63. 8,997,796
Durable semi-rigid single-layer flexible duct

62. 8,997,795
Flexible hose for high pressures and temperatures including a charge-air hose and a cooling-water hose

61. 8,997,794
Vibration absorbing pipe for refrigeration compressor

60. 8,997,793
Flexible conduit for use in fresh air intake and gas vapor outlet incorporated into a vehicle fuel tank to eliminate whistling within the conduit

59. 8,997,792
Abrasion monitoring system for hose assembly

58. 8,997,783
Plastic housing

57. 8,997,767
Multi-layer shelter insulation system

56. 8,997,688       
Ion implant system having grid assembly

55. 8,997,687
Apparatus and method for plasma arc coating

54. 8,997,672
Surface topographies for non-toxic bioadhesion control

53. 8,997,642
Method for transporting, placing and compacting composite stiffeners

52. 8,998,604
Injection mold

51. 8,998,603
Container treatment device with stretching device

50. 8,998,602       
Blow mold unit and blow molding apparatus using the same

49. 8,998,601
Stereolithography machine

48. 8,998,600
Apparatus for applying foamed material in-place to surfaces

47. 8,998,599
Apparatus and method for injection molding opening devices on sheet packaging material for packaging pourable food products

46. 8,998,598
Press assembly and coupling mechanisms for same

45. 8,998,581
Composite shroud and methods for attaching the shroud to plural blades

44. 8,998,519
Process and formulation for a plastic pencil

43. 8,998,481
Double screw extruder

42. 8,998,428
Retroreflective sheeting including cube corner elements

41. 8,998,188
components that can be prestressed by pressure means and method for the production thereof

40. 8,998,171
Control valve for separable connection unit for flexible pipes

39. 8,998,165
Reinforced plastic locking dogs

38. 8,998,134
Fiber-reinforced, composite, structural member exhibiting non-linear strain-to-failure and method of making same

37. 8,998,018
Paint cup assembly with an extended ring

36. 8,997,925
High temperature resistant sound absorbing materials for vehicle

35. 8,997,924
Utility materials incorporating a microparticle matrix

34. 8,997,923
Sound wave guide for use in acoustic structures

33. 8,997,821
Delamination system

32. 8,997,818
Device for fabricating a composite structure

31. 8,997,817
Plastic bag making apparatus

30. 8,997,815
Ultrasonic bonding apparatus

29. 8,997,802
Sealing fluid container assembly, and kit for repairing and inflating inflatable articles and equipped with such a container

28. 8,997,797
Fluororesin and riser pipe

27. 8,997,796
Durable semi-rigid single-layer flexible duct

26. 8,997,795
Flexible hose for high pressures and temperatures including a charge-air hose and a cooling-water hose

25. 8,997,794
Vibration absorbing pipe for refrigeration compressor

24. 8,997,793
Flexible conduit for use in fresh air intake and gas vapor outlet incorporated into a vehicle fuel tank to eliminate whistling within the conduit

23. 8,997,792
Abrasion monitoring system for hose assembly

22. 8,997,783
Plastic housing

21. 8,997,767
Multi-layer shelter insulation system

20. 8,997,688
Ion implant system having grid assembly

19. 8,997,687
Apparatus and method for plasma arc coating

18. 8,997,672
Surface topographies for non-toxic bioadhesion control

17. 8,997,642
Method for transporting, placing and compacting composite stiffeners

16. 8,997,616
Plastic bag making apparatus

15. 8,997,615
Microtome and cryostat

14. 8,997,551
Apparatus for determining coefficients of friction

13. 8,997,550
Method and system for correcting for temperature variations in ultrasonic testing systems

12. 8,997,417
Door made of polyurethane and method for manufacturing the same

11. 8,997,416
Opaque fiber reinforcement of composites

10. 8,997,415
Light-conducting component for constructions and buildings and also production process therefor

9. 8,997,414
Water tight seal for corner joints, and associated mouldings

8. 8,997,347
Assembling sealant containing twist-on wire connectors

7. 8,997,343
Method for manufacturing multilayer printed circuit board

6. 8,997,342
Method of fabrication, a multilayer electronic structure and structures in accordance with the method

5. 8,997,340
Method of manufacturing and insulating sheet

4. 8,997,339
Method for fabricating thin touch sensor panels

3. 8,997,267
Protective garment with separate inner and outer shells

2. 8,997,266
Adjustable facial protector

1. 8,997,265
Head guard


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